Sherwood: Spurs face fight to keep Eriksen

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood believes the north London club face a battle to hang onto Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen after his impressive first season in the Premier League.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. scottlag10
    We are used to selling our best players now, we don't like it but have come to realise that its just going happen with Spurs at the moment. However if we were to sell Eriksen after just one season, just when he is starting to look like our next star player, then it would take my despair to an all time low.
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  2. greywizard2020
    Never fully understand why coaches make comments like this: is he seriously trying to drum up interest in a player who has made all the right noises about wanting to stay and progress with the club? Does Sherwood really want to sow the seeds of discontent in one of our most consistent players?

    Unless someone asked him whether there maybe interest in Eriksen come the end of the season, then this is just yet another stupid dumb-ass comment i've come to expect from the coach. No need for it.
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  3. Bennys LOL
    Was just about to say the same thing. I mean what the actual fk is TS trying to do here!
  4. Dennism
    I had wanted Sherwood sacked at the end of the season. This changes my mind and he should now be sacked now. He has now moved on from wrecking this season to wrecking the future. Eriksen is our best player and must not be sold. Who needs a hostile press when our own manager kicks off rumours. It shows he has no interest in Spurs and actually is just a self obsessed fool. He is a poison at our club that must be got rid of.
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  5. mawspurs
    This does seem like a media campaign to unsettle our better players.

    Unfortunately I think Tim is too eager to give them quotes that help their agenda.

    Tottenham are desperate to keep hold of 'world-class' Hugo Lloris, says Tim Sherwood
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  6. avonspurs
    I particularly love the "Sherwood reignited" the issue with Sandro; as much as i don't have much time for TS, I'm sure he wouldn't have just come out with this comment! Its more likely that he was specifically asked about it. The media love stirring shit, don't they?
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  7. eddiebailey
    Tim's actual quote (presumably in answer to a question along the lines of "are you worried about being able to keep Christian Eriksen?").

    "You are always fearful that someone might come and take one of your best players and Christian is certainly one,"

    Difficult to see how Tim could have replied in a more innocuous manner, but by asking the question the journo has created the story. That is how journalism works.
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  8. JoeT
    So Spurs never sold their star players for profit before Sherwood came along?
    Spurs are - as was said in the newspapers recently - a club trying to become a Champions League team on a Europa League budget. Hopefully this will only change when the new stadium is pulling in more revenue.
    But then again some of you will blame Sherwood even if their are any stadium hold-ups.
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  9. Danners9
    Meanwhile the Telegraph says Sherwood has placed his future in the hands of Eriksen. By selling him?
  10. Drexl
    Scorched earth policy, he knows he is leaving so is trying to take as many players as he can down with him
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  11. strader
    three more games to end of season, nothing much to play for, so Tim why don't you focus on these games and stop making headline news . Just pointless for the sake of pointless news to focus on nothing really.

    As you are heading for dismissal on gross misconduct and miss out on any payment, frankly i know which i will prefer.
  12. strader
    well Liverpool don't really have CL players, bar Luis. Even Everton don't have Europa league players.
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  13. strader
    You don't have to answer all question pit to him right.

    Comment on Sandro, "if he said anything related to the tram it will get dealt with internally.

    comment on Eriksen, "we are focused on finishing this season on a high, the rest will take care of itself.

    Just simples, Martinez was asked about a bid for his players, all he said was it shows the players are doing well for such bids to come from them. Simple things.

    many a times i have asked the lady at the bar for her number, she has told me were to go..."were the sun don't shine"
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  14. eddiebailey
    Isn't that in reality pretty much all Sherwood said?

    Why do people get so wound up about press spin on the stories? It is all just froth to sell papers. None of it matters in the real world.
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  15. Shadydan
    3 games people, 3 games.
  16. NickHSpurs
  17. GlennHoddle
    What i took more of an issue with in that or another interview (my reading of it anyway) was sherwood tryin to take credit for eriksen's recent form, encouraging eriksen to roam, etc.
    And also for unearthin eriksen and making levy aware of him years ago, as if no one else knew about him
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