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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Oct 16, 2017.

  • by Geez, Oct 16, 2017 at 8:19 PM
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    Here is our team news ahead of our huge UEFA Champions League Group H fixture against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on Tuesday night (kick-off 7.45pm UK time).

    Read the full article at Official Site 16 Oct 17
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. yid-down-under
    No Davies !!
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    Dier Sanchez Toby
    Aurier Dembele Winks Verts
    Eriksen Son

    Bench: Vorm Trippier KWP Rose Foyth Sissoko Llorente​
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  3. Chris_D
    A point would be a great result. Second place is going to be close, it could be goal difference or who can get something against Real. Dortmund go there in the last game so it could be easier for them, every point counts.
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  4. yid-down-under
    Not sure I'd start dembele- maybe sissoko in the instead
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  5. gloryglory
    That is one stretched squad. I'm assuming there's no way Rose can actually play and little chance of more than a cameo from Dembele. But we still either end up with the pair on our bench or some untried kid like Oakley Boothe.
  6. stuffies
    Toby Sanchez
    Aurier winks verts
    Eriksen son

    4 at the back but with aurier and verts push slightly forward starting,when they push on dier drops back and makes a back 3.....when defending full backs drop deep and makes a back four with dier moved forward protecting the back four.
    IF dembele was fit then I'd drop winks......but for now on the bench and can come on for dier or winks depending on how the game is going.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see a kinda 4 4 1 1 with sissoko replacing son.....guess we'll see pretty soon.
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  7. sebo_sek
    A repeat of the Dortmund game. Sit back, soak up the pressure and hit them with lightening strikes on the break.
    A draw would be massive, but I'm thinking we can sneak a 1-0 or 2-1.
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  8. beuller
    Would be surprised by that ream. I'd probably be more cautious and start with 11.
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  9. kungfugrip
    I don't think that was actually our plan for the Dortmund game! Dortmund were so good that we couldn't get the ball off them, and the counter attacks just happened. Bricking this and looking forward to this game tonight in equal measure!! Real haven't lost a Champion's league group game for something like 29 games!
  10. stuffies
    We don't need 11 against real Madrid......we're TOTTENHAM ;)

    Oh and what's a ream :whistle:
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  11. John Victor
    Fantastic if we got a point here - but we're gonna lose - fact of life!
  12. stuffies
    Try again
    Aurier Sanchez Toby verts
    Dier winks sissoko (dembele if fit)
    Eriksen son

    Width from both full backs with dier dropping back when attacking to make a back 3
    Winks to push further up with 2 behind him for cover.

    Or something different and could surprise them and me

    Sanchez toby verts
    Aurier dier winks or dembele kwp
    Eriksen Kane

    Almost like a 3 2 3 1 1 when attacking 5 2 2 1 when defending.
    Width from aurier and kwp and would still leave 3 at the back and allow dier winks/dembele with eriksen slight ahead to try and control the middle with Kane playing off llorente.
  13. yiddopaul
    This is the best team we've had in 40 years. Even with injuries, we're no mugs. Why do people assume we're going to get tonked? We're a better team than the team that played them last time. We might lose, but I can see us winning as well. We put in a performance we know we can, and regularly do, then they will have to be at the top of their game. RM have lost to far inferior teams than us.
  14. John Victor
    That's true as well. We are a far better team than a few years ago...
  15. aliyid
    Bad news... (open)
    So are they.... :rolleyes:
  16. yid-down-under
    How do those words taste??
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  17. John Victor
    Sorry - just saw this now. The words tasted very sweet indeed! We did get a point! :)

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