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    Dembele in contention to face Fulham Dawson and Soldado have both returned to training while Vertonghen, Walker, Capoue and Lamela remain out

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    Sandro has also been training
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by chrissivad, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. CrazyHeart
    And... Lamela is OUT! Damn, this is sounding more and more like baseball by the day!
  2. grittyspur1
    Naughton Kaboul Fryers Rose
    Lennon Paulinho Dembele Eriksen
    Kane Adebayor
    Subs: Freidel Chiriches Bentelab Chadli Siggy Sandro Townsend
  3. CrazyHeart
    I'd put Rose on the bench, play Fryers at LB and put Chiriches back in (he's a proven badass who needs games to put the finishing touches to settling in).
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  4. grittyspur1
    Chiriches might someday live up to that reputation, but after last week's performance at the Hawthorns, I'd say he's either still knackered or mentally "on holiday". At least Fryers showed some heart after he came on last week.
    As for Rose- he needs to be in the shop window as far as I'm concerned, so let's play him because Fulham's defense has the potential to make him look like a world beater! COYS!
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  5. Jadon Benjamin
    I don't see how rose is making the starting 11 ahead of fryers. Eriksen loves to drift infield when playing on the left and rose bombs forward far to often, we've been getting raped, pillaged bound and beaten whole season down that left. Rose is not defensively good enough imo. You gotsa pick you moments to get forward. Ironically enough, his the thorn among the roses.
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  6. coopsieyid
    Mate, it was his second game after over 2 months out with an injury. The poor performance was not from Chiriches, but from the manager who selected him to start the matches since his return.

    It should've been a gradual integration, half an hour to begin with, then maybe a 2nd half, then give the lad a start. Don't forget, Chiriches is a guy who has come from a far from strong league, to what is described as the fastest and toughest (physically) league in the world. Prior to his return from injury, he'd only played 9 or so PL matches. To expect the lad to come straight in after such a long lay-off and be upto speed was, in my opinion, massively unfair.
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  7. millsey
    I'd put Rose on a rocket to the moon
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  8. Jadon Benjamin
    Or perhaps the transfer list would be a more suitable location?
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