Spurs Community Player of the Year - Our trip to the lodge

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    It seems to be a bit hectic at Spurs Lodge as we arrive. The reception is full of cameras and a team from the magazine Zoo are also milling around waiting for the players to arrive back from their morning swim. It appears though that everyone is here to see the same person. Having invited us in, Peter Secchi informs us that Zoo are there to present Dimitar Berbatov with ‘the hero of the year award’ and by the sounds of things this is far from his first award he’s received in the last few weeks.

    Yet today is obviously a different matter because we are dealing with the fabulously important Spurs Community Player of the Year award. The members of the site had their say, Berbs was of course victorious, and the club invited us to send some esteemed representatives of the site to present the award. Having failed in our search for esteemed representatives, we had to make do with Kaye (LadieK), Jack (Flatters) and myself (TSH86).

    We’re initially ushered into the canteen to avoid the mass of cameras in reception and, whilst joining a few of the younger players in ignoring Sky Sports News reporting on some Polish goalie that Arsenal have signed, we see Hossam Ghaly wander through. A decision is taken not to approach him to discuss the Blackburn game and we are soon invited outside to see some of the players arriving back from their swim.

    After catching a quick photo with Robbo we then go round the back of the lodge to wait and stalk some of the players. Lee Young Pyo is there, worryingly on crutches and with a fairly substantial brace on his leg. The fact that he’s largely walking without his crutches however and seems to just have them for show makes us feel a little better.

    Martin Jol and Damien Comolli then saunter back from the training pitch deep in discussion over something obviously highly important. Mind you they could have been talking about what to have for lunch…our powers of investigative journalism are somewhat limited.

    Then the players start to filter out of the lodge and head for home. Michael Dawson is even more smiley than normal as he emerges, perhaps not surprising for someone who’s just signed a new five year contract. Standing next to him I can’t help but feel that my chances of playing at centre back may be somewhat on the wane considering we’re the same age and he’s about 4ft taller than me.

    Fortunately the likes of Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon follow Daws out, so it’s not all about the big guys and everyone is happy to stop for photos and give us autographs. In my excitement I ask Pascal Chimbonda for an interview rather than an autograph and then further embarrassment is heaped on as Didier Zokora mocks me for not being able to get the lid off the pen.

    I soldier manfully on however and we also speak to Robbie Keane, Danny Murphy, Radek Cerny, Teemu Tainio, Chris Hughton and Clive Allen. Clive in particular seems to be in a jolly mood and he soon seeks out Adel Taraabt, no doubt dispensing much wisdom to the youngster.

    Then it’s the main event. Dimitar Berbatov walks out of the lodge looking for all the world as if he’s about to go to a fashion show in *fashion experts insert place where fashion shows should be*. Beside me Kaye seems to be swooning uncontrollably as Dimi walks over to greet us.

    Fortunately we all hold it together though and are able to present him with the SC Player of the Year Award which he accepts very gracefully. He then proceeds to sign autographs for all of us as well as posing for photos, not showing any sign of a player who is getting bored with the adulation he’s receiving at Spurs.

    Almost as if Dimi has been holding back the rain until he’s finished (yes he’s that good), it begins to pour down as he walks away and reluctantly we leave Spurs Lodge. On behalf of the three of us I’d like to thank Peter Secchi for making us feel welcome at the Lodge, and on behalf of Spurs Community I’d like to thank the club for inviting us up there to present the award. Also a big thank-you to everybody who donated money towards the trophy...it is greatly appreciated. Finally on behalf of everyone connected with Tottenham I’d like to thank Dimitar Berbatov for being so fantastic this season, and I’m sure you will all join me in hoping the 2007 Spurs Community Player of the Year is around next season to defend his title.

    By Daniel Humphrey (Talkshowhost86)

    SC Player of the Year Awards 2007 - The Results

    1: Dimitar Berbatov with 500 votes
    2: Michael Dawson with 189 votes
    3: Robbie Keane with 30 votes




    There are more photos of our day out at the lodge in Spurs Chat here...

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by talkshowhost86, May 14, 2007.

  1. FMA
    Great stuff!
  2. TheChosenOne
    Good job Berbs got a pay rise, he will be able to buy
    some different clothes, them ones he had on at JD's do.

    Robbie - take him to River Island please.
  3. Bobbins
    Could've worn a suit fellas...
  4. nldnboi
    Must have been a brilliant day, rep for getting that one sorted out :clap:
  5. RussellYid
    A brilliant, brilliant read. Well done mate.
  6. MrsKeane
    Nice one, when was this done and NICE trophy
  7. ChRiStOpHe
    Very well written TSH :up: Great read.
  8. Rob
    They went on Friday. Big thanks to A&C and Kaye for sorting it all out for us :)
  9. ChRiStOpHe
    I'd say they did SC proud... So pround in fact, that ChRiStOpHe should be made a mod, maybe? :wink:
  10. Pillbug
    He seems much happier in the photo where he is NOT forced to stand next to you. You guys leave any old meat in your back pockets or something?
  11. tobi
    nice one!
  12. JKSpurs
    Nice one, great effort and excellent report.

    Did you feel underdressed at all ?
  13. ravo
    Great stuff.... although you could have dressed it up a bit satnding next to Berba
  14. talkshowhost86
    Not until Berbs came out no. Up until that point I think I fitted in quite nicely and was fully expecting someone to ask for my autograph :grin:

    Then Berbs turns up and put us all to shame...the suave git.
  15. ricardo_archibald
    Nice post, sounds like you had a good time too !
  16. pangtong
    Nice trophy he's got there, congrats on having a great day.
  17. adwanhussein
    should have been a trophy there for the cusodian of WHl lane pitch .He was recgnized by the premiership and should be rewarded by all Spurs fans .WHAT a sight to behold ;WHL in the harsh cruel winter weather of London and the pitch is so lush green as if you are in palmy hawaii. kudos berby ,the best natural footballer in the world.
  18. LadieK
    LMAO - He had no pics alone, I just cut him out in that one so we had one of just him and the trophy
  19. Gosport Yid
    Congrats to his holiness Berbatov. Congrats also to spurs community for organizing the trophy! Well done all concerned.

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