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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Tim Sherwood has told Sandro he isn't good enough to merit a place in Tottenham's squad on current form after the midfielder appeared to criticise his manager for leaving him out of the versus Fulham.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. slartibartfast
    Just the one or do you think we need a eunuch in charge lol? ;)
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  2. Jadon Benjamin
    Like those games against City and Liverpool? Where Sandro started?
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  3. CrazyHeart
    We're seeing how he does - we're scoring through moments of individual brilliance and set pieces, with no discernible tactics beyond long-ball 442 or build up play. Also, player morale and man-management are equally important factors which he has also botched in my view. He's obviously losing or already lost the respect of senior players and he's evidently not making any progress to address it.
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  4. davidmatzdorf
    We've scored 11 goals and conceded 5 in the past 3 games, whilst playing with no defensive midfielder. We've also gained 2.33 points per game from those 3 games.

    Arguably, we should play with a DM against superior opposition and indeed we did - not that it prevented us from conceding multiple goals against Chelsea and Liverpool.

    But we have been playing teams near the bottom of the table and mainly at home. If there is an appropriate time to play a ruthless, attacking formation and selection, then surely that is the time, especially when your best DM hasn't been playing very well. In his last several appearances, Sandro has been distinctly off-form and ineffective, missing tackles, passing erratically and conceding too many fouls, including a penalty.

    Not having a DM makes our defence rather terrifying to watch, but it seems to be winning matches - and winning more matches by scoring more goals than we have when playing a more conservative formation.

    it seems to me that some people would rather lose their temper over certain individual players not being selected than observe the results of those selections.
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  5. Reece
    Not actually too fussed by what he said. Honest: that's his opinion, and Sandro has to prove him wrong. I think most of us disagree, but he handled the post match interview better than other recent interviews imo.
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  6. ecce_tottenham
    Enough. Just leave my club please Mr Sherwood.
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  7. IamCelestial
    I don't like Sherwood and I can't wait for him to get sacked.

    However, he is absolutely right about Sandro. Antics like Sandros' and Roses' have absolutely no place at our club. Both should receive a hefty fine. I want soldiers at our club, not primadonnas. They should know their place and stfu.
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  8. Gaz_Gammon
    This is a more unbiased point of view. Like him or not Sherwood has made it clear why Sandro was not in the starting eleven. Listen to what he say's about Eriksen and Kane.

    Sherwood's not denying what Sandro tweeted before the game,and has said that he is entitled to do so.

    "He has got qualities". "not good enough to play in my team at the moment" should have been added to the slanted headline.

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  9. CheeseGromit
    I am afraid there are just too many good professionals not getting in the team. It smacks very much of TS not being able to handle the better players

    Sure players go through rough patches but you don't see quality managers who have the respect of there team playing the kids in front of the bsenior professionals

    Rookie managers always have problems asserting their authority and TS is struggling more than most
  10. davidmatzdorf
    But we won - again. The 'kid' from the youth squad keeps scoring goals and the 'senior professional' from La Liga ... doesn't.

    We're getting better results against the lesser teams this way and we haven't been able to cope with the top 3 teams all season, under either manager.

    It's been three games in a row that there has been this ritual rage-fest in the match thread the moment the team is announced and people see Paulinho and Chadli as a central midfield pair, with no room for the supposedly more combative and defensive players and Kane starting instead of Soldado.

    It's been plain since the first of those three games that the fifth midfielder has been either Kane or Adebayor - one of them is always dropping into midfield, except when we have the ball and are going forward - and that Sherwood reckons that we can get away, against weaker opposition, with a non-combative (but big) central midfield pair, as long as the two strikers he plays can both hold up and retain the ball, as Kane and Adebayor both can.

    These two tactics enable us to defend from the front and make it harder to play through our supposedly under-manned midfield and both tactics have worked very well, although I doubt that anyone, including Sherwood, would want to use them against a top 7 opponent.

    Why assume that there are personnel-conflict reasons for the team selection when the results have been 11 goals and 7 points from 3 games? He's selecting these players because they are winning, despite the ongoing chaos in the injury-depleted defence.
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  11. AW?
    He's like a cross between Harry and Jose.

    Yet he's neither.
  12. Roscilous
    To me, comments like that should be made to the player and not made public. If he feels that Sandro hasn't been playing or training well, fine. But to tell everyone publicly is just going to upset the player and damage confidence. That's where good man management comes in to play.
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  13. Blake Griffin
    it was the bt interview staight after the game where he said sandro's not good enough. whether it's right now or ever, it still shouldn't have been said.
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  14. Actonspur_FromCOYS
    Get this man out of our club.

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  15. Redfap
    I actually really liked that post match interview. Regardless of whether he is here or not next year I think Tim deserves some admiration. I'm sure I'll get shot down for this, but in the circumstances I think he's actually done a fairly good job and returned some excitement back at Spurs. We are actually attacking with some urgency and scoring goals. I'd take a 3-1, 3-2 victory over a boring 1-0 scab win that we got under AVB.

    I really like the way he has got Eriksen playing so well and his introduction of Kane to the first team is rewarding his hard work and lets the players know that he expects a high standard in training. Kane has shown enough to prove that he is comfortable at EPL level. His integration of Bentaleb has in my opinion not been pig headed as some suggest. Bentaleb looks a real talent and to be fair has probably in the last 2 months nearly been our best performed midfielder.

    Additionally Tim dropped Paulinho who has looked a better player since returning to the team. Chadli/Sig too have been tried with success in CM not to mention he gave a good run to Vlad and has given Fryers a crack.

    I'd like LvG or De Boer next season and i doubt Tim will be here but I think the fans need to show him some support and respect. I will look back at his period with some fondness. He has set a precedent that selection is not automatic, it is earned by hard work and good performances.

    I think he has told a few home truths to some of the players and they need to learn how to take it from the boss because I think there is likely some substance to it....

    Just my 2 cents, love it or hate it!

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  16. Sandro
  17. Twizzle
    what a stupid thing to say

    I wonder what he'll have to say if Sandro partners Paulinho and Brazil win the WC which is on the cards
  18. mil1lion
    The 2 title challengers who are far better than us? Yes he did start against those 2 but I hardly said we're great with him. We are better balanced with him though.
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  19. mil1lion
    Well we'd be sorted if the season was only 3 games long. We're clearly not keeping the ball well enough to do without a defensive midfielder. We have been starting games far too slow and we've been bloody lucky not to concede more than we have. Even against lesser teams we've been gifting easy chances. West Brom absolutely hammered us early on and should have been out of sight by half time. That's supposed to be one of the weaker teams.

    I don't just observe results and think that because we're winning at the moment then everything is ok. I observe how we're actually playing and we're being opened up far too often. It's for that reason that we're out of the running for a top 4 finish. Just because we've gotten away with a more gung ho approach lately does not mean it's the best way to play. We can be more solid with a defensive midfielder and still play exciting attacking football. It's all about balance.
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