Robbo Retires...

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Dougal, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. mpickard2087

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    Good for a couple of seasons and decent character on match days, then got too bulky/heavy and so his slight weakness with long range shots became most shots anywhere near the top corner ending up in the back of the net, and so he had to go. I think we got him for an extraordinarily low price though so was a bargain for those two good seasons.
  2. mano-obe

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    Really liked Robbo but he frustrated me a lot towards the end. He seemed to wanna hoof the ball as far as he could as some sort of competition when keeping the ball was a better option. Most times it ended up to their goalie for another round of lost possession
  3. NinjaTuna

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    I can't remember the last time we conceded a goal from 25+ yards, it's been that long. Closest i can think of is Matic last season but I judge that to have been about 20 yards
  4. Wheeler Dealer

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    A marked improvement on Keeler and unfortunate to lose his way when Gomes joined
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  5. Yido1989

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    Loved Robbo him and Ian walker are the keepers that stick in my head growing up.

    Good luck to him
  6. cwhite02

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    Loved Robbo for us, such a great connection with the fans. Wish him all the best and hope he returns to the club one day.
  7. Don_Felipe

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  8. easley91

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    One of my favourite players ever for this and Ledley's testimonial. Always interacted with the crowd behind him. How many do that on a regular basis?
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  9. elDiablo

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    Top bloke.

    My memory fails me but remember him dragging off a player who was feigning injury.
  10. Spurs72

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    Yes Top guy

    Happy Trails Paul
  11. kungfugrip

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    Like others have two very good seasons out of him. Always a bit dodgy on long shots, and put on a bit of timber in the later seasons, but overall he was a great goalie to have. When he made that cock up for England he was just one game away from breaking the all time consecutive clean sheets record.

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