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Feb 1, 2005
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Want to know who writes our match reports? Read on.........

SC Username:- Adam
Age:- 22
Home:- Stanmore, North West London
Favourite Spurs player:- Ledley King
Occupation :- just finished a History and American Studies degree at the University of Nottingham but am about to start chef school after a complete change in career plans a couple of years ago.

I've been a season ticket holder for the past 15 years and get to about 10 away games per season-being at the City game last year has probably been the highlight of my short supporting career so far. The Stoke '2 points from 8 games' match has probably been the lowlight, and ive got to be one of the unluckiest/jinxed fans of all time having been at both the Pedro Mendes vs United and Frank Lampard vs Germany games!

SC Username: krafty
Age: 26
Hometown: Carshalton, London
Favourite staff member: Clive Allen
Reason for being a Spurs supporter: Family lived on Seven Sisters Road
Occupation: Author/part time journalist - I've had a few football pieces printed in magazines and on websites (including the wonderful SC :smile:) and I'm searching for an agent for my novel.

2010/11 will be my second year as a season ticket holder, although I've attended most home matches for the last five years, as well as a few away trips that have all ended in disaster - losing to PSV on penalties being at the top of the list, although the trip was fun.

SC Username: BringBack_leGin
Age: 24
Hometown: Hendon, London
Favourite Spur: Of all time.. Ginola, but currently it is close between King and Lennon for very different reasons obviously.
Reason for being a Spurs supporter: Born into it, in my family it was never going to be anything else
Occupation: Solicitor for the government.

I cannot remember a time that I wasn't a regular at Spurs, though my first season ticket was for the almost disastrous 97/98 season. I have barely missed a home game, league or cup, since then and have been an ever present at the Lane for the past six seasons in all competitions. Though I'd been to many beforehand, my earliest vivid memory of a live match is from 1994, Gerry Francis first match in charge, where we were 3-0 down, battled back to 3-3 through Sheringham and Klinsmann yet ultimately still lost thanks to an injury time Dean Saunders winner. Nothing ever changes eh?

Come On You Spurs

SC Username: Stoof
Age: 26
Hometown: Gants Hill, Essex
Favourite Spur: Ever? Well that's Mr Ginola. But at the moment it's definitely Bareth Gale - I seriously <3 that guy.
Reason for being a Spurs supporter: You'll have to blame my Dad for that - but I remember running around in the playground singing Nayim songs and remember a guy I didn't like was crying because of it; so that sort of consolidated it all for me.
Occupation: Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor-to-be, in a very lovely London firm.

I love A&C's idea behind all this, I know I committed to my Stoof Shouts but they just fell by the wayside as work became ridiculous. To share the task is great, and following the 2 Halves publication and the numerous articles that spring up all over the website we've shown that we've got a fantastic pool of writers and it makes sense to channel that ability to make this site the best place to come to for match reviews, and try and live up to the legend that is Mr Ally Gold.

This is my second year as a season ticket holder after holding out for all those years on the waiting list. I'd like to think that qualifying for the Champions League was massively because of me being given a season ticket. I want you all to know that I have a Robbie Keane mug. And that I love him; although not as much as the Baleosaurus.
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