Rose suffered from depression

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 8, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Dougal
    We really need to draw a line under all of this now. Sooner he gets back match fit the better. Hopefully he’ll realise he’s at a club and has a manager that will support him in the good times and bad. Stability is something a lot of other clubs can’t offer but Poch has shown if you do right by him, he’ll do right by you.
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  2. tiger666
    This article is bullshit. He never said he was depressed. They've quoted this article:

    Which quotes him as saying:

    “I have been depressed, jealous, angry – I have been through a whole load of emotions,” the former Leeds United academy player said of watching Spurs from the sidelines."

    What he actually said is:

    Q: Judging how Tottenham have played this season, you must have been impressed watching from the sidelines?

    A: "Yes impressed, jealous, you know, angry. I've been through a whole load of emotions over this past 9 months. I've just been itching to get going for the past couple of weeks and I'm just grateful that I'm back in amongst it now."

    Listen for yourselves:
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  3. Gaz_Gammon
    It has to be understood that he has brought all of this upon himself. I believe the initial interview was in The Sun? I think he was also on Radio 5 Live and added to that original interview?

    So much time spent giving interviews to the media, one would think that if he was so depressed why not spend that time and energy seeking professional help for his alleged depression?

    Perhaps he has learned but i think he threw his toys out of the pram when he was loaned to Sunderland if memory serves me right?

    Young and no doubt influenced by the Walker transfer perhaps he is indeed looking to move next Summer once he recovers his fitness, but above all else, Davies is the one i feel sorry for especially if he loses his starting place to a player who needs to Google the name of his fellow team mates.

    That remark i will never forget, or can forgive. It was a crass statement and showed zero respect for the rest of the team, Club and fans.
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  4. JC-Rule
    whatever is going on with the lad, he has some timber to shed. His body shape has changed a great deal, and he has definitely lost a yard of pace.

    To be expected off course with such a long layoff, but still we need him back to his tenacious self
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  5. Japhet

    And yet a lot of people on here go on about him as if they caught him shagging their Mum. Can't stand the modern trend of being outraged at the slightest thing for as long as possible. He said some stupid things at a difficult time, then he apologised and was forgiven by the people that matter. Move on FFS.
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  6. mawspurs
    He has claimed he is a month away from full match fitness. Assuming he knows his own body well enough to judge. If we play him for as long as possible in games against teams outside the top 6-8 we might be able to help him accelerate that.

    But as others have said Davies has been brilliant for us since Rose has been out and does not deserve to be simply pushed to one side.
  7. Paul Maguire
    Not exactly a like-for-like comparison, but happened with Wimmer. Rose will push to become number one in that position again, what with the World Cup coming up. I have a lot of time for Davies and his attitude so hope he doesn't just get brushed aside. Doubt it when we've three competitions to contend with come the new year.

    Just depends who gets the nod in the Champions League knockout stages. Rose, I'll wager.
  8. guiltyparty
    Literally the first thing he says in the quotes you've uploaded is he's been depressed.

    While his quotes have been taken out of context by most, I think it's very clear in his comments that his injury affected his mental state immensely, and was largely to blame for his newspaper outburst.

    I wouldn't try and diminish that, as it makes him a lot more sympathetic. If he wasn't depressed, I think the interview was a lot more out of order than if he was.
  9. tiger666
    He didn't say he was depressed. He said he was Impressed.
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  10. guiltyparty
    Sorry, my bad, I completely misread your post. Had an early start :unsure:
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  11. Sweetsman
    You thought he was depressed when he was impressed, now your thoughts must be suppressed. Consider yourself repressed!
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  12. guiltyparty
    Yes, yes and yes
    I wish I'd said less

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