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Discussion in 'Columns' started by UncleBuck, Jan 11, 2007.

  • by UncleBuck, Jan 11, 2007 at 2:30 PM
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    What with all the media speculation surrounding David Beckham over the last 48 hours and us being linked with him I just thought it'd be interesting to see what opinion us supporters have on the subject.......

    Sure, he is approaching the twilight of his career but personally I think he has another two seasons of top level football in him having hardly been used this season by Real.

    We all know what he is capable of but would we see his addition to our ranks as a footballing plus or more of a commercial addition?

    To an extent it would be following in line with our recent "senior pro" additions (Davids, Naybet) and would most definately benefit the players, a leader on the pitch, albeit not vocally, he does command the respect of his fellow team mates, however, would it upset certain individuals who would be vying for a start with him? Would he be happy to only start 20-25 games a season?

    What about the salary expectations, he is reported to be on about £85k a week which would smash our pay scale, however, the initial arguement between him an Real seems to have started with Real only giving him 50% of his image rights. Maybe there could be negotiation in this figure to off-set a smaller basic salary?

    Being Spurs we are always in the news on a daily basis being linked with absolutely everyone through the media, one story that has cropped up on numerous occasions is that of David's returning "home", could people see that happening and if so would they be happy for Beckham to take up the Davids void?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by UncleBuck, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. paxton_soul
    No point unless he can deliver as a player - I would not be happy for him to arrive and shove Lennon over to the left.

    The man is not a leader - a useless England Captain - he is a personality cult. Frankly I cannot see him taking young players under his wing.

    Let West Ham take him....
  2. Yid_Army10
    I think he would be good, dont have to shove lennon outside, we could play him as a holding midfielder, it would mean hud's getting less of a game, but in the long rund TH could learn a lot off him, if he could pick up beckhams passing technique think of how great TH would be - and not to mention the revenue, that would cover his wages and bolster out transfer kitty...raising our profile across asia and america and would get us recognised all over the world.

    I'll admit we dont need him, and that he wouldn't be a definate purchase, but I do think he would improve our squad if we were to get him...
  3. ziggy
    Just heard on Radio 5 that he's signed for some L.A. team in America
  4. never easy with spurs
    Beckham has nowhere near the kind of class and finesse that Huddlestone possesses in his passing. if you've ever watched beckham in central midfield, he's useless. he doesn't have the awareness or knowledge of how to play in that position. huddlestone's one touch passing and flicks already make him a better central midfield player than becks. granted, beckham can cross a ball from the right better than any player in the world, so yeah... if we didnt have lennon, buy beckham to play on the right (and stay right!). as it is, we don't need him. he's not a leader, and he's not a team player.
  5. west indie
    we dont need beckham he's not good enough to get into our team, if he joined with all his nonsence i could see us going down the same path as west ham are at present after the two argie signings they didnt need? i prefer the way we are doing things now buying young players instead of old legs an ego's on big pay...
  6. avonspurs
    He's going to Galaxy now (cool name; dont you just love what Americans do to teamnames: how about "Tottenham Allstars" for us?) so no longer an issue....thankfully.
  7. infamousyiddo
    on the footballing side personally i do not think beckham will add much to our squad. his best days are surely behind him and cannot see him playing 40-50 games a season for us.

    however on the commercial side, i would say he has alot to offer as he can help boost our profile in asia, which will only help the club in the long run.

    another stumbling block would be his wages (120k per week). we cannot afford to pay that.

    personnally i think he's going america.
  8. Pillbug
    He's a star

    Beck-man will be off to LA Galaxy, possibly as a part-owner. This will allow him to keep playing, as well as do what he really wants and get into movies and raise his 'star' credentials. And no doubt Victoria is pushing for this as that has-been has ambitions of her own.
  9. smithym
    Beckham would be an awesome signing on and off the pitch, simple as that.
  10. gloryglory
    Er, guys ... he's gone to LA Galaxy. We can stop discussing this now, no?
  11. asher
    Beckham has confirmed he is going to the LA Galaxy - 5 year deal...its all over the web!!!
  12. asher
    Hopefully Becks can take Super Ed with him........
  13. StuckinPoland
    posh spice is no has-been. she's a never-should've-been.

    can't help but feel that beckham has chosen the easy option (and therefore the worst). he's only 31 !!! but yeah, good luck to him. L.A.'s not a bad place to end up i suppose.

    despite everything, he was a bloody good servant to england and the game in general. i'll never forget that free kick against greece. his best performance.

    good luck david.
  14. justfookinhitit
    Look at the BBC website - he's off to yank-land to ponce about in LA.

    What a relief.
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