Ryan Sessegnon


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Jun 27, 2012
From the ITK thread:
I hear just now Fulham seriously considering letting RS leave (us) this window. Issue is if they do their manager likely to walk, especially after letting their forward leave.
As I said before, he signed his so a club he cares about made some money on selling him. I do not believe his advisors are happy. I knew when he signed it was for this reason. A bit naive if you ask me.

We thought the deal was a cert last week, until his gaffer started throwing his dummy out the pram. I say we watch this one.

G Ron

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Aug 24, 2012
If this one's going to happen then I expect we'll see Fulham blowing some serious cash on players between now and Thursday night. If we leave it until the last minute they won't be able to sign reinforcements and the manager will walk if they sell Sessegnon.