Silly season and potential outgoings


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May 22, 2017
Has anyone seen wimmer in pre season? Pretty much only player not seen.Reckon he might already be gone,just waiting for incoming before announce.


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Jan 27, 2011
Just had a look at squad and with all the outgoings the squad is about as streamlined as it can get but also is very well balanced (2 players for each position in 4231)

Other than not having a 3rd choice keeper, the squad is structured almost identically to Real Madrid's in terms of numbers of players for each position and youngsters in the squad (Obviously not quality of player).

Therefore, I think for any signing (Other than 3rd keeper) we will see a player leave permanently or on loan. A new RB (KWP loan), an upgrade AM (Sissoko Leaves). An additional CB could help with depth for rotation to 343.

Not a huge amount to do.
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