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Jun 8, 2003
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Since the new mods were appointed we've been actively discussing the direction we want the site to go. Below is what we've come up with to try and ensure that this site is an active, interesting, helpful and fun community to be a member of.

The rapid growth in SC's membership has prompted a re-write of the rules which are now ready and can be viewed at http://www.spurscommunity.co.uk/index.php?name=privacy_policy

By posting anywhere in Spurs Community, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the new rules.

We have extensively discussed these new rules and, whilst we are willing to answer any questions on interpretation (see thread in Help and Suggestions), we do not feel that entering into a lengthy debate about their introduction will prove productive.

Welcome to Spurs Community - a place for you to drop in and share your experiences following the mighty Spurs with other avid fans from all around the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to helping you participate fully with other members or to simply indulge in keeping posted with the latest news and gossip from White Hart Lane.

Spurs Community is a 24/7 hive of activity with members ]with one common purpose, to support Tottenham Hotspur, to join together in conversation, rumour and humour under one banner, that of Spurs Community.

The site is regulated by Administrators and Moderators.

An Administrator’s role is to oversee long term strategy and planning and to conduct site discipline, including temporary and permanent suspension in the event of indiscretion.

A Moderator has a more active role in ensuring that contributions to the forums are constructive and add to the enjoyment of visiting Spurs Community.

An Admin or Mod may be contacted by private message (pm) if assistance is required in using the site or if attention to a post is necessary. You may receive a pm from an Admin or Mod if we need to converse with you specifically.

You are also able to chat with other members using the pm facility if you want to keep your conversation restricted to one person.

There are a few hard and fast rules to comply with - what we want is for you to like what you see and to come back for more.

Please read our rules and keep them in mind as they are designed to protect the site from member abuse and unnecessary, unwelcome submissions:


This site does not condone swearing for swearing sake – just as in most situations in life. Swearing does not contribute greatly to a conversation and is not encouraged on this site.

Just because a word is not on the automatic censor list does not mean that it's allowable. Furthermore, anyone found to be deliberately evading the censor list will receive an automatic 24 hour ban.
Any ban incurred on a matchday will be enforced on the following matchday.

We take particular note of members who persistently use swearing in their posts and any such member will receive a formal warning as a result. Using swearwords in topic titles is not permitted under any circumstances.

Member Abuse

Spurs Community holds personal abuse aimed at other members or group of members as a serious lack of respect and as such anyone found guilty of abuse will receive a formal warning as a result and a 24 hour (or longer) ban if staff believe the offence warrants it.

Please note that from 28th September 2006, bans incurred on matchdays for swearing, censor evasion and member abuse will come into effect on the next matchday(s)

Racism / Homophobia / Religious Slandering

All three topics are extremely emotive and deepseated and can be the subject of wide and diverse opinion.

Whilst recognising that members may hold strong attitudes towards these subjects and wish to debate their opinion with other members, it is in the interests of Spurs Community as a whole that we ask you to remember that just because a member may have a different view to yours, it is no reason to descend into personal abuse. It is at the Moderators' discretion whether a topic has got out of hand and is to be locked or deleted.


Otherwise identified as needless submissions that deliberately divert from the designated topic or posts that are minimal, i.e. overuse of emoticons.

We recognise that this is a place for fellow Spurs fans to converse and that conversations naturally evolve and may move away from the original topic. If a Moderator feels that an "off-topic" discussion detracts away from a thread then it may be locked or removed.

The issue of "off-topic" replies is not so significant in the Chat Forum but, in the case of certain threads, it may still be an issue and will be dealt with at the Moderators' discretion.

Inappropriate Images

Spurs Community takes its responsibilities to our members seriously and as such will not condone the submission of images deemed likely to cause offence or shock in the main body of the site. This includes the posting of links leading to such sites. Any member seen to be posting such submissions will be warned of their future conduct.

The one exception is Manwhore's Mansion a forum accessible by invitation only. Ask a Moderator for information regarding access. The Mansion is governed by a unique set of rules and you are asked to conform to them whilst within the Mansion forum.

Avatars and Signatures

These images can be imported from external sources, however please read the advice provided in the forums before downloading. Please keep your signature to a reasonable size.

Duplicate accounts

Spurs Community operate a one account per person policy.
Duplicate accounts cause a myriad of problems, both logistical and technical and for these reasons, we do not allow them.

We have installed software which catches these as they are logged on to but rather than go through the list, we'd rather have your co-operation.

Please do not use or create duplicate accounts.
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