Southampton search for new boss as Spurs close in on Pochettino

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 20, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 20, 2014.

  1. vigospur
    In the l4 years this century Ajax have won the league or been runners up 11 times.
    They were successful before de Boer and will be after him.
    I would love him as manager by the way, but he would be just as much a punt as Pochettino. IMHO of course!
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  2. Tony-Bish
    The thing with success is you don't always get it right first time, you have to keep trying to reach your goals by not giving up when things don't work and learning from your mistakes.

    Is Levy the right man? I don't know but at least he has the ambition to make us at least a top four side.
  3. postigol
    The original post asked when he was going to learn to speak English, rather than fluently. He spoke English of a sort when he arrived but not that well I believe, and has been learning since. There are a few clips online of his speaking English - 1 to Sky's Revistata de La Liga show (which I think was from when he was joining SFC) and one at some SFC awards/dinner bash sometime later - in the first he says just a few English words, in the 2nd he makes a speech. By all accounts he speaks well enough to make himself understood with the players.
  4. mawspurs
    Before De Boer took over they had not won the title since 2003/4, since he took over they have won it four times on the spin. Other managers had not achieved there what he has done. My point was he has what it takes to manage a big club to titles, and he has proved it.

    Pochettino has yet to prove that, but has experience of the PL.

    Either can be seen as a gamble, but personally I'd go with the proven winner.
  5. Geronimo897

    This is my fear too.
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  6. Japhet
    I think Levy didn't back Redknapp in case he got banged up.
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  7. CrazyHeart
    An ordinary coach doesn't win a treble in his first season at a club even if it is Porto, or break the highest points record in his first full season in charge at Spurs, nor break a club European record and shatter two more records in Russia. You're really not giving credit where it's due, just because you didn't like the style of play in a handful of games. This is with practically a new squad, most of whom hadnt played in the EPL.

    I'd love to see Sherwood or Allardyce accomplish the same feat. The truth is that they'd not even be considered.
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  8. TottenhamMattSpur
    An ordinary manager in charge of extra ordinary players will generally do well.
    AVB had a squad full of them at Porto. Bale at spurs and now the same in Russia.
    Our record points didn't even equal or record highest league finish. We won nothing and when bale left he was frighteningly exposed as a fucking clueless ****.

    Dim Tim kept the same momentum with more goals and no no bale and he was literally born yesterday.
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  9. whitesocks
    I thought Moyes' biggest mistake was sacking the senior staff who Fergy had hand picked over the years
    Moyes was handed the set-up on a plate, and sacked the lot.
    He brought his team of coaches with him, with no experience of CL or the quality of player at utd and they looked clueless despite Everton then being a top half club. There is a big gap.

    "Pooch" seems to be in the driving seat now and is demanding all his people come with him - down to the goalie coach, but what are their pedigree and experience of where we want to be? Who is Jesus Perez?
    To answer my own question

    Pooch is clearly favouring them primarily for speaking Spanish and that they are old mates rather than the best in the business. Of course similar could be said of Parks, Freund, sirLes - they are there because of their playing history with the club rather than coaching ability.
    There is no time for sentimentality, but if they are getting the boot, it should be for the right reasons - that they are clearly being upgraded.

    Ramsey I feel has kept the show on he road since AVB left - he is well regarded and I'll be very disappointed if he is sacked. Levy needs to put his foot down.

    Another thought about poochy -this blind loyalty to his latin kind is good news for Lamela - I imagine he'll be first on the teamsheet, will take all the set pieces and all other players will be there to support him in his creative role. If Lamela is half as good as Baldini thinks, then we could have another world class player on our hands in a year or 2, despite him showing us absolutely nothing so far.
    Not such good news for Eriksen though. We should be building the team around him and my hope is that the appointment of Benitez would see him develop further.
  10. CrazyHeart
    Generally doing well and winning a treble are hardly equivocal don't you think?

    The highest points total not getting us top four was down to the other teams which he had no control over. So you're basically saying, it's great that he did better than any manager at Spurs ever in points history, however damn it, the slacker really should've done better!

    If Bale was the sole reason for any success we had, then why didn't he fire us into top four singlehandedly? Next you'll be saying he slacked off as well!

    So if Porto had wicked players, and won trebles in autopilot then why even appoint him as coach? Same for Zenit, where he pulled off what no Zenit coach... CORRECTION no coach in Russian footballing history has ever pulled off.

    Sorry, but you are way too hard on the guy just because you didn't like the way we played in a few games while we were settling in our motley crew of new internationals.
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  11. slartibartfast
    You really do see AVB through tinted glasses dont you. ' Didnt like the way we played in a few games'????
    It was bloody awful from day one and got worse and worse with Bale digging us out the shit more often than not. And that was before the new signings.
    I cant for the life of me figure out what you saw in him. He hid it well whatever it was.
    Do you go to games? Not having jab, just curious.
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  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    Woah, he most certainly did NOT get us our highest ever points in our history.
    He got our highest points in the premiere league era. An era that we have been more mediocre and average and in sine seasons, utter tripe, than any other in our history.
    Yay him.

    Sill won fuck all.
    Still relied on Bale all season.
    Still had us paying the worst football I've ever seen including all those dire seasons I mentioned previously.
    Still got the sack. As he did at Chelsea.
    George Graham and Juande fucking Ramos at least won us a cup each!!
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  13. CrazyHeart
    Actually, after Bale left, we saw the best start to any premiership season under AVB.

    I think it's you that sees the guy with f***ed up glasses, ignoring his credentials and accomplishments. I'm seeing the guy as a missed opportunity that we had for long term stability, while also counting on him to get us a strong finish to the season.
  14. TottenhamMattSpur
    Oh my fucking life.
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  15. CrazyHeart
    Dude, you probably didn't even read what I wrote... it's as if you've got your fingers in your ears yelling the same talking points! Jeez... let's end it here as it's obvious that a conversational impasse has been reached.
  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    I think it's you that has your fingers in your ears singing lalalala to yourself.
  17. slartibartfast
    Woah calm down. I asked if you actually go to any games because I can see how watching highlights and just looking at stats etc he may have looked... ok. Actually sitting watching 90min of the most boring blattantly clueless shit Ive ever seen is another.
    I know you rated him and thats your opinion. I also know your not going to change that opinion. Im just trying to understand why.
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  18. wakefieldyid
    In the absence of any actual developments, we're being dragged back into well-rehearsed arguments about the perceived failings of past managers, and allowing the media to to drive our perception of the potential recruits.

    A few things are certain.
    i. Any new coach must have the credibility to unite the squad behind his vision. If not, we can see that 3 or 4 of our current first team starters will be packing their bags.
    ii. Within 6 weeks of the start of the season, and regardless of how the team performs, the press will declare open-season on our new manager, just because it sells newspapers.

    On this basis, our new coach must have maturity and good communication skills as well as a strong coaching CV. I like Poch, and admire greatly how he's handled himself in difficult situations at Southampton, but I think he'd be too easy a target for the natural xenophobes of the British press.
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  19. wakefieldyid
    Hi CrazyHeart. Sorry for buggering up the thread. You Liked my response just as I decided it was too long and rambling, and then I found I couldn't delete it!:)
  20. CrazyHeart
    Haha no worries, I think I got what you were saying!

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