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    Over the last few weeks supporting my beloved Spurs has driven me crazy. I feel as if I have developed a split personality.

    The good side still loves the super Spurs( and wants Martin Jol to remain in charge ). The bad moody side hates Spurs (at the moment) and has run out of patience with the big man. I am sad to say that at the moment the bad tempered moody side has got a grip of me and is making my blood boil.

    The Ars#### away 2nd leg was the final straw for me. I was getting more and more agitated as the game got nearer. Why ? Because deep down I knew my beloved Spurs were going to get beaten! (and believe me I am normally very optimistic, I've booked my flight to Glasgow already UEFA Cup).

    Why shouldn't Spurs expect to go to the emir#### and get a result against a weakened nomad team? Because our team has no self belief, the game is lost before a ball is kicked, you can see it when we go ahead against the top teams (Chelski at home an exception) That belief has to be instilled from the manager/coach.

    I never hear positive fighting talk from either Martin or Chris, in fact they seem to talk the opposition up the whole time, no wonder the players lack belief. We seem content to eke out a point away from home when we have the players and team capable of murdering a lot of the prem. opposition but we never do or look like doing.

    My Spurs LOVING side argues that I have to be patient, Spurs have a young team, they are going places, the manager is the best thing since sliced bread, the team are a little inconsistent at the moment, we have a few injuries, we were a little unlucky in the last game, we played well first half , then my ANGRY head roars back Bol###ks, we were piss poor, clueless, gutless, spineless, sh###e no passion ,no fight, no determination, and worse still totally unprofessional, and the results and manner of the results is what sways the argument for me:

    Leicester 2-0 thrown away (FA Cup)
    Grimsby ( say no more )
    WBA away 2-0 ( relegated side )
    Bolton away 2-0 this season
    Liverpool away 3-0
    Newcastle away 3-1 (game over after 20 mins)
    Man utd home 4-0 (game over just after h/time)
    Everton home (10 men)
    Fulham away (10 men)
    Blackburn away ( 10 men )
    Ars#### away 3-0 (didn't turn up)

    You can see why I am struggling here.

    Yes we have performed excellently in the UEFA Cup, and I hope we go on to reach the final and win it , believe me nothing would make me happier than to see Martin Jol and Chris Hughton turn this around, but the next few games could decide who will be our manager next season, fingers crossed it comes good.

    COYS !.:bang:
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by anthony kelly, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. onthetwo
    Well at least we're better than england!
  2. aylespur
    Good article, think most long suffering Spurs supporters feel exactly the same as you do. Went to the 1st leg against the goons and performance was typical Spurs. At half time we were all in heaven, alas half an hour later we had yet again capitulated and were all in despair again. Spend plenty of money and time supporting our beloved Spurs, but cant help thinking if the team showed half the commitment of most of the fans we would certainly be a top team once again!:clap: :clap: :clap:
  3. avonspurs
    Perhaps you should stop listening to both of those sides and start looking at things slightly more rationally - which, trust me, I know is nigh-on impossible when it comes to football. Sometimes we, as fans, have to hold our hands up and go: "We were beaten by a better team". I feel that we are a good team, but as I mentioned in a previous post a long time ago, we are still too inconsistent. Last season we werent but, honestly, who can hold their hands up as a Spurs fan last season and say that there werent times when we were a tad lucky, times when we were completely outclassed and outplayed as a team and yet either held on for a point or got a win? Further, we played about 40 games last season; we've played that already. I'm not saying we're tired, etc., etc., but what I am saying is that the more games, the more chances that our inconsistency will show up. As for the games you listed, for every team in the league (bar maybe the top 4) their supporters could do the same....again, inconsistency. I'm hoping - no, I believe - giving the new players this season to bed in will tell next season....I'm just hoping that we find our way into Europe for next season and I, for one, am prepared to accept any route.
  4. CosmicHotspur
    I'm in two minds about this thread ...
  5. spurs4europe
    i'd just like to add to avonspurs that our most important player and captain has been missing for much of this season too, unlike last season when he played pretty much the full season.
    as avonspurs said, occasionally we were lucky to win and just about hung on to the result. the loss of king now means its a lot harder to hang onto any result, and when we play well there's still a chance the opposition can nick a goal back at any moment and we'll lose momentum: newcastle at home, etc.
    for the majority of this season i've been championing berbs as our most important player. suddenly i'm not sure...

    one can argue that at the level we are now, we should have a squad containing adequate replacements for every single player, but lets face it, that simply isn't true for some players, is it? furthermore, this is still a young project we've got here, which definitely hasn't had time to come to fruition yet. we now have a strong first team, but the level of our squad overall is far below the others who we are aiming to compete with. that's the problem for us with now playing more than 40 games a season: it's not so much about inconsistencies being exposed as it is your squad being exposed and we simply haven't got the squad to compete with them....YET! the obvious example is l'arse, who although everyone hates to say it, they now have a squad which is far superior to ours and can draft players in and out depending on fitness conditions, which we simply cannot do yet, with the obvious result that the lennons and hudds of this world are playing probably a bit more more often than they should at this stage of their development and are getting knackered.

    so my suggestion is be a little more understanding, and listen to your 'good' side, as you call it, a bit more. a first team is already a lot stronger, just wait until our overall squad is too and i don't think we'll be disappointed! COYS
  6. badders
    Leicester 2-0 Thrown Away - Agreed this was awful
    Grimsby - As Above

    WBA - Away defeats to a lesser club around the Xmas period (happens to everyone). Doesnt make it acceptable, but a club like Spurs will get 3 or 4 of these a season.

