Spurs gets planning permission for stadium move

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    Spurs gets planning permission for stadium move

    LONDON (AP) - Tottenham has been given planning permission to build a new stadium next to its current base at White Hart Lane.

    The Premier League club says it can keep up discussions with local authorities and the London mayor in a bid to secure funding for the potential move to the 20-acre industrial site north of its current ground.

    Tottenham also hasn't given up hope of becoming the long-term tenant of the Olympic Stadium in east London after next year's games. It's mounted a legal challenge against West Ham's winning bid.

    White Hart Lane has been Tottenham's home ground since 1899, but a capacity of 36,000 restricts income from ticket sales and match-day revenue compared to that of many Premier League rivals.

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    Tottenham Hotspur has secured a final planning deal to clear the way to build a new stadium next to its base at White Hart Lane.

    The deal with Haringey Council is being seen as an indication that Spurs will drop its High Court attempt to take over the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games, a competition won by West Ham United.

    Spurs signed a section 106 agreement on Tuesday night committing it to pay £17m to local transport and infrastructure improvements, if the club decides to go-ahead with a new stadium next to their White Hart Lane base in north London.

    Spurs are keeping their options open with the £400m Northumberland Development Project for a new stadium in Tottenham, while they are also fighting the decision to give West Ham the keys to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

    A Tottenham spokesman said: “The club can confirm that the Section 106 agreement in respect of the Northumberland Development Project has now been completed and planning permissions have been issued.

    “This enables discussions with the London Borough of Haringey, the Mayor of London and central government to continue as we seek to make the development viable and deliverable.

    “As always, we shall keep all our supporters updated as these progress.”


    Spectators will be closer to the pitch than at any other new UK stadium. A new “home end” single tier is designed to generate the atmosphere and a wall of sound.

    The new stadium location and designs ensure that Spurs can continue to play at White Hart Lane even during construction. This phasing plan explains how the change from the old to the new stadium is made over the course of one season and that at no stage is capacity less than that of the current ground.

    PHASE 1

    New stadium build commences to the North of the existing stadium. The existing stadium remains in use at full capacity.


    PHASE 2

    Out of season, the North Stand of the existing stadium is demolished and the new pitch is laid.


    PHASE 3

    The partially completed new stadium is in use for one season with a capacity in excess of the current ground. The remainder of the existing stadium is demolished.


    PHASE 4

    Out of season the remainder of the new stadium is completed, ready for the start of the following season. The public square and remaining public space is created and the rest of the development begins construction.

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    Dang seeing that wall of seats at the end get's me very excited. Hurry up and let's get this party started!
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    If I remember correctly this was one of the main stumbling blocks preventing us committing to the NPD. I doubt Levy has signed-up to this figure.
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