Southampton search for new boss as Spurs close in on Pochettino

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 20, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 20, 2014.

  1. UbeAstard
    Levys fault, get him out ;)
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  2. CrazyHeart
    AVB and Sherwood are NOT on a par by any stretch of the imagination. One's a proven credentialed coach and the other's an unqualified high school gym teacher who was just out of his league. Sherwood was a HUGE step down.

    Both FDB and Poch are MAJOR upgrades to what we currently have and will benefit from the firepower we have at Spurs, now that the players had a season to introduce them to the EPL. It's time to look forward now that the nightmare's over.
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  3. UbeAstard
    Thats a daft comparison IMHO. Look at the level of clubs both have managed and De Boer simply cannot fail to win things where he has managed though what he has done well is maintained Ajax's dominance. Pochettinos clubs have small chance of winning anything in their leagues which are dominated by 2-3 bigger clubs. In Spain as if anyone wins anything else outside of 2 clubs they have exceeded -great if you manage one of those clubs. Ajax winning doesnt exceed expectations at all.
    If you want to compare, compare it to what those clubs were acheiving before those guys managed them and what they are acheiving after they have left.
    People should stop saying 'what has he/she won?' Its a stupid arguement IMO.
  4. TottenhamMattSpur
    Hey, just to clarify, I'm very much in the same boat that there's a lot of mediocrity out there and that you shouldn't settle for it.

    I would have kept Redknapp until we could lure a tried and tested quality manager. Even if it was 3 more years. In The two since he's gone we've finished progressively lower. So, imo, we'd have been better to stick with him a bit longer.

    Anyway, going back to the point of levy making the appointments...
    I think when he's tried to be clever he's actually Fucked up. Big time.
    Santini was a fad. Flavour of the month. He failed. Levy landed on his Arse when Martin Jol picked us up and actually transformed us into a decent side for the first time in 15 years.
    He started to struggle a bit it's true, but levy decides to get clever again and goes for another fad in Ramos. This fails spectacularly. Again, he's rightly sacked but levy falls on his Arse, again, by getting Harry in. Harry was only appointed to steady the ship for a couple of seasons. But, like Jol, he far exceeded expectation. Far far far exceeded them.
    But, as the relationship soured, mostly due to Redknapp developing a God complex, levy decides to get clever again. Redknapp gets the boot and yet another fad manager gets the job, this one wasn't even off the back of immediate success.
    And here we are again.
    Is levy going to be clever or will he get it right?

    In my opinion, Pochetino is very much another "clever" appointment.
    He will fail, just as badly as the others, and he will get sacked inside 2 seasons.
    Not because we don't give managers time, but because we keep appointing the wrong ones.
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  5. HotspurFC1950
    Is Poch going to learn to speak English ?
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  6. Gassin's finest
    See, I'm no fan of Sherwood... but that's because of his odious personality, not the football side of things. But this here is no kind of argument. Villas Boas learnt his coaching methods from Bobby Robson and Jose Mourinho, which is like learning art from Matisse and Constable, but never played the game.

    Sherwood may not have some sheets of paper which say "Passed", but he played at the top level of English football for 20 years, and has been involved with youth development and club infrastructure for the last decade. He clearly knows the game.
    And even though we underperformed given our squad, last time I checked we still finished 6th and are still in Europe.

    I am very glad he's left the club though, but as I said that's due to him being a massive ****. I agree that either of the current candidates being discussed ARE upgrades.
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  7. Gassin's finest
    He already does.
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  8. Gassin's finest
    no idea how this happened! Please delete this post :confused:
  9. UbeAstard

    Who is the 'right one' and why?
  10. Japhet

    I think Redknapp pissed Levy off over his constant flirtation with England. Levy backed him all the way through his tax trial but the moment it was over and he became a viable candidate for England, Harry began whoring himself at every opportunity. Levt doesn't take kindly to that type of stuff and I personally don't blame him.
  11. boris
    I disagree.

    1. AVB would edge Sherwood were I on the interviewing panel based largely on experience, but they're more or less on a par for me. The Porto gig was a gift, since when AVB's been rather ordinary.

    2. Pochettino a "MAJOR" upgrade? FDB certainly a bit of one but what's Tino done? If we hire him he'll be the new messiah for some, as was AVB on these pages, but that's just people getting overexcited. Slight diversion, but on the player side, recall how quite recently everyone was making up new songs about Palacios and Dos Santos and how they would bring back the glory? Looks a bit silly in hindsight, hey.

    FWIW, I greatly favour Martinez over Pochettino, De Boer, AVB and Sherwood, although I respect the abilities and characters of all the latter too.
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  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    I think that's part of it yes.
    But levy had already stopped backing Redknapp long before then.
    Probably partly to do with Redknapp only ever trying to sign his old mates.
  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    One thing I've learned on SC is that people quickly convince themselves that a manager or player is THE next big thing.
    I used to think we had a lot of very knowledgeable members that watch a lot of football.
    Turns out there just over grown excited children.
    The fact that some STILL believe AVB is wonderful is evidence.
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  14. postigol
    I doubt it's purely about Lamela. More likely it relates to why Saints took such a punt on him in the 1st place, bringing in a (then) non-English speaker with no EPL experience to take over mid-season from a popular incumbant manager who'd taken them up and (whilst not setting the world alight) would probably have done so again. If we assume it's not just cronyism on the part of Nicola Cortese then he must have spotted certain qualities or had them recommended to him much as in the way player recommendations work. This punt has now been borne out and he's come to DL's attention.
    Is he the messiah? No - but then we have to get away from this and learn some patience. FdB isn't either. They're both good coaches and whichever DL goes for both the chairman and the fans need to get them sufficient time and support this time around (although that'd be hard if we go through the thrashings of last season again).
  15. Gassin's finest
    I doubt Levy entirely trusted Redknapp with funds, judging from the players he targeted... Phil Neville FFS! Instead he did his level best to get him better players;

    "'Ere Danny, I want Joe Cole!"
    "Erm... oh shoot, he wouldn't accept our offer Harry, sorry about that... Rafael Van Der Vaart perhaps?"

    "Yeah alright then. Now about Phil Neville..."
    "Oh... yeah... ah... again they weren't keen I'm afraid. But there's this promising young Brazilian lad we've seen called Sandro..."
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  16. HotspurFC1950

    Since when has Poch been able to speak English fluently ?
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  17. HotspurFC1950

    No thanks dan. I want younguns like Ryan Nelsen and the lad Saha. Promise to save you money dan.
  18. Gassin's finest
    Since he arrived. He just uses a translator with the press. Smart move seeing how much the media have jumped all over people like Ranieri/Benitez/AVB etc, who then quote "misunderstandings/mistranslations". Media can do one.
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  19. WhiteHeartLowe
    I believe he can, and does in the privacy of the dressing room, but chooses not to to the press, which always seemed a bit perverse to me.:confused:
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  20. mawspurs
    Before De Boer took over Ajax had not won the league for a few years, he turned that around and they now win it consistently. As we have seen with Moyes this season it is not just a matter of getting a big club in order to win things. You have to know what you are doing too. De Boer has proved he does have what it takes to manage a big club. Pochettino has not (yet) IMHO.
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