Southampton search for new boss as Spurs close in on Pochettino


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Oct 26, 2013
Woah calm down. I asked if you actually go to any games because I can see how watching highlights and just looking at stats etc he may have looked... ok. Actually sitting watching 90min of the most boring blattantly clueless shit Ive ever seen is another.
I know you rated him and thats your opinion. I also know your not going to change that opinion. Im just trying to understand why.
My opinions are always subject to change based on satisfactory evidence... I thought that was obvious, with me being one of the most open minded people on SC.

Okay, so I've watched full games where we were lacking in firepower but were solid in possession and much harder to break down, but that's not how I was expecting us to play in the long run, you understand. My contention is that our squad of renegades needed a system to settle into before flying into an attacking cohesive unit. I think patience was the primary issue here... I don't expect you to agree with me on this, but i hope you at least understand where I'm coming from...