Sissoko joins Spurs (confirmed)

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. adamsky
    Sissoko covers two positions as he can play deeper. I'm not saying we should have got him ahead of Mane but it is not a like for like comparison
  2. adamsky
    Bentaleb has an option to buy for £17m. I will be very surprised if we ever see him in a Spurs shirt again.
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  3. Danners9
    Glad Everton aren't sad about it

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  4. evil_liam
    Dembele is a pretty unique player, we're a poorer side without him in the team and he can't play 50 games. His long standing hip injury means he often can't play 90 minutes twice in a week.
    Sissoko can carry the ball through the centre of the pitch better than any of our other midfielders and we need that when Dembele isn't around. But I expect him to offer competition in CM, AMC, and RW
    Yes he is a good athlete but there's a brain in there too and he plays a bunch of positions.
  5. thinktank
    Looks like Hugo (who's always on the verge of leaving acording to some on here) played a big part in this and bigged us up something rotten. Told him we're "an amazing club". :smug:
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  6. Pat Rice Spurs fan
    Would Sissoko be as inconsistent as Dembele was before he was fully Pochettino'd?
  7. gloryglory
    I can't believe the negativity about him. The guy is a class act! I was deeply gloomy about our transfer window until this one - all we had done was strengthen our bench marginally in midfield. No idea whether Jansen and Nkoudou represent an upgrade on Chadli who was excellent in Poch's first season and Njie who we barely saw - but Sissoko is undoubtedly a stronger central midfielder than Wanyama and an option in any of the three positions behind the striker who can easily compete for a place with any of the three current incumbents. Finally an option that allows us to rotate without weakening.
  8. thinktank
    What's the 'doh' for??
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  9. zinzanzee
    Who cares what he cost, we paid the market value. The cost of a player is not only transfer fee but then what we have to pay each week, what do we care, Spurs are one of the most efficient run clubs in the world.

    If this guy plays like he did in a class set up in the EURO then he will seem cheap - even in this inflated window. As has already been said the most important statement that this makes is that Poch is being backed by our Chairman.

    We have not played great this year, but are so far are unbeaten and have started better than last season.

    High class across every position and pretty much you can times that by 2.

  10. TottenhamMattSpur
    I watched it all unfold live on SSN and that's exactly how he handled it all. Positive move for Everton. Hopes the deal falls through for tottenham.

    As usual the other idiots all favoured him to Everton too. Bias spurs hating ****s.
  11. deadlight
    so does it not worry anyone that Sissoko has a desire to play for t'Goons?
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  12. thinktank
    Nah, we'll cure him.
  13. ginola007
    He was actually great when he first arrived at Newcastle. He's only the last two years that he seemed to be lost and confused, like the Newcastle team, and indeed the entire club.
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  14. ginola007
    Aren't we "an amazing club"?
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  15. Jamturk
    Its no mean feat to have got into the French team for the Euro's, he has also seemed to have passed our stats, analysts and Poch requirements test.

    Levy obviously waited to the last minute to get the price down but it didn't work. However, he still sanctioned the move on uncomfortable terms so he and Poch must be getting on really well which is positive.
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  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    They've been on a downwards trajectory for years. Almost as long as Villa. Anyone appointing Shcteve McLaren is lacking ambition.
    It's hardly a wonder Sissoko lost the will to play. Look what happened to half decent players at Villa as they nose dived.
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  17. thinktank
    Erm...yes...we are (?).
  18. davidmatzdorf
    The big difference this summer is that Levy trusts Pochettino's judgment. I'm not sure that's ever been entirely true about a Spurs manager before, They get on professionally and personally.

    Previously, there's always been a sense that Levy was concerned that the manager-of-the-day was a loose cannon, financially-speaking, demanding more expenditure than the club could sustain on a 36,000 gate.

    This time he seems to have accepted that Pochettino's default position, his personal preference, is that we develop our own players, through our academy, that we sign youth and improve it and that signing suitable personalities for the team is at least as important as signing ready-made quality.

    it follows easily that, when Pochettino says "OK, we tried to get a bargain and it didn't work, but we need this player, so pay the man", Levy stops dickering and pays the man. Because he knows his manager doesn't say things like that lightly.
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  19. Topeka
    That's the trouble these days is that the players want the big money and they are always holding their hands out but some cannot maintain a professional attitude in their workplace environment!
  20. Everlasting Seconds
    Bentaleb isn't coming back. N'Jie might very well return.

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