Sissoko joins Spurs (confirmed)

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. N17Jack
    Good squad player and we're going to need a few of those. Seems a little pricey but that's the way it's going and at the end of the day its not my money. All in all we have improved the squad in the required positions and should go well now.
  2. ginola007
    We paid too much for him, I feel. Still, we have made a massive improvement to our squad in this transfer window. Bring on Stoke.
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  3. Geez
    I like this guy - he's unpredictable (y)
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  4. tevezito
    He played much better for France than for Newcastle. Hopefully surrounded by motivated players in a real team challenging for honors in meaningful games he'll be much more consistently good. Otherwise, without two games against us to turn it on each season he'll be a complete waste of money.
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  5. tcyrus
    didn't really care ,if he joined or not
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    His captain will be happy
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  7. Spur4life
    Paul Merson said he is not very good ? Fat Gonner crackhead. We got 3 players in and some deadwood out.Now lets kick on with a big season ahead with CL football at Wembley with 70k or so spurs fans cant wait ! COYS
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  8. SydneySpur
    He definitely looks and plays better surrounded by quality players, not that dross up in Newcastle. I don't mind this with perhaps a bit of a concern around the price but hey it's not my money.
  9. jolsnogross
    We could have had him in June at that price. Or we could've gone for Mane who was in a similar price range and has a lot more end product. Hopefully it'll work out for us, but it just seems like all this black box stuff makes no difference to us. We're addicted to playing silly games at the end of a transfer window and it doesn't look at all organized or strategic to be squeezing in 30 million pound players with minutes to spare.
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  10. Twizzle
    Mane is on 150K per week,no chance of us paying that
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  11. Henry Percy
    Great back up/ competition for Dembele. Prices these days are nuts when you think Pritchard can go for 8 million so nothing you can do about that.

    Really pleased with the window.

    Now back to the title challenge.
  12. Wahood
    He can provide some motivation and competition to our squad, more specifically, I'm talking about Eriksen and Dele.
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  13. gusrowe
    Happy with this. Class experienced international player, just what we needed to complete the squad. Well done Mr. Levy.
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  14. nferno
    I wouldn't have minded this signing if it weren't for the price. I know it's not my money, but I hate to see the club I love spend that sort of money on someone who will probably have no resale value.
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  15. bigspurs
    Who are you, Wenger?! ;)
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  16. parj
    As long as we signed the France Sissoko I am happy. He looked world class during the Euros. If it's the Newcastle one then we just bought some expensive furniture.

    Let's see which one Poch gets out each match day
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  17. TottenhamMattSpur
    He's physically a beast and we've missed that. Tall, strong and fast - the holy trinity.
    Also seems to fill more than one role being able to operate in defensive and attacking roles.
    His comments on our official site suggest he has quite a bromance with Lloris. Quoted aa saying they are close when with France and that it was Lloris selling us to him.

    If he was as shit as some of you think I'm sure Lloris would have told us to avoid him and I'm sure he wouldn't be a regular (and one of the best performers) for one of the best national teams.

    He just got stuck at a Newcastle team managed by idiots.
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  18. Japhet
    I'm more than a bit bemused by this one. I don't know who would get dropped to accommodate him, particularly next week when Dembele is available. I was certainly not a Bentaleb fanboi but I think we've forked out a huge amount to replace someone we had for free. Can't see Sissoko being happy on the bench but don't know how we'll get him on the pitch since I don't see any upgrade on what we already had. Over to you Poch. Hoping it works out.
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  19. diamondlight
    Seems a little strange. We've now got dier, wanyama and sissoko competing for 1 spot- unless it's 2 spots, and poch plans to play sissoko or dembele in the attacking 3.
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