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Jun 4, 2004
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Paul Robinson has announced he is retiring. Thanks for the memories Robbo. The goal against Watford, your birthday song and inflating a bag of balls to kick into the crowd on the final day to name a few! :notworthy:


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Jun 17, 2009
Robinson, 37, said: “Unfortunately, my back problem returned towards the end of last season and has prevented me being ready for the start of the new season. Taking everything into consideration I've decided to announce my retirement.

“I have been very fortunate to play the game I love for so many years and make it my career.

“I intend to take a short time out to spend time with my family and explore the different options available to me.

“I would like to sincerely thank all my family and friends who have stood by me throughout my playing career.

“I have been very lucky to play for four very special football clubs and my country. I would like to say a huge thank-you to the supporters and staff of every one as I was able to build a very special relationship with each.

“I would like to say thank-you to Sean Dyche, Billy Mercer, the staff and players at Burnley who gave me the chance to play in the premier league again at 37 years old.

“In all my career I have never been a part of a more dedicated, hard-working set of players and staff.

“I wish them and all my former clubs the very best of luck for next season.”

Burnley boss Dyche, who signed Robinson in January, 2016 after he had spent a few months out of the game, said: “Paul played a big part in what we have achieved over the past couple of seasons – literally at times last season – and always as an important member of the group.

“He made a big contribution during his time at Burnley and we would all like to wish him well in his next venture, as well as making sure that he will always welcome back at Turf Moor.”
Aug 23, 2012
All the best Robbo. Top keeper and a top bloke as well.

Hopefully he'll stay in the game as I would think he'd make a good coach.


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Jul 6, 2012
I remember him getting into trouble on Soccer AM for saying 'hello to all the yiddos out there'. Bless him. Hope he comes back to manage us one day. Top bloke. (y)

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Jun 12, 2012
When I worked for the Club, The big man punched me once - but it's ok, cos he thought I was someone else.

I was wearing Chirpy at the time. In the tunnel. The actor chap that usually did the duties was doing something else, and the lady tasked with finding a replacement (Diane from the Members Club) turned to yours truly.

We had Bolton at home, and I got a ticket for the West Stand as payment.

Anyhow, I had drunk too much on the night before, only ate cornflakes before the Sun arv KO and - after dancing around in the hot suit in the hot sun for 45 mins pre match - I was pretty much f*cked.

I went down the tunnel to get ready to lead the kids out.

I threw up in my mouth.

I could feel the cornflakes swirling around in my pre-digested wkd filled gob.

Not wanting to scar the kids forever, I swallowed the bile and kept Chirpy's head on.

Out of nowhere I took a heavyweight blow to the arm.

Robbo - my hero - muttered 'tosser' as he ambled past.

BTW, the West Stand was shit. :)
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Jun 4, 2005
One of my favourite players ever, mainly due to his character and the fact I sat Park Lane and interacted with him most weeks. Obviously ability wise, he was excellent for us for a while but lost his confidence after the England cock up.

The happy birthday song was unbelievable. And responding with the correct score when we asked for it, even when he was with Blackburn and we were winning. And stopping the whole team from running out behind King at the tunnel, leaving King to run out on to the pitch alone for a few seconds before he realised.

Hope he stays in the game and gets a role with us one day.


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Jun 6, 2005

Really wish i could find more of the footage, i know some of it was live on Sky - his rivalry with Chirpy; trying to hit him with long balls during warmup, or the time he jogged off the pitch and punched Chirpy in the beak so the head of the costume spun around to face backward. He knew how to have fun, felt like the whole squad did at that time (y)


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Jul 7, 2007
Loved the guy, but he was outrageously flat-footed for a top class goalie.
This is what I remember too. I really like the guy so not trying to be overly negative but I used to always think the guy couldn't dive very high but maybe the fact that he was flat footed would be a more accurate assessment.


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Aug 25, 2011
A good but not great keeper, but possibly my fave keeper in my spurs supporting life (28 years) due to his clear affection shown to the club and us fans. Shame he never really recovered after the England game in Croatia

Would love to see him return in a coaching/ambassadorial role in the future

Good luck Robbo, and thanks


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Jul 29, 2005
He was very good for two seasons - conceded too many from range though. Great character and hopefully always welcome at Spurs. Second only to Lloris in the 20 years I've been supporting Spurs.