Sherwood: Players telling me I'll be sacked

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 9, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, May 9, 2014 at 3:10 PM
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    Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood has revealed that his own players are telling him that he will be sacked at the end of the season.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 9, 2014.

  1. rupsmith
    So what it boils down to is I believe that Tim has a system that with a couple more players in distribution and defensive roles will make us a very very good team.

    You believe he tells them to run around a bit and this lack of a system - despite the heavy match load, the new squad and players and the injury list as soon as he came in and getting us 6th place (hopefully) - is not good enough. And we should be challenging for 4th place? Is that right?

    Well I must disagree, Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal are financially much stronger clubs. If we finish above 6th we are punching above our weight. Let us agree to disagree. Have a good evening sir.
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  2. spursbhoy67
  3. Locotoro
    So first you say he changed the way we played overnight and then you say he couldn't change it overnight because it's impossible? ?

    Lets get something clear - the Premier league is not the only competition we play in so there is no reason to limit stats to only one competition. Sherwood as well as having one of the highest win percentages also has the highest loss percentage of the Premier league era. Irony!

    If Sherwood has a philosophy we certainly havent seen it on the pitch as frankly it looks like chaos and just letting the players do their own thing - evidenced by many of the players comments on how fdb and lvg are different "because they have a plan".

    The only point I agree with you on is that yes this isn't Football Manager so why not pull your head out of your rectum.
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  4. spursbhoy67
    This might be a common theme especially on TalkSport, but other than the very top coaches/managers in the game most logical thinking football people would jump at the chance to take over at White Hart Lane.

    Despite a poor season we have a club that is run in a fiscally responsible way, has plans for a new stadium, has the best training facility in Europe, has money to spend on players, pays its players and managers quite well, is one of the clubs in world football with a real tradition, and affords someone a chance to be successful and to establish a long term legacy.

    The Spurs job is a well sought after position and the majority of managers and coaches would be interested in the role. There are a lot of positives about our club that those in the game respect. We are not as much a laughing stock as many on here believe. Sure we are seen as under achieving, but also seen as a club with huge potential.
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  5. TaoistMonkey
    Tim loves a defensive player :rolleyes:
  6. rupsmith
    So I guess it boils down to some differing analytical assessment. For you it looks like chaos. For me it looks like a functioning system that gets us results and a 6th place finish.

    Let's agree to disagree.
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  7. double0
    The way all of this speculation has come out is very poor from Tottenham and lets get it right someone inside the business is has been leaking things out.

    I cant help but feel annoyed for Sherwood and the position his been put in.
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  8. Chris_D
    I like Tim, I think he's a decent guy who has done his best. It goes unsaid but he's got a lot right. At times the attitude isn't good enough and some players seem to think they're guaranteed to start no matter how well they've been playing. Bringing through some youngsters is something I've been saying for ages that we need to do. For all that I don't believe he can take us to regular champions league football which has to be the goal. The awkward question is can we find a manager who can do it? Maybe Van Gaal or FDB would have a better chance just because they might get more respect from the players. It won't be easy though for anyone. Feel sorry for Tim because he shouldn't have had to put up some of the things that have been going on, like Sandro's comments and all the leaks about new managers.
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  9. Khilari
    I agree with the second half of your post.

    Not sure about the first - how would a squad of players perform under a caretaker manager with 5 months of the season still left? Hiddink and Benitez took it on for a similar period of time with mixed results.

    I think Levy put our (Spurs') interests before Sherwood's. Sure, a caretaker role would have been a more truthful position for Sherwood (that he may have refused), but in fact Levy gambled on him doing a fabulous job and got in a steady hand to steady the ship. Lots of people talk(ed) about Tim Sherwood as being a 'fantastic coach' and a 'football person'. In reality, I don't think that has translated to results but it's harsh to judge him with someone else's squad. So installing him for 18m had the effect of suggesting to TS that if he got them playing and even secured top 4, a longer contract was there and we probably would have stuck with him after a summer of his own rebuilding.

    But in fact, sacking him with only one year left is probably much cheaper. He got the players who liked him (e.g. Ade, Bentaleb, Eriksen) going, but others not (Sandro, Dembele, Soldado, Vertonghen).
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  10. tippspur59
    It's like being sacked by a thousand cuts!
  11. CrazyHeart
    So you were ok with AVB freezing out Ade for dissenting and disrespecting him in front of the squad?
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  12. Frozen_Waffles
    I know some people are forgetting this, but just to remind you if we get 1 point at home to villa, we will have finished ahead of the league champions.

    We will also have made it in to the uefa cup.

    This after sacking our manager mid season and bedding in a few players from our youth system. This after signing 7 players who have never played in the pl before.

    We are no match for the top four, as they have ALOT more money, look at the wage structure alone and we are miles off. So in the end 1 team finished ahead of us this season who should 'on paper' not have done. Do you want to know the reason I think that happened as well? Because the fans were 100 percent behind their manager and the players.

    They were not fickle idiots.... They did not think they had a god given right to be fuckin champions league winners.

    I will be honest here, the most annoying thing about being a spurs fan this season has not been the dirge that avb had us playing or tims media stuff. It's been the constant insults against Tim and his players, the jokes, the endless jokes that I have read in this site, some absolute shit.

    I use to think fans supported their team, defended their team against the press ect ect. Well what else is there to say.... Screw you guys I'm going home
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  13. TheLionKing
    No mention of the cup games eh?
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  14. jolsnogross
    What a mess. I have no confidence in Levy anymore. I think he loves to look like 'the man', with all the fawning stories about his wheeling and dealing, but he's run a circus of a club this year yet again. We'll no doubt be treated to another season of transition next year. And the beat goes on.

    The guardian reported that Pochettino was the man of the week this week. Good luck to him managing this basket case of a club.
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  15. Gaz_Gammon
    Here's one or two for you to chew on:

    West Ham: 53%
    Fulham: 62%
    Southampton: 51%
    West Brom: 68%
    Sunderland: 61%
    Arsenal: 59%
    Cardiff: 60%
    Norwich: 60%
    Everton: 54%
    Hull: 62%

    I guess this could be the wrong type of domination you speak of? Today no doubt your'l be asking what good did all that possession do us.

    I couldn't be bothered to go through all the results but they are easy enough to find. Here you go:
  16. onthetwo
    you know i think he thought he could handle DL.....just goes to show that without results, no-one can.
  17. Locotoro
    You sitting there thinking Sherwood has a tactical plan and then calling me a brainless twat is the funniest thing.

    I'm cutting you some slack on this one because your levels of stupidity are equal to the similarly named Rupstoh.
  18. JimmyG2
    Tim has behaved like a prat:
    Levy's no more than a rat
    The players have failed to deliver.
    The clubs been sold down the river
    You want poetry?
    I got poetry.

    Bean counters rule.
  19. UbeAstard
    Well well well. So much for being grown up and able to discuss and allow different opinions.
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  20. rupsmith
    Yep - being told condescendingly to pull my head out of my ass unfortunately got me very riled up indeed. I'm afraid I would have been leaving my studs up had we been on a pitch.

    Apologies if I have offended anyone apart from the person to whom that childish insult was addressed

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