The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 13th July 2017

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Jun 28, 2012
Ironic that those forever applauding Danny for moving goalposts don't have any idea that there are other clever people out there who, guess what, do it to him. Fergie said he was different, but anyone can be different.

Perhaps this helps explain when, a key outgoing is announced, it seems we neither have a replacement in the bag nor have managed to hide the fact we have a wedge burning a hole in our pocket.

Ten days of training gone, still all that matters is what some people think after the window has shut. Riiiiight.

Oh, the plan all along was for Poch to develop KWP, and ENIC bite another chunk of risk off the new stadium project.
Just another chapter in your endless diatribe. Have to ask - it outwardly appears that your sole purpose is to criticise absolutely everything?
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Aug 2, 2012
Can we not go into twatty rawk/utd mode and start slagging Walker off as being a rubbish, one track average Joe footballer now just because he's leaving? It's so embarrassing

The bloke has been in the top 3 fullback s in the league for the past 3,4,5 years. He's a good player, and has been a good servant to the club. Yes he's leaving, and may have played up, but let's show some dignity.
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Aug 18, 2012
thanks saved me typing the same thing.

we are in no position to be able to sign a marquee signing that @DanielJohnCosta wants, because no marquee signing are going to want to sit on the bench, and if that signing gets in the team, the player that worked so hard for the last 2 seasons and has helped propel us up the league, will them get restless for sitting on the bench.

heard so many rumours about Walker, 1 being he wasn't happy being rotated. not 1 of our strongest XI wants to be regularly rotated, and no marquee signing wants that either, and there's no guarantee that a marquee would definitely settle or succeed

the 1 thing Poch wants is harmony, and at the moment he has that. with Levy until we know exactly the income from the Wembley experience and the NWHL, he can not afford to be doubling our players wages. the only reason we have most probably made a profit this season is down to the TV money, and finishing 2nd. we have just completed a season with over 19 games missing 4k supporters.

the only way he can afford to increase the wages is with end of season bonuses, because the next 2-5 seasons are going to be a step in to new territory. if it was to go pear shaped due to injuries are the players wanting double bubble going to be happy with massive drop in wages? NOPE

the way we have been going the last few seasons is upwards, and that's without throwing money about, and on top of that we have been hit with our stadium cost doubling, something the club could never imagined happening
'Stadium cost doubling' now I can never understand this so somebody please explain. My Dad worked as a senior estimator for a manufacturing company that were involved in both the Millenium stadium and Wembley projects. When you originally quote for your work on a project that finishes some years ahead you include price increases in that quote, so the price should be the price!


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Jan 28, 2011
I've no problem with the idea of us making a profit on transfer dealings, but I do have a problem with this idea that seems to be eminating from the club that it's going to be difficult to improve the first XI this summer so we just won't bother.

We could feasibly make £100m in sales this summer, that's more than enough to add some quality if we're clever. People like Mane, Payet, Kante were picked up for relative peanuts when coming over here and all three had an immediate impact for their clubs.

Time will tell whether they will prove me wrong and make some astute signings but I'm less hopeful than I was at the end of the season.
Interesting choice of players, considering all 3 moved within a couple of years...
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