Ross Barkley

May 5, 2004
No I did not say that, read the post. I said Son could be unhappy with his lack of starts and that Barkley could be who we replace him with, not that I prefer Barkley to Son.

Ok I will rephrase, if Son is unhappy and wants to leave as he did at the start of the season due to lack of games could it be that we are planning to replace him with Barkley?

Not that I want this but I could see this happening.
Fair enough - but if Son does want to be a regular starter, I'd still look to replace him with a more wide forward type than a midfielder.


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Aug 8, 2010
I'd rather we bid for Tom Davies, he's a really classy player for an 18 year old.

Really impressive yesterday and would suit our style.

Barkley, no thanks.
You have to pick up those players from other mid-table or better sides when they are 16 and in the academy, not when they make their PL debuts and play well. No chance they are selling him.


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Oct 31, 2014
Even the best players do that though. See dembele for evidence

I don't think Barkley is for us at the prices mentioned. This summer is going to be key in who we bring in and I don't think spunking £20/30 million on him would be worthwhile.
Exactly, we have players like that, so we need to try to find players that are brave in those situations. Think it's one of the few holes left in the squad.