Sissoko joins Spurs (confirmed)

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    Squad roation.
    Not being utterly fucked again would be nice.
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  2. Colonel_Klinck
    I don't have a problem splashing out on a player out of our normal age range if he delivers. I thought he was brilliant in the Euros. If he plays like that for us he's a great addition.
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  3. Japhet

    Yes, hopefully. Can't help thinking that we've forked out 30m or whatever to block Harry Winks progress. Sissoko was good at the Euros but then Winks outshone players like Saul in pre-season.
  4. TottenhamMattSpur
    Another thing about this transfer....
    I think we were in danger of falling behind Everton in terms of financial might. It sent a bit of a signal when we made a derisory bid and they agreed at full price.
    For us to return, match them and the player make it clear he wanted us, it put them back in their box.
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  5. peteblue
    A big fee for a player who was dire for Newcastle last season. £30m for a player who had a decent Euro's is a lot. Buying player's on the back of a good European championship or World Cup sometimes backfires in the past this has been the case for us. I just hope he can show the form when he plays for France to start matching his high price, |I hope it works for him he looks a decent player when he puts his mind to it.
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  6. JC-Rule
    We play 4-2-3-1

    So I guess it's Dier, Wanyama, Dembele and Sissoko in the pot.

    4 players for two places.
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  7. Chedozie
    I've been thinking that too, but maybe the black box stuff is to identify talent and is more responsible for the younger signings, like Dier, Wimmer and Alli.
  8. strader
    Also he can play any position of the three behind the striker.

    signings like this gives us options, similar to having dembele who can play either holding cm, or in any of the three behind the striker.
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  9. deadlight
  10. Sweetsman
    We're in four competitions
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  11. Jonesey
    100%. Both have been very average so far this season - with Eriksen bordering on terrible. Sissoko and N'koudu will give us speed in attack/counter attack which we just don't seem to have had so far this season, especially without Walker against Liverpool.

    Hope Harry can keep up with them!
  12. Dr Know
    I get what you're saying but I'm sure this was all discussed with Poch before he signed
  13. Sweetsman
    I think that Levy negotiated the way he did to set a ceiling on the payment, because he knew that Sissoko preferred us. He used Everton to stop Ashley trying to get a higher price. It also suggests that Poch thought Sissoko was important. I think that he is a lot more versatile than we think.
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  14. guiltyparty

    Although a lot of their fans, like our fans, were up in arms at the thought of signing him

    They've bought but I know a lot of Toffees and they're not happy
  15. Bilko
    Well mersons
    Well Merson's opinion means bugger-all to me. Never seen the clueless git get anything right. So let's wait and see - Pochettino will have thought long and hard about this one
  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    Merson knows he's useful which is why when it looked like Everton he said it was a good signing but when we got in, he slagged him off but more significantly said he hoped we didn't sign him. If Merson thought he's shit I'm sure Merson would have liked us to spend 30 million on him.

    Edit: Apologies for the serious lack of full stops there!
  17. Jadon Benjamin
    I'd imagine Dembele and Wanyama would be fully fit CM pairing. In a game we should be winning I'd play Dembele and Sissoko (Eeek first time typing his name as a Spurs player, exciting init?). Against teams we look to sit back and counter or teams that are just clearly better than us I'd play Sissoko, Wanyama/Dier (Depends who is in better form/fitness). Think it reallydoes depend on our opposition, But I'm confident Poch has a plan for every eventuality and that will keep all happy.
  18. 2bearis2do
    It's a fair thought Japhet.

    I think we have to change our mentality when it comes to who will or who will not be happy on the bench. For us, as a club, to step up to the next level (regular Champions League) - we need this strength and depth and flexibility and I think this is all part of MoPo's master plan.

    A tight-knit group of about 18 top level players and then some youth to fill up the squad.

    I've read on here over these past weeks - MoPo won't be happy, Levy is restricting him etc etc etc.

    I disagree - I think MoPo and Levy have worked well together to bring us up a notch. Selling decent players; Chadli, Mason, Townsend, Bentaleb, Clinton, Fazio and even the promising Pritchard.

    And strengthening with Janssen, Wanyama, Sissoko and N'Koudou.

    The big teams, the tough teams need that strength and depth and competition for places, especially in the middle of the park and now we have it in abundance. It's going to take a while for things to click, as it did last season, but when it does I have a feeling we will be in a much better position to compete against the big boys of our league and of Europe.
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  19. Bilko
    Sorry -think you're flattering Merson's intelligence there
  20. mawspurs
    In fact two of those outgoings are only loans for the season, So we have sold 4 and bought 4, 5 if you include Pau Lopez who is a loan with option to buy.

    Bentaleb and Clinton will be back next season with more experience under their belts.
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