The Case For Frank de Boer...continued

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by absolute bobbins, Apr 22, 2014.

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    I just hope you are right and can also assure everyone i will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the very best...;)
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    at the moment
    Poch 90 %
    FDB 10 %

    my opinion is that Levy is doing a big mistake here, but thats me!
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    Disappointed again feel very bad from all the rumours now:sorry:, me and my twin brother already prepare for riot in my country you Levy! We'll close all the road in Bangkok!!:mad: You know what you make my dream and most spurs fans around the world upset. :mad::notworthy::shifty::grumpy::hilarious:

    Especially i am twin my self too like De Boer Brother. I voted for twin people they are good at inspection each others
    they always have words when you do something wrong, that a good advantage.

    actually I already wrote full A4 pages how I feel and I'd like to be but it won't change the thing now.

    Please someone at top desk at club clarify the reasons how you making decision for this It would be very nice that show how the club not run as political and choose the man by the mutual friends with owner.:rolleyes:

    (Yeah Poch good enough bla bla bla I know you guys from Poch Team will says BUT whoever can make all the our forward lads lay up the fucking ball to create a chance to each other in the opposition box not just fucking shooting them self greedy and moaning each others why not pass the fucking ball in the match tired and harsh to watch IS good enough for me if Poch can do that i will support him too.....who can bring the real football to tottenham and cut out the greedy who want to have a name in scoreboard is deserve the job if he can i'll support him 100%.

    The main reason why our football is not success like Man city, Liverpool or other big teams that scores bucket loads of goals because of our "Greediness" no one care to pass and lay up to friend, people are crying about "good football" but don't know the main reason what our real problems is? funny enough and laughable... that's why we still in the 5-6th.

    Head up and look out the people around you lads now a day was overrated by stats and scoring number famous boy who can score will get more love, individual result comes first than team. Don't argue me that i said is bullshit it really happened in our team I am still remember once the camera man cut the scene of Bale and Defoe shouting and point the hand each others blaming to not pass the ball it funny and this is really long time spurs problems that never sorted out by any managers.)
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  4. kaz Hirai

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    Lol awesome. You go ahead and close all the road in Bangkok my friend
  5. easley91

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    This can be closed, Poch is our new boss.
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  6. E8spur

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    time to rename this thread

    The case for Frank de Boer… discontinued
  7. HibeeSpur

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    To be continued...

    in 8 months.:cautious:
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