Sissoko one of Spurs most important players, says Pochettino

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by WhiteHeartLowe, Jan 26, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by WhiteHeartLowe, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. talkshowhost86
    Love Poch but what on earth is he going on about here?


    The main thing Sissoko transitions is promising positions into throw-ins.
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  2. DJS
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  3. greywizard2020
    Its quite clever from the Poch in two ways:

    * Gives Sissoko the much needed confidence that he's an important part of the squad, which could hopefully translate into better performances thus justifying his inclusion. As the Euro 2016 tournament showed, he can actually look like a decent player when he's properly motivated.

    * If you are trying to sell a player & trying to the get the most for him you don't tell potential buyers that he's crap. The value would just plummet & you would end up flogging him for peanuts. Hopefully, with the vote of confidence he's received from the manager translating into better performances, potential suitors may think, "maybe Sissoko could be one our most important players."

    Wishful thinking, but I have to believe that this is the strategy here; it's all I have to hold onto.
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  4. tcyrus
    Jesus H Christ !
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  5. Colston
    I don't even...

  6. ernie78
    Is Poch on LSD??
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  7. cider spurs
    Whooaahh there fella. You gone all David Ike on me.
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  8. paulcumpstone
    Cant polish a turd.its not motivation sissoko lacks it amount of positive words are going to give him a change in his first touch
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  9. Everlasting Seconds
    Love Sissoko. LOVE him. Just a shame he is attempting to be a footballer, that's all.

    "Sometimes you think a way about someone because of first impressions and then they stick forever."
    Gaffer being wrong here. Sissoko re-impresses himself on me every time he plays.
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  10. Col_M
    That’s just Poch pushing the price up.
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  11. Locotoro
    I've just been looking at a comparison of stats this season between him Dier and Dembele and actually, the stats are not all that different
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  12. spursbhoy67
    Perhaps MoPo can take him to Real Madrid when he leaves.
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  13. thinktank
    This is epic trolling by poch on sissy's haters. :D

    A by product of trying to keep his stock high for when we flog, but hilarious to see the meltdown none-the-less.
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  14. Gassin's finest
    Pochs just getting behind his players, like he should... Like the "supporters" should.
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  15. USAYID
    Goes to show that stats don't tell the whole story.
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  16. Sweetsman
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  17. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    HITC are licking their lips at the many "Spurs fans react on Twitter to Poch's Sissoko comments" clockbait links they can post up on Newsnow!
  18. jolsnogross
    It's a game attempt by Poch to talk him up, and he is talking about one of our players exactly as he should.

    And while there is plenty of merit in the idea that Sissoko can run and has stamina - useful for transitions from attack to defense - he is a hopeless footballer.

    It's not his first touch alone that's the problem, it's that he plays like a guy who has to rotate himself around the ball rather than maneuver the ball in order to line up a pass or shot.

    And I'll admit to being glad we snatched him from under the noses of Everton at the time :sorry:
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