The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 1st July 2017

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. danielneeds

    danielneeds Kick-Ass

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    Everton are doing exactly what we did before selling Bale. They'll probably break even after selling Lukaku and Barkley.
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  2. nedley

    nedley John Duncan's Love Child

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    That would be so disappointing. I wouldn't believe for a second that Poch would be happy with that. My onions.
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    DCSPUR Well-Known Member

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    interesting info from dragon1 and hertyid. Based on that, and if we see that Poch's net is a spend of 2.6 mill (and we are in negative spend for last 5 seasons), a lot depends on the outs:
    1. From ITK sounds like we are trying to move Sissoko, Fazio, Clinton. Less clear whether GKN is going to be moved but if so we are probably looking at mid 40 mill for the lot, say 44 mill. Probably gets us Pau and Ross Barkley.
    2. Then the real question is whether Walker leaves and we get a 2 for 1 ie another right-back and one other for the cost of his fee
    If this is all the biz we do, I could live with that.

    I actually think adding another England international, Ross, has a range of benefits on and off the field.

    The only shame for me is that a deal for Sessegnon could not get done but @Trix has suggested we fought the good fight.
  4. Cruyff

    Cruyff Active Member

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    Jay B said:
    Poch made it unambiguously clear toward the end of the season that we had a plan for the summer. We may have missed out on Lemar and Sessegnon but everyone needs to calm down, there are plenty of quality players out there and by the end of the window I'm confident we will have seen at least some activity.[/QUOTE]

    A lack of calmness may be due to the fact that last summer we presumably missed out on early targets and got left with the panic buy that was Sissoko! This cannot happen again. Purchase astutely or don't buy at all.
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  5. Kiedis

    Kiedis Well-Known Member

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    I don't believe Sissoko was a panic buy. I think we ecpected the price to drop, only for Evertons money burning in their pockets to fudge that up.
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  6. mugpunt

    mugpunt Member

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    Even if we just spend the Bentaleb (18.5 million with loan fee due to the ex-rate) Carrol (up to 8.6 reported) Njie (6.2m) and Fazio (3.7) money we have 37million there. Presumably, we'll get 20m odd for Sissoko and 50m from Walker so to replace Walker, and strengthen we should expect well over 100 million even if we are only going to spend what we receive.

    I don't forsee any 'Big 50million+ signings, but if we can get Perrera for about 20 million
    Barkley for circa 25m
    Pau Lopez, we just agreed on a price of about 2.5 million and we'll probably get circa 5 million for Vorm

    ...I'd be happy with just bringing in pacier cover for Kane (we'd probably have to pay about 5million more for King than we get for Janssen) and spending the other 60 million odd on kids like Marcel, Sessegnon etc and give the game time to our own kids too.

    We really don't need to go for broke this summer in the transfer market to challenge for the league and I don't see us going past quarters in the Champions league in any scenario.... The key is challenging for domestic cup silverware at this point in our curve to give the club the boost we need going into the new stadium.
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  7. coy-spurs1882

    coy-spurs1882 Active Member

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  8. Gbspurs

    Gbspurs Gatekeeper for debates, King of the plonkers

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    Everton will sell their best player, so will Arsenal. Would people prefer us to sell Kane just so we can spend a load of money on some foreign players?

    We can afford to be quiet because we have less of a need. Some of the other clubs need a near total overhaul.
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  9. Doctor Dinkey

    Doctor Dinkey Miserable pragmatist

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    That could mean that money from sales will not be used to pay off the loan but will be used to buy more players. All that statement offers is the status quo.
  10. spursfan77

    spursfan77 Well-Known Member

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    Of course, this is exactly how it's going to be. Can we just get on with it then please?

    Got a feeling it's all going to be a last few weeks of the window panic.
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  11. Hercules

    Hercules Well-Known Member

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    Friendly and plausible, but ambiguous if so.
  12. arunspurs

    arunspurs Well-Known Member

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    Poch quotes towards end of season on transfers....

    "We have unbelievable facilities but if some club is paying double the salary, then how can you convince them? We cannot lie to you. That is the reality.You need younger players, like Dele Alli, who preferred to come here than another club.It is about being more competitive next season. In October and November we dropped a lot of points and it was difficult to catch Chelsea.So now it is time for us to look at it and find a way to fix the team, find better tools to improve in our methods and the way that we handle and manage the team"

    I will see following as take aways from these quotes :

    a) Poch understands club situation and club standing with respect to other PL clubs. He knows the profile of players he needs
    b) Lets forget about any older players. We will only buy young players who are in our wage bracket
    c) Poch clearly sees points dropped in Oct, Nov as crucial. Main reason we dropped points were Janssen not stepping up in Kane's absence, our creative players were off form & no one from bench stepped up (likes of Sissoko)

    If Walker is going, we will get a replacement RB for sure. Poch isn't going to depend on KWP, until he is ready.

    But Walker replacement alone isn't going to solve Poch's Oct-Nov problem. So, he will add quality options to bench, which would mean he will look to replace likes of Sissoko, Janssen.

    Sissoko will defintely go & Janssen/Wimmer may go, if decent offer comes in. So, IMO, a Walker replacement, AM/Winger and possibly a 2nd no9 to back up Kane will be on agenda.

    Based on recent ITKs, interest in Pereira, <a winger/AM>, Josh King seems to fit this theory.
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  13. tiger666

    tiger666 Large member

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    Just because it's late, does not mean it's "panic".
  14. doctor stefan Freud

    doctor stefan Freud Well-Known Member

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    Have we had any itk on Josh King? If there's any legs in this story, I'd be quite pleased. I'm genuinely not fussed about big name signings but we clearly need a bench/ rotation upgrade on Sissoko (which King would be) and a Walker replacement if KWP doesn't step up. I'd prefer a quick goal scoring AM rather than Barkley, though Meyer is an intriguing Eriksen understudy
  15. Archibald&Crooks

    Archibald&Crooks Aegina Expat Admin

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    As Dov says, Dragon 1's post is most likely opinion so not for the RO and Herts post is nothing new, again most likely onion and has been discussed to death already.

    ITK's onions and actual info are vastly different kettles of beef :cautious:
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