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    Alfie Conn was a 'proper' Spurs type of player, who would have been absolutely adored by the fans of today. He was the last player signed by Bill Nicholson and played for Spurs between 1974 and 1977, scoring a hat-trick in a 5-2 win over Newcastle on his deyboo.

    He won 2 caps for Scotland whilst with us and was very much a fans favourite. Coming to White Hart lane for £150,000 from Glasgow Rangers, Alfie soon became known as 'The King of White Hart Lane' due to his fantastic dribbling skills and trickery.

    Due in part to his inspired form in 1974-75, we avoided relegation, finishing in 19th position in the old Division One table. His time with us was beset by injuury and he finished up making 38 appearances and scoring 6 goals.

    He was also one of very few Scottish footballers to play for both Glasgow Rangers and Celtic.

    Maybe not so much of a legend, more a cult hero to those who remember him...........
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. kursaal
    Growing up in the 60s I remember that wonderful Celtic team that used to put Revie's Leeds in tgeir place in the European Cup. I think it was the semi final in Glasgow when over 136, 000 turned out to see the game. When Billy Bremner scored you coukd literally hear a pin drop. (Celtic won at Elland Road to reach their second European Cup final in three years) Going back to the first leg. Celtic reserves were playing on the Monday night before the midweek tie against Leeds and rumours swept the ground that Leeds had returned more than half their 10, 000 allocation. The reserves would be watched by thousands back then and the ground started to empty during the game as everyone rushed out to try to get more tickets that had gone on sale. This was the heyday of football in Scotland. Incidentally, the twenty highest attendances in British football have all been at the three msin Glasgow grounds. As has the highest attendance in a UEFA game.
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  2. kursaal
    Just a little aside but they are not officially called Glasgow Rangers. Simply Rangers.

    Alfie Conn could be a marvellous player on his day. Like Dave McKay his father was a pro too. Alfie had the appearance of a Glasgow razor gang villian.
  3. thfcsteff
    So was I mate…the atmosphere…the wooden stands creaking with the noise…Alfie's superb Billy Connely hair and beard/moustache combo wreaking havoc…mercurial? he invented it. Rodney Marsh wasn't fit to lick his nutsack. A ledge!
  4. archiewasking
    Loved Alfie. Still has a place in my all time favourites team.

    He was every thing Spurs have usually been; brilliant or anonymous, loved and infuriating, stylish or not using his talent. A wonderful, wonderful player.
  5. Kalim
    Brings back memories, wa at his debut.
    Funny thing memory thought he was more prolific.
  6. chinaman
    Actually I had been thinking it was good for him to leave us as it opened up a place for Hoddle. I couldn't imagine the 2 of them could play in the same side.
  7. dannythomas
    It was a pity that Bill Nick was replaced of all people by Terry Neill. Obviously a dour gooner who had no time for flair players like Alfie. So he spent a lot of time playing in the reserves. Alfie tells the story of how Sir Bill would call him every week after he retired enouraging him that things would come right for him. Cyril Knowles and Pat Jennings had to go and see Neill and tell him Alfie was too good for the reserves. In a team in relegation danger ! Fortunately he listened and Conn was brought in providing the much needed flair that ended in keeping us up. Culminating in that wonderful performance against Leeds.
    Keith Burkinshaw also didn't see Alfie as the future which was a shame because Hoddle- Conn could have been as effective as Hoddle-Waddle in later years. He went on to be a big success for Celtic whose gain was our loss.
  8. chinaman
    A midfield duo of Hoddle and Conn would not have worked. Too much finesse and no muscle.
  9. kursaal
    [quoif we had of kept souness instead of letting him go to Boro="chinaman, post: 3839326, member: 195"]A midfield duo of Hoddle and Conn would not have worked. Too much finesse and no muscle.[/quote]
    Not I
  10. dannythomas
    Why not ? Did Ardiles and Hoddle or Waddle and Hoddle or Hazard and Hoddle not work ? Conn would have been great in today's number 10 role
  11. chinaman
    Waddle was essentially playing as a winger. Hazard was very tigerish despite his lack of inches, and so was Ardiles who never shrunk from a tackle. Alfie was a bit brittle and Hoddle couldn't tackle at all.
  12. spud
    This is incorrect. Burkinshaw never had the chance to see Conn as the future because Terry Neill sold him.
  13. dannythomas
    I don't think so . Neill left in 1976, Conn in 1977.
  14. spud
    You're right, dannythomas. My apologies.
  15. dannythomas
    No need to apologize. It was more than 35 years ago ! Neill didn't like him that's for sure. Kind of like Graham and Ginola. Something about flair players and ex goons...
  16. sammyj
    Where is alfie now
  17. kursaal
    I think it was a new years day that Alfie played his alst game for us against west ham. I was there!

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