    Bolton - Always beat Arsenal at home, Beat Liverpool at home this season. Not great to watch but good at what they do, losing here is no big travesty, its a very difficult place to get a result, especially on the first day of the season with a few new foreign recruits who have no idea of the prem, let alone Boltons direct style.

    Liverpool - First off, they are better than us. 3-0 was a little harsh, but at 0-0 we had the two best chances of the game. Very dissapointing capitulation though, but the Jenas miss, and liverpool goal 60 seconds later killed us.

    Newcastle - Better than most give them credit for, especially on their own patch. Awful to be 2 down in 5-10 mins, but they have a good squad, so it can happen.

    Man Utd - Dire second half, combative first, unlucky penalty decision. Lack of confidence was completely evident here. We shouldn't be losing by 4 to anyone, especially at home. But did they really deserve to win by this scoreline?

    Everton - Another of those, it happens every season games. Still, I gotta agree we were absolute crap that day.

    Fulham - Good at home, but unacceptable performance from us. Was smack bang in the middle of our awful run, so understand why it happened, think we just need to be a little more expansive on the road.

    Blackburn - We got a draw still? Didnt Liverpool lose there the other week? Bare in mind their goal was a once in a lifetime spank from Tugay. I seem to remember Mido missing a very good chance or two as well.

    Arsenal away - Didn't turn up in League, really really dissapointing. Again had the first big chance of the match through Malbranque though. Cup - We looked pretty poor but we restriced them quite well. Then we scored and it all went downhill.
  7. Ryan
    How did you work that out?
  8. Jonesey
    Agree totally with the sentiment of your e-mail. For the first time ... ever, I think ... last Sunday I had the opportunity to go to the game but turned it down because I knew we were going to get spanked and I just couldn't justify spending £50 watching what felt was going to be a dead-cert loss.

    THEN I had the chance to watch it on Sky ... and again decided to spend the afternoon helping my mum cook the Sunday lunch rather than watching what I just knew would be a humiliating afternoon of frustration.

    Unfortunately we are playing with relegation form at the moment and it's up to BMJ and Chris Hughton to sort it out.
    Good read. Its sounds to me that you're in a similar situation to what Annikin Skywalker was, before he turned into Darth Vader!

    I feel the same as you thou ant, but i'm definately leaning towards the dark side at present.
  10. Jonesey
    From what I hear from a mate of Paul Kemsley's we'd better get used to being without Ledders this season. His injury is more serious than the club is letting on (although he never said what it is exactly). This is why we bought Rocha in the transfer window. Apparently we were looking at Stam too but he made it clear he wouldn't come to us.

    And anyway, sure, we're better WITH Ledley but a club like Spurs should not have to rely on one man to keep the team together.

    AND I'm not convinced he's the reason we're rubbish at the moment. Poor line-up and substitution tactics ... allowing the likes of Routledge and Ziegler to go out on loan and then not replacing them with width-providing wingers ... poor supply to the forwards as a result ... poor defending down the flanks as a result ...

    It's not exactly rocket-science is it.
  11. BringBack_leGin

    I was there, i stayed the till the last minute of injury time as i do with every game, and a froze my bollocks off while watching the worst performance i can remember since losing 6-1 at home to Chelsea with Flo Spanking us! Call me nuts, but i like to think that staying till the last second of a game no matter how bad the perfornance is, and taking every opportunity to see the team (and i pay the extortionate west stand upper tier season ticketprices at that) regardless of cost, weather, time, date, etc, is what being Spurs through and through is all about. If you don't have the loyalty to even watch us on Sky in one of the biggest matches of the season then what right do you have to whinge about the team. Like with a marriage, with a football team you should take the bad with the good! and unlike a marriage, you should never leave, no matter how bad it gets!
  12. YIDBOY
    Spot on Jonesey. I'm fed up of hearing about Ledley being injured, and i'm his biggest fan. He is top quality. But our dismal form is not all down to him not being fit. There's much more to it than that and the manager has to take responsibility.
  13. laskoir
    Jol/Comolis transfer policy is baffling. A revolving door of full backs. Any one but a left winger getting signed and being played on the left wing. No new quality centre back to cover the obviously waning Ledley King. More over if we actually signed an international class centre back we might find he forms a relationship with Dawson and King becomes cover. Not a situation Im against considering Kings appalling fitness record. Sell Keane buy another out and out goal scorer. Job done. Buy a left winger. There are thousands of clubs accross the world all with at least 1 left winger and we go three transfer widnows without a serious attempt to sign one.
    We rumble on towards the inevitable departure of Aaron Lennon and our final resting place back in square one. Every now and then a player comes along that we can build a team around. A talisman. The last one left for Arsenal. cos of our ineptitude to build a team round him. Time is running out already. All very well signing 15yrd olds and 17yr olds. No good if they get into the team when Lennon is already playing for Man u. Situation is simple. Jol has the rest fo thsi season to idenify numerosu targets taregts to solve the problems stated above. And the close season to sign them. If he doesnt he is blind to the problem everyone else can see and deserves to go. Being big, bald and having charisma doesnt win league titles.
  14. orkneyspur
    :clap: Being a fan (atic) of any club always means we stay to the end. Over the past 40 years, I've seen some shi## and still love them more each year that I get older. One day I'll no longer be around, but they will!!
  15. goonhater
    SCHIZOPHRENIC i totally understand what your saying its a love hate relationship with spurs at the moment. we pay loads of money to see pathetic football from a team that should be doing so much better, i dont blame jol totally but i do think he can do a lot more than he seems to be doing at the moment, i for one cant forgive him for hugging that arse---- sol when we played portsmouth and fabregas after the last game at the emirates, what on earth is he trying to prove???????? disillusioned goonhater
  16. Boaman
    Why don't you choose a second team to support for your darkside? someone like Chelsea, Celtic, Barca or Inter Milan then you will have 2 good sides which will make you a more rounded person rather than a mentalist.

