The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 24th June 2017

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Hot Spur

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Oct 7, 2014
It sticks a craw in my throat that after the comparative seasons we've had, and the directions the clubs are seemingly going in, that we still can't compete with the Arsenals and Man Utd's of this world when it comes down to it

Money talks and bullshit walks I'm afraid
That's how it is, top players want to be paid the going rate and they want to win trophies, spurs do neither !! Unless that changes, and quickly, not only will we not be able to attract the better players, we will lose the one's we already have.

Scott Spur

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Aug 9, 2011
How many years have we not splashed out on big money signings and how many transfer windows have people bitched about it?

We will sign who we sign and getting your knickers in a twist about not signing x,y and z. Will make absolutely sweet Fanny Adams difference to who we sign, it will just add more stress to yourself, so why do it?

ITK is awesome, it's better than the Gossip of Newspapers and is specific about our club but it is still if's and maybes. Don't get emotionally involved.

So Lemar might go to Arsenal, big whoop they're probably losing both Ozil and Sanchez who are in their prime and if they weren't running their contracts down, worth considerably more. They want out though and clearly shows what a shit choice Lemar is making
And whatever happens at the Scum they still have Wenger as manager and will be the same mentally fragile team as last year, when he going gets tough they give hammers, all of em except Sanchez.

Let's not worry overly about what they do, Poch has Wenger beat all ends up IMO.
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