The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22nd August 2017

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by The Goat, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Stoof

    Stoof Immortal Hero of the Transfer and ITK Forums Staff

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    Not sure why Ben's info dims the mood, I don't think that's what Gards and Herc have been on about at all.
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  2. BoringOldFan

    BoringOldFan It's better to burn out than to fade away...

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    I'm still surprised there's not more itk on outgoing so. Not as exciting maybe, but I'm still expecting three or four to go as loans or sales. Sissoko, GKN, N'Jie (may have gone already), and yes, one of Rose or Dier depending on who we can get in. Levy has rarely run a deficit on any window and with the stadium cost I'm not expecting him to start now.

    Edit: Ah yes, N'Jie joined Marseille permanently last month. I missed that as it was so early.
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  3. Lighty64

    Lighty64 Glory Glory

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    Well he can't play for us in the EFL Cup as he is now cup tied. It also leads me to believe Ali Z info that it's not for this season (gutted £20 @ 6/4 hopefully gut feeling is wrong)
  4. EJWTartanSpur

    EJWTartanSpur SC Supporter

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    Totally agree. Some of us 'experienced campaigners' have heard similar chat across 10-15 windows. Doesn't mean the info being passed is wrong, and always you hold out the hope that something you don't expect gets over the line against the odds, but I reckon it will be Barkley, Gazzaniga, hopefully 1 of the youths that have been named and maybe just maybe Aurier. Anything else would be a real bolt out of the blue surprise
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  5. fatpiranha

    fatpiranha dismember

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    So it was all a Balde-faced lie?

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  6. ravo

    ravo SC Supporter

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  7. Tiffers

    Tiffers Active Member

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    Depends if we have potential to lose Toby then it makes sense
  8. St José Dominguez

    St José Dominguez Well-Known Member

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    If that's all that happens then I can only see this window as a negative. Sanchez is a fantastic signing but we've lost Walker. I don't rate Barkley but will remain undecided until see what Poch can do. But that's basically it except for a couple of youth prospects.

    We need a first choice right back. More than that though we desperately need a pacey attacking player. I know targets fall through or become unattainable but are we seriously in a situation where a multi million pound scouting department can't identify a single player we can sign? It's ridiculous to be honest. We could be going into a season where Sissoko will be our only "pacey" attacking midfield option from the bench week in week out. It's not good enough for a club wanting to win the league.

    Before we sold Walker I looked at our squad and thought 2 top quality signings and we're set, that became 3 when we sold Walker. One of them had to be an attacking player though, we just don't have anyone in squad right now beyond the starters who we can rely on. Sissoko is well Sissoko, Lamela is currently crocked and GKN hasn't shown anything. We're so short in that area and just Barkley isn't going to solve it. I feared Barkley would be all we got in terms of midfielders, and that's how it's looking.
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  9. cockerel downunder

    cockerel downunder Active Member

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    Dude you need to relax a little...

    The club have Cleary identified the need for a pacy attacker but there's a very narrow margin between players who are good enough for our first team but yet still within our budget in terms of wages in particular. See Mane as an example, once Liverpool offered 150k per week we had no chance. Same with martial first time round.

    Our back up plan has been to take a risk on potential eg Clinton/nkoudou and this hasn't really Come off either but was worth a try.

    I think within our financial constraints we have done all we could to fill this role in the squad it's just not as easy as you make out as these players are rare and in high demand.

    We did have the best attack in the league last year so it's not that bad really is it?
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