    Or just support Arsenal and you'll hate Tottenham anyway
  17. worcestersauce
    I can't believe we are saying that we are on relegation form.

    This year 2007 we have not been beaten away in the prem we held Pompey 1-1, we were 1-1 at Fulham and 1-1 after 90 min's at emirates, we totally outplayed Newcastle and got mugged drew with the nomads at home and got poked by Utd.
    I didn't mention the cup games`because they were only championship sides.

    We are not at our best and I believe our confidence has been knocked, I know mine has, but let's get a grip.

    Our next three games are away so it's going to be tough know but they may give us a true picture of where we are.
  18. spurs4europe
    what do you mean by responsibility?
    do you want him to come out, like a curbishly, or a mclaren and own up to getting the tactics wrong. they are 2nd-rate managers and it didn't do them a lot of good doing that. i also think jol might actually have done that by now if he felt he was at fault, yet him not doing so thus far suggests that he doesn't consider himself to be at fault in a very significant way. do you want him to resign? now i know you've had this response a million times, but maybe it's because it is the simple truth: this is the same manager who got us to within 90 mins of champions league football last season.
    every team in the league has slip ups once in a while. last season, a lot of gooners wanted wenger out. at the end of the season, they were singing his praises again cos he got them champs league and into the champs league final. the season before, everyone wrote off fergie, saying he was too old and had lost the look at where they are.
    my point is, clubs fluctuate in performance, especially ones that are going through transitional phases, as we are. this club hasn't played this many games in i-don't-know-how-long, and truth be told, it looks like we're struggling from it. as i already mentioned in my above post, i don't think we have the squad yet which is able to compete to such a degree and at such a demanding level. as a result, first teamers who ought to be getting the rest the deserve are not getting it, and that WILL affect performances. just consider what jol said about cardiff and not winning until berbs came on.

    my point is that maybe instead of getting on the managers back and trying to go for the jugular as soon as something doesn't go the way you want it to, be a little more patient, be understanding. we've started to turn the first team around, and our team is undoubtedly of a higher quality than it was last season - it just needs a bit of time to gel. everyone got on carrick's back in his first full season for us, yet the season after we were all salivating over his performances. the same can be said of THudd, of zokora, of all our new arrivals (and i also include JJ and ghaly in this) and i'm sure will true - jol is a good coach after all, whether we want to admit right now, or not. our next job is improving the overall level of our squad, which we have started to do, and we will reap the benefits of doing so in a couple of years when our youngsters come through (dixon, dervitte, mills, now parrett, etc.).
    its a gradual process, and causing a tantrum now and protesting to get the whole set up overthrown will just set us back another few years.

    i agree it would be nice to see some results now, but don't be so myopic that you fail to see the bigger picture and what our target is. show a bit of faith, not blind faith i might add, but enough to let the whole club know you're behind them. good times are ahead, and even if it means we don't realise them until next season or the following one, surely we can all wait that amount of time, because when we do get what we've all been craving for, it will be all the sweeter! COYS!
  19. ekki24
    Finally someone who has the same feeling i have. i really like MJ and CH and for the most part the team, there are a few exception that should go but they still there so anyway, the main reason Wenger and Ferguson have done so well for so long is there ability to change with the times and get rid of bad apples before they poisen the team and i dont knock MJ ever but i feel the tactics have no spark or positive play, we have so many chances to score and we waste them we to hurried in front of goal and we need to stop relying on one or two players to change games for us. the team has very low morale and needs a few wins to boost this. MJ needs to change it up and try getting the team to play as one and the defence needs a kick in the ass far to sloppy, we need someone who doesnt take crap and gets the boys in line and working together.

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