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    Alfie Conn was a 'proper' Spurs type of player, who would have been absolutely adored by the fans of today. He was the last player signed by Bill Nicholson and played for Spurs between 1974 and 1977, scoring a hat-trick in a 5-2 win over Newcastle on his deyboo.

    He won 2 caps for Scotland whilst with us and was very much a fans favourite. Coming to White Hart lane for £150,000 from Glasgow Rangers, Alfie soon became known as 'The King of White Hart Lane' due to his fantastic dribbling skills and trickery.

    Due in part to his inspired form in 1974-75, we avoided relegation, finishing in 19th position in the old Division One table. His time with us was beset by injuury and he finished up making 38 appearances and scoring 6 goals.

    He was also one of very few Scottish footballers to play for both Glasgow Rangers and Celtic.

    Maybe not so much of a legend, more a cult hero to those who remember him...........
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. spud
    You can say that again, A&C. What a player - he had so much skill. I fondly remember the time when he sat on the ball against Leeds; Steve Perryman later recalled that Bremner told him (Perryman) that if the act was repeated that Alfie would have his legs broken before the game was out.

    I am amazed that he played only 38 times for us. His light shone so brightly that it seemed like many more. If it was not for a certain Mr. Hoddle following so soon in his wake, I am sure that he would be more widely remembered.

    [ps: I would've posted sooner, but I've only just discovered this thread.]
  2. TheChosenOne
    Flamboyant yet gutsy too.
  3. Alfieconnman
    Unsurprisingly he was one of my all time favourites. We seemed to have a "job lot" of left wingers at the time (how things have changed!) but Alfie was something special and became an immediate hit with the fans. I can still remember the chant "Oh Alfie, Alfie. Alfie, Alfie, Alfie, Alfie. Alfie Conn (quite easy to remember actually!) which used to always be sung when he played. Socks down around his ankles, flying down the wing, hair streaming behind him, (jumpers for goalposts?) skillfull and brave - how I wish we had a player like him now. Oh well bak from the land of dreams!
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  4. shelfmonkey
    Are there any vid clips of him, old MOTD or The Big Match type stuff? Would love to see some.
  5. chinaman
    I think for a little while, he had a sprinter train him to run fasterr.
  6. Lighty64
    I remember seeing him in the 74-75 season and believe that cause of his talent and Gilzean gone, he was the then "Alfie, Alfie, Alfie, Alfie, born is the king of White Hart Lane" though that might of kicked in on the Saturday we beat Chelsea 2-0 then lost to Ar5ena1, to then beat Leeds 4-2 to stay up

    i was only 11 at time, but i'm sure it was something that always stayed with me till this day
  7. Paxtonite
    Spurs lej.

    Was at that Leeds game. Think i was 10. Great night.
  8. Spurs in Belgium
  9. SeanyMc
    I remember seeing Alfie on his debut against Newcastle. For a long suffering Spurs fan he was a breath of fresh air and we were 4-0 up at half time. Of course it wasn't to last and we went down soon after.

    Oh well, here's to the future with or without Harry
  10. chinaman
    I think his departure opened up a place for Glenn Hoddle. We couldn't have played both in the same side.
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  11. sammy j
    Named my dog after him
  12. southlondonyiddo
    I'm sure I can remember Alfie Conn dribbling round Peter Shilton when he played for Stoke?? and hitting the post

    I would have been about 8. Good early memories of Alfie, unlike Terry Naylor, Don McAlistar & John Pratt etc etc !!!
  13. marty funkhouser
    Great player, jssz i'm getting old
  14. kursaal
    Alfie Conn senior - obviously his father - was a member of the great Hearts of Midlothan team of the middle to late 50s that dominated Scottish football. I used to love our Alfie Conn. He looked like he had just come out of a Glasgow razor gang. Beautiful footballer.
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  15. chinaman
    Scotland used to produce some great footballers like our own Dave MacKay and Johnny White. The Baxter brothers, Wee Willie Henderson, Charlie Cooke, Jimmy Johnstone, Denis Law, etc. They don't even have one big name now, let alone all time greats.
  16. kursaal
    Although I am English the demise of Scottish football really pains me. Chinaman has mentioned a few of the great Scottish players but there were many more. Also, it is astonishing to think that not only did Celtic win the European Cup with a virtual Glasgow district 11, Rangers went down in the European Cup Winners Cup final. The 60s were a great decade for Scottish clubs as also both Dundee clubs reached the European Cup semi final. Our own Alan Gilzean starred for Dundee in the early 60s.
  17. Gilzeanking
    Doesn't it look like England are on the same route ?

    Yes Alfie Conn wonderful skills , 'Spurs player' as you say
  18. kursaal
    To a certain extent England are going through a lean time too but we obviously have a far greater populace to call upon. I believe the cancellation of the Home Internationals have had a part to play in Scotland's decline. The annual battle against the auld enemy was how the Scots defined the.selves. You only have to see how thw Tartan Army out numbered England 3 to 1 at Wembley during the 60s and 70s to see that this was the game for Scotland. Kids used to dream of pulling on that famous blue jersey and beating England. I don't know what the answer is to halting the decline of football north of the border. What I do know is that they once regularly produced a stream of talented foktballers who competed on the highest level. I hope one day they will again.
  19. ohtottenham!
    Loved Alfie, and the Alfie songs we used to sing. On the old Scottish players, don't know what happened to that great tradition of skill from up there - I miss it. Some great names already mentioned Eddie Gray, Charlie Cooke, Jimmy Johnstone...always remember him taking that great Leeds team apart early 70's, they tried to kick lumps out of him, but he still tortured them in the second leg. Watched the highlights on the telly as a kid and couldn't believe it as no English team did that to Leeds at that time

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