Sherwood reveals what Sandro must do to return to team

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 21, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. mawspurs
    Please Tim keep your conversations with Sandro private. There is no need to splash this across the media.

    Sandro said nothing bad on twitter, so this is not even a response to that.

    I think half the problem here is that because Tim isn't on Twitter, as he said yesterday, he doesn't know what was actually said. He is probably going by what some media hack has told him, "Sandro's had a pop at you on Twitter Tim". In fact the Sky Sports presenter interviewer said words very similar to that to Tim post match. If that is the case Tim has fallen for a media con to cause issues at the club.
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  2. avonspurs
    managed to get down to "team shape" and then pissed myself laughing.

    I'm not om twitter myself but would be interested to know if Sandro was responding to tweets about why he wasn't playing, or if he just put it out there himself. Either way, fairly innocuous tweet so not sure why its suddenly become such big news aside from a little bit of media twisting and TS responding to that.
  3. mawspurs

    What he said was....

    Sandro knows he has a big following who would be wondering why he is not playing, all he has done is let them know it is not due to injury. He has then gone on to say he hopes the team win, whether he is in the team or not.

    I don't think Tim can have read it or if he has then he hasn't picked up the context.
  4. avonspurs
    Or TS has decided to once again publicly try to show he is in charge which is one of his failings. If he had a problem with this, he should deal with it in-house (cue the "Sandro went public, why can't TS" and/or "you just want him out because of his media persona" BS that some respond with) :)
  5. eddiebailey
    I think you are rather giving Sandro the benefit of the doubt.
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  6. mawspurs
    Do you think he really was trying to undermine his manager then eddie?

    It just doesn't seem the kind of thing he would do to me. I watch his twitter feed and he has never said anything against the club or management. He is always very positive.
  7. eddiebailey
    At best he was being remarkably naive. His comment was all over the internet within minutes of posting.

    By saying he is not injured, he is saying that he has not been selected. That automatically brings the manager's judgement into question and/or hints at issues between them.

    Tim could certainly have been more diplomatic in his choice of words, but basically he confirmed what Sandro had already told us.

    I recall the comments Tim made about Sandro when he first signed, "that he tackles like Parker and passes like Huddlestone". Because managers have wanted him to do so, Sandro has concentrated on being a destroyer, to the detriment of his overall game, which lets be honest is not good. Technically Sandro is one of our weakest players. The fans love him for being 'the beast', but that is actually the easy option for a player. Tim wants him out on the training pitch after dark with Christian and Harry, working on his technique, so he can contribute more to the team than breaking up opposition attacks.
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  8. JoeT
    Hi 'Mawspurs'. In response to your post. Firstly Sandro it seems, was trying to make this a public issue by posting on Twitter and Tim - yes, I wouldn't have responded back publicly - did. But that's his way of doing things....he's young and inexperienced.
    I'm not trying to excuse Tim here; I don't like his methods, but Sandro was wrong to try to put selection pressure on his coach in that manner.
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  9. avonspurs
    they should just ban twitter.

    (And internet forums!) :)
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