Spurs close in on Southampton Duo

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, Jul 28, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. UncleBuck
    An awful lot of sense in some of that fella, the way they are losing players they'd probably bite our hands off for three or four of our players...
  2. yiddo_4eva
    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but there are comments regarding having too many players in certain positions but if we have a squad capable of fill rotations for all comps then we will have good base to build on and rotate knowing we have reliable, decent players to fill a gap
  3. TottenhamMattSpur
    It's the Southampton vogue thing.
    Honestly, if Defoe played for them last season all his haters would have a pant pissing party at the thought of signing him for £25m+
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  4. Fruendsreunited
    Both Capoue and Sandro have been linked with other clubs. You can't have 3 x dmf. Although I'm sure I read Capoue was both a cm and cb
  5. De-BearYid
    Unfortunately... I see this being the end of sandro, perhaps those rumours of him to Italy were true...
    Capoue has looked very good pre season so I'm confident of schniedlerlin and Capoue as DMs .. Just pretty radical changes. I'm kinda confused going into the new season ... And when did Rodriguez get fit again ? I thought he tore his ACL ? Not a chance he should be back in training already ...
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  6. De-BearYid
    It this happens it will be sandro who leaves I think ...
    Capoue has a very good passing range and can recycle possesion well ... If you watch pochs tactics it involves heavily around DMs being available to recieve the ball from an under pressure player / player who just won possesion and recycle it with a good view as he's facing the attacking goal and can pick out players runs from deeper. Capoue fits this mold, sandro ... Not so much... And this is why Schneiderlin excelled under poch... He's got a good defensive mind and work rate and passing is very good...
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  7. Jules77
    I don't see the quote that implies we won't be signing a CB because of these purchases.
  8. Jules77
    I really like the Schneiderlin signing.

    For tactical managers to have a fulcrum in the side that is used to his view of the way we should be playing is paramount. I would even pay more than he's inherently worth to have him 'running' the team this year - i believe it will vastly shorten the 'transition' time for Poch.

    I said the same when AVB targeted Moutinho, I always felt that missed signing really cost him.
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  9. doom
    I'm a little worried of too many signings again. Obviously the Southampton pair have played in the UK under Poch and Davis also has PL experience but any further additions worry me. We all know we need another CB but I'm hoping that Kaboul and Verts are fit enough and any addition there is back up.
  10. Gaz_Gammon
    After a net spend of almost zilch last season, and with player sales already this season (plus more to go) i'd say this would be a cracking bit of business for us.

    We do not have a player who is box to box, can pass and has the guile of Schneiderlin, and he would for sure be key to our midfield. My only concern with Rodriguez is how good he has recovered from his injury?

    Getting both plus a center back would be another great transfer window!
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  11. HotspurFC1950
    And where exactly did Soton end up last season ?
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  12. Lilywhiteinoz
    Daniel remember AVB wanted Moutinho - we did not get him and this effected AVB's plans.
    If Poch wants Schneiderlin as his No 1 pick - then buy him, take the obstacles away from Poch.
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  13. teok
    I'm pretty sceptical at this massive fee but I will trust poch who obviously knows what he wants/needs.

    There were obviously one or two gems at saints but this feeding frenzy of huge amounts of money is pretty crazy.
  14. GetSpurredOn
    Not too bad.
    Schneiderlin, Davies and Rodriguez are all PL experienced, and two have played under the manager previously, so should be no real settling in issues. The one that hasn't played under Pochettino is the first one in, so has longer to adjust anyhow.
    Only areas left to sort are LCB, who possibly wouldn't be a starter anyhow, and a RB if the Naughton rumours are true, but again not likely to be a starter, so not the same upheaval as last season.
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  15. GetSpurredOn
    Based on ITK I've seen over the past day, and the odd media story, if we concluded this as our business, I'd be happy.
    Vorm, Davies, Schneiderlin, Rodriguez, Lascalles, Richards, Moreno/Rojo.
    Gomes, Livermore, Naughton, Ekotto, Dawson, Sandro, Paulinho, Sigurdsson, Falque.

    9 out 7 in. So a bit of squad thinning, make room for younger players coming through, and a better balance to boot. Some of the outs a a bit harsh, but needs must.
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  16. GetSpurredOn
    "From a different source to earlier, The Goat has heard that we've bid a couple of times for Schneiderlin. Also that he wants out so the latest bid is likely to be accepted. The number The Goat is hearing is £16m and that it could take a while if they accept."

    £27m fee mentioned, broken down as £16m for Schneiderlin, £11m for Rodriguez would make more sense than £27m just for Schneiderlin.
  17. CheeseGromit
    Looks a case of Damned if you do and Damned if you don't

    Despite trying DL got stock for not getting AVB's favourite players

    And they have not signed yet.
  18. the shelf
    Agree 100% with the Moutinho comment. I think a lot of us could see the writing on the wall when we didn't get him as Modric's natural replacement.

    As a side note, I have a horrible feeling the phaffing about with Griezmann will come back to haunt us BIG time. Just my opinion.
  19. vigospur
    With half their side at the World Cup.
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  20. spursintheblood
    I worry about instability. We had too much change last year to mplayern effective campaign, along with rhe coaching issues. Not one of our midfielders are imho not of the required grade when fit.

    Sandro - unplayable when fit and engaged.
    Capoue - effective and skilled DM
    Holtby - talented and youthful. not sure on his best position but he cam play deep playmaker role as well as Eriksen supporting role.
    Eriksen - the best at embedding himself in last year . Excellent player.
    Lamela - more of a forward than a midfielder I reckon.
    Townsend - winger and we need his speed.
    Lennon- ditto although he need to show he can still do it at the required level. Great servant for the club.
    Chadli - potential.
    Paulinho - brilliant when not jaded and in need of a rest.
    Bentaleb, Falque, Ceballos, Mason.
    All of these guys are ready for the first team. They need games. If we buy schneiderlin then we have to loan out some along with Pritchard et al.

    However I can see the importance of having players with knowledge of Poch's system. Able to play immediately. I'm just glad that I don't have to be the one that has to choose who is going to have to make way.

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