The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 12th July 2017

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. Matrix

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    Players underestimate how much playing for a good manger and a nice settled team can do for them. I agree Walker is more likely to regress at City. Not sure that Guardiloa knows how to mold that City team.
  2. EJWTartanSpur

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    I think our timing is a little unfortunate. It used to be that gaining regular CL qualification was the main way of collecting a large amount of increased money that would open teams up to trading at the top table. A small membership of clubs really, that afforded huge advantages.

    The advent of new age sugar daddies increased the membership a little and set a new higher bar for prices.

    And then of course we hit our best period of CL qualification and the advantage of that is now diluted and gone, due to the mega PL TV deals that have widened the membership further and caused overall prices to go crazy.

    Combining all that with the timing of the new stadium has led to this situation I reckon.
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  3. spacessships

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    You don't get much more direct than Kyle Walker. Why Pep has chosen him to be in more of a possession based side than we are makes no sense to me.
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  4. Dillspur

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    Losing walker doesn't weaken our starting 11. People have short memories, he's not a good defender and is too dependent on his speed and/or a covering CB/DCM to get him out of trouble, at the moment city don't have a decent CB or DCM to do that, I think he'll get found out without that safety net.
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  5. Qualsonic

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    It'd be even weirder if it didn't...
  6. DanielJohnCosta

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    apparently Periera was quoted yesterday claiming to want to 'make it' at Porto

    *EDIT - it's on the offical Porto website how he talks about coming back 'home' how he has learnt from his 2 years on loan etc. It doesn't sound like a player close to any move away to be honest
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