Sherwood: Players telling me I'll be sacked

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 9, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, May 9, 2014 at 3:10 PM
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    Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood has revealed that his own players are telling him that he will be sacked at the end of the season.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 9, 2014.

  1. striebs
    Don't worry .

    They have no shame .
  2. Gaz_Gammon
    Like i should know that?..............i actually have a business degree and A level math..

    Up Yours.
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  3. Gaz_Gammon


    Just to add (snobbishly) i saw Greaves play for Spurs, and have been a season ticket holder for almost as long as he's been following Spurs.

    Snobbish rant over!...............:bag:
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  4. Khilari
    I'm a big supporter of getting a new manager in and think Sherwood has made a number of errors in his first job, a job he'd probably have been better off starting in the Championship or Football League. However I will admit that I admire the way he's resurrected Adebayor, played Eriksen regularly so we see the best out of him and blooded youth (namely Bentaleb and Kane).

    I do think the club have handled the potential sacking poorly. Whatever we think of him (and I don't think much), he has worked for the club in some capacity and certainly the young players have benefitted from his time here. He deserves more respect from the club who should not have allowed rumours like FDB or even Pochettino to persist / get out.

    I felt a little sorry for him at today's press conference. Good luck Tim, thanks for trying - but I'm sorry you weren't really good enough to take us on forwards.
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  5. rupsmith
    So AVB didn't get about 200 million to get some of the best players in the world so he wasn't able to do a good job. And apart from saying no several times you have no counter analysis to anything I have said.

    AVB was hired and sacked by Chelsea and Spurs - I'll leave it at that. What he did in Portugal is irrelevant.

    It's very easy to criticise - can you please articulate what should have been done differently tactically to get us above 6th since Tim took over?

    My post was not hyperbole. It was an attempt at analysis. You response was filled with smilies and other irrelevant crap. No substance mate. No intelligence brother. Your logic is get in a billion pounds, get in Mourinho, and win us the title - anything else is not acceptable. Go support Chelsea brother, you don't understand reality. Btw is it brother or bruv?
  6. Black
    Well he did beat Pochettino twice
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  7. rupsmith
    I don't get it. Without a system, how do we win matches?

    What was Harry's system when he took us to the Champions league quarter finals? Fackin run around a bit?

    What is the system? Give the ball to Eriksen?
  8. LexingtonSpurs
    Tim Sherwood, the manager, deserves to be sacked. He has proven to be wanting in several areas of club leadership. For the sake of the club, it is time to move on.

    Tim Sherwood, the man, does not deserve all the vitriol that is thrown his way. I am sure it pains him that things did not work at better. I don't doubt that he gave his best effort - despite that effort not being enough.

    As a fan, that is all I really expect out of players and managers - give your best effort, and care about the team as much as I do. I think TS did what he thought was best to help the club (many may disagree with what he has done, but that is a separate discussion), and I think he cares about Spurs.

    So, while I anxiously wait for news of the new manager ( better be de Boer ;-)), I take no joy in watching TS get hung out to dry. Levy should have had a discussion with him, where they both could acknowledge everything did not go as well as they had hoped, and agreed to move on at the end of the season. It seems the whole football world knew Tim's fate, yet he deserved to be told face-to-face by Levy.

    The club should be doing its due diligence on other mangers, without "sneaking" behind TS to do it. If Levy had been upfront with TS, this would have been a much easier transition for everyone involved, instead of the awkward dance we are going through now.
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  9. avonspurs
    So, let me get this right: you are saying we have a certain system which you explained in great detail. I don't see that system in the matches that TS has been in charge of. Can you detail in what games you have seen us dominate possession? Not WIN, but dominate possession. Where our wide players have done what you feel TS system requires them to do? Where our creative midfield players have dominated?

    And, yes, in essence I think TS has pretty much just put players out there and told them to get on with it. Maybe he wasn't expecting to have to do much more as, acc to him, Levy's brief was just to "be more exciting, to score more goals". Maybe he took that literally and just thought I won't care abut defensive work, about a system of play, just get Eriksen on the ball and hope Adebayor scores some goals.

    Don't see the relevance of Harry in your point, tbh.
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  10. avonspurs
    Again, TS himself said that Levy and him would sit down at THE END OF THE SEASON. He seemed happy with that a little while ago so why should it change now, just because the media are speculating.
  11. LexingtonSpurs

    What do you expect him to say? I am just saying as the chairman, Levy could have defused a lot of this situation himself by calling TS in last week, and letting him know the club was going to be hiring a new manager.

    I am sure TS knew he was getting the sack a while ago, but the club is playing twister with itself to try and keep up the appearance that the decision has not been made. I see no downside in announces that TS would be leaving at the end of the season two weeks ago. Players all "knew" that, or strongly suspected it. They know they have to put in performances to show the new manager what they can do - so I don't think they would have capitulated.

    It would have allowed Levy to start the process of interviewing candidates as their season ended, or before if the manager was willing. That would allow us to get a new manager in place quickly - build positive PR at the end of a long season, and build optimism for next season.
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  12. Josh Britton
    Then its probably time to go, Tim
  13. Locotoro
    Erm I think so o_O
  14. DreadySpur
    george graham?
  15. Jamturk
    Did'nt Sherwood force this state of affairs by Saying he wouldn't accept a caretaker role.

    The man is foolish.

    Instead of taking a caretaker/interim role and trying to win people over gradually, he got his bollocks out pronouncing I'm the man and proceeded to piss off some of the squad and supporters.

    For me the man comes across as arrogant and cocky with nothing to back it up. We hear how he has Levy's ear and influence over incomings. He then comes in as if he has had nothing to do with he last 5 years.

    He don't know Capoue, WTF is he on about?
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  16. Bennys LOL
    funny how all the woe is me stories come from TS himself, he plays the innocent victim well. Cant wait to see the back of him and move on to the next chapter, where hopefully we get it right, god how many times have i said that to myself in the last 10 years lol.
  17. Bennys LOL
    Absolutly THIS! 100% spot on
  18. buckley
    someone on here said they would not talk and act tow ards their boss as it was disrespectful or words to this effect
    well if my boss spoke and treated me the way sherwood has acted towards
    some of the players i have enough respect of myself that i would have chinned dim tim let alone talk about him
  19. Gaz_Gammon

    Poor mites, bet they are all crying about being singled out..........until they cash their weekly cheque that is.....soft fucking drama queens.
  20. UncleBuck
    The cynic in me thinks the whole scenario has been fabricated between DL and TS once they realised AVB had to go, just to give the press daily snippets on the club and keep the club high profile....
    For someone like TS who has been at the club for so long (in current THFC service records he must be due a carriage clock) it just seems so strange that he's let his mouth run off the way it has...

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