The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 30th August 2017

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by Stoof, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Cornpattbuck

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    Man, I should know better, but I'm going to be on the edge of my seat on here tomo...
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  2. Sloop

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    Grey Fox recommends DuckDuckGo :)
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  3. yankspurs

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    Im gonna be at 35000 feet during the last 3 hours of the window. Please let me have 1 iota of happiness, spurs. Im begging. I'm already beyond miserable at having lost 2000 in 3 days. I just wanna be happy
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  4. Flashspur

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    cant help but think that the Llorente ITK is all about Spurs putting a spanner in the works for Chelsea so we get a free run at Barkeley
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  5. Palmer Stoat

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    You've descended 2000ft in three days? You won't land till Christmas at that rate.
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  6. fatpiranha

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    Jadon Sancho and Ryan Sessegnon? :woot:
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  7. easley91

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    Would people stop forgetting GAZZANIGA please.

    Feel sorry for the bloke as nobody seem to counts him..
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  8. npearl4spurs

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  9. Antilokhos

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    How much would I have to donate to the site to help write a cryptic for the goat to use? I swear watching idiots talk themselves in circles over tenuous Wikipedia links would be worth every last penny.

    As opposed to being one of those idiots...
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  10. doom

    doom Well-Known Member

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    A bale of straw... oh another cryptic
  11. robertgoulet

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    Players specified by ITK
    Aurier - Done
    Sessegnon - Player wants out, agent wants him out, club seemingly willing to sell but manager is throwing a fit and threatening to quit if they sell. Unlikely to happen this window.
    Sancho - Up to Man City. Player wants to leave. Most think this will get done, just not sure when.
    Barkley - Herc says slim chance due to injury. Likely that we'd go back in for him in January and if Everton don't play ball we'd come to an agreement w/ Barkley to sign in summer on a free. Grey Fox says he wouldn't bank on Barkley. Trix says if Barkley doesn't move this window he could see him re-signing w Everton, as he wants to make the England squad for the World Cup and does not want to sit all year.
    Moussa Dembele - Herc says close the thread. Ain't happening.
    Demarai Gray - We are interested, but not at the price (30M). He is 3rd choice of our wide forward targets.
    Andre Gomes - There is at least some interest, but we will only do a loan if we can buy with no clause against us.
    Divock Origi - We are interested, Poch liked him before he went to Liverpool.

    Random bits:
    - Jehovah/Goat - Clear as mud. Most recently Andre Gomes (seems most likely) and Gelson Martins (seems most wanted) seem to be the leaders in the clubhouse. Per Rob, the cryptic was made especially difficult as they do not want the name out, and if the name is guessed they will not confirm it until after the window (or after the player signs). That said, there is a long list of names (Pastore, Di Maria, Josh King, Moise Kean, Christian Pulisic/Bale/Benteke, Rabiot, Renato Sanches, Sancho, Suso, Barkley, Milner, Cavani, Dembele, Origi, Gabriel Jesus, Jesus Navas) that were deemed "incorrect" by A&C.
    Gelson Martins - While the link to Jehovah was tenuous (coach named Jesus, Gelson name meaning, his number is 77 and there is a Song 77 - Sing to Jehovah), some ITK reaction has revealed that it's possibly got legs. Breezer "Winnered" a post about Gelson, Grey Fox "Disliked" a post questioning whether Breezer's fat fingers meant to hit a different button, and Gards liked a tweet about Gelson. Additionally, Hercules has ignored his name altogether, even though he's readily poo-pood or confirmed other links.
    - Wide Forward - Herc says one wide forward is very close. We are looking at 3, with Gray being 3rd choice. He says you can be very sure at absolute minimum we will get 1 at this position, possibly even 2.
    - AM/10 - Herc says we are hopeful on an AM/10
    - We can afford a big fee, Levy is willing to pay a large large fee, it's the wages that are the problem (as always).
    - Herc has trouble spelling but he blames it on a myriad of things (phone autocorrect, being in meetings, etc). Herc is also a legend.
    - Some dopes were PMing ITK posters, don't be that dope.
    - All ITK seem to be VERY positive. Almost TOO positive. It's scary. Hold on to your butts.
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  12. KeithStone

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    All good, thanks for the recap. Lots happening! Have to point out that you did miss one additional piece of wikipedia based conspiracy theory cryptic untanglement re: Martins which a devilishly charming and probably very handsome poster copied over earlier. There's a certain amount of religious significance around 77, but perhaps most interesting given Rob's nod to it being a very difficult cryptic is the following:

    In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77.

    Either way, thanks to everyone and especially the itk'ers and those who run the site and come on you spurs!
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  13. anydange

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    Quality post, sir!

    Can we copy all this into the opening post tomorrow?
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  14. alexis

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    That's just showing off
  15. aussiespursguy

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    Fella, you might not like the ITK that another poster has gone to the effort to whore, but neg repping the dude for it just wrong. Not a good way to endear yourself on the community.
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  16. WoodyforSpurs

    WoodyforSpurs Want to be an annoying Spurs knowit all.

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    Neg repping? I did no such thing.

    Did I?
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  17. aarontwin

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    You disliked the post

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