Spurs 3-1 Fulham - Tim's verdict

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 20, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Geyzer Soze
    O/T but this shit burns my ass ... So even articles from the OS have to be truncated for copyright concerns?

    Is the supporter relationship with the club now so remote that probably the largest supporter site on the net has to be afraid that the club will do it for copyright? Really??
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  2. mawspurs
    I agree but that is the situation we find ourselves in. The risk to the site owners is too great to take the chance. We, as site contributers, have to respect that.
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  3. XSuicideBunnyX
    Internet copyright law isn't the most straightforward - with some media, if you don't protect your media with a copyright to someone, you lose your copyright against others, so maybe it is the same with this: in that, they need to stop it with us so that others can't take it as well.
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  4. DiscoD1882
    This sucks. This site will be like newsnow. I come here to read articles. Not use it as a portal. Appreciate the reasoning. But it still sucks balls.
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  5. bigspurs
    It sucks big, sweaty, hairy balls... big time!
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  6. bigspurs
    We've strayed off course here by the way. Sherwood out!!
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  7. OnTheUp
    Winning games isn't good enough Tim, you're too English and ugly!
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  8. greywizard2020
    Eriksen has indeed emerged as one of the shining lights this season, however I've said it before & I'll say it again, I still don't understand why he us shoved out wide & chadli is put through the middle? If eriksen had the build of chadli then he would be in the middle. Very progressive Tim.

    As I recall modric was thought of as too small for a centre-mid role, yet Harry wasn't scared to put him in there because he had the agility and technical ability to carry out the role with aplomb.

    On a slight sidenote I saw Wolfsburg beat Nurenburg and was massively impressed with the fluidity and interchangeability of their front three of Olic, Perisic & De Bruyne. They always remained as a three, but were never rigid in their movement, & demonstrated great intuition and guile to remain a constant attacking threat.

    I use this example to illustrate how this could serve as template for our team. I could seriously see Adebayor, chadli and Lamela fitting this mould. I really hope that in the new season we try something with a little more variation than the rigid way play at the minute.
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  9. greaves
    Get a foreign accent Tim. (I hear Steve McClaren can help in this regard). Wear sharp suits and shades on even the gloomiest days.
    Wear a perfume called Mystique or something, so the Press can fawn over you.
    Speak with a sense of enigma (or enema. The press will value that too)
    Learn the odd line of poetry.
    Bitch about bad refereeing decisions to cover weaknesses.
    Gouge out the eyes of opposition coaches (but intelligently, wittily, with charisma, verve)
    And you will be a man, my son.
    And the atheist multitudes will worship you.
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  10. XSuicideBunnyX
    Soldado runs the channels, and Eriksen is intelligent, and both can finish and pass, so you can include them in your 3 attackers template.
  11. greywizard2020
    I was thinking of making part of a midfield trio of him, Holtby & paulinho as the anchorman. However your idea is yet another option that we could employ next season.
  12. whitesocks
    “It’s always important for us to win in front of our fans, to entertain and to score goals so to come away with three points and score another three goals, overall, we’re all pleased.”

    It is hard to argue with that. A pleasant enough day really.
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  13. XSuicideBunnyX
    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that would work - Wolfsburg allow themselves to play 3 up front by playing a pure destroyer in midfield - Gustavo. We have two Gustavos in Sandro and Capoue.

    Neither Paulinho nor Holtby are particularly good at marking, so I'm not sure. I personally think if we're playing two, we need one of Sandro or Capoue unless we're playing a relegation team.
  14. greywizard2020
    I see to some degree what you're saying, however he is being employed as the more defensive minded of the two centre-mids and his mobility means he can skip through the various phases of play very quickly.

    It certainly will be interesting next year to see how the roles of Sandro, paulinho and capoue will be defined because I think we sometimes forget that these guys undergo coaching & training, so i will be curious to see who adapts the best.
  15. XSuicideBunnyX
    I think we personally have great balance in the midfield, and we actually have a spectrum of defensive and attacking skill:
    (Defensive) Sandro <> Capoue <> Paulinho/Dembélé <> Holtby <> Eriksen (Offensive)
    As you go along that line, the quality stays roughly the same, which I think is great.
  16. Dinghy
    Could you say that the quality is all much-of-a-muchness?
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  17. XSuicideBunnyX
    Actually, yes!
    The reason I didn't like Tim's comments is because although the top level of players we have is all around the same level, they are all better in different roles, and I don't know if he knows that (e.g. Chadli at CM)

    And is the 'much of a muchness' thing going to become the new 'immense dimensions'? I'm up for that. :D
  18. Dinghy
    I was just never sure how some took it to have particularly negative connotations...
    Just saying that they are all good, but none currently stand out.
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  19. greywizard2020
    I agree that the blend is actually is very good. For me the starting midfield trio would be eriksen, Holtby with paulinho anchoring the three, however you could easily substitute dembele for Holtby & Sandro for paulinho. In fact I would venture to state that my second choice for the midfield trio would be Carroll, dembele with Sandro being the anchor. Carroll, you may say is strange one, but I think he is quality because he is good on the ball and his retention of possession is excellent.

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