The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY!

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by Archibald&Crooks, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. Archibald&Crooks

    Archibald&Crooks Aegina Expat Admin

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    Here we go, another deadline day!

    Usually these begin with massive amounts of enthusiasm and triple doses of optimism and end with people reaching for their shotguns and hunting down Daniel Levy. And why would today be any different?

    Opening post version 1:

    Aurier? Possibly. Barkley? Yeah right. Exotic forward? Do me a favour. So that's maybe one, if we're very very lucky two. We've been here before.

    Opening post version 2:

    We're signing Aurier! We're signing Barkley! We're signing a forward! Yippee!

    There are rumours that our chairman went into a dead faint on hearing the news that Liverpool signed a player ONE YEAR early. What is that all about? Transfers and how they are done is a fast changing entity now, can bashful change with the times?

    Eye-ho, Eye-ho,
    I don't fucking think so
    Not in his range
    To ever change
    Eye-ho, Eye-ho, Eye-ho!

    I further hear that as he lay on the floor his secretary was wafting air over him her heaving bosoms hypnotised him but nobody knows the key phrase to snap him out of it. I suggest they try saying "I'd like to move the goalposts" at oooh, I dunno, 10 to eleven?

    But whatever, much like your mums it's going to be a wild ride.


    If previous deadline days are anything to go by things are going to be fast paced, so we'll be providing the usual "Live Ticker" thread into which we'll post the latest ITK, media news and stuff like that. Which will make it easy to keep up with the latest shenanigans and goings on.

    So enjoy the ride, enjoy the Levy witch hunt later tonight and as usual, enjoy the pleasures of the palm.

    For clarity, things that should go in this thread:
    • Any ITK about Spurs
      • This should also be put into the ticker so make a mod aware of it
      • Unless asked not to, also post it in the RO
    • Any transfer news directly relating to Spurs, e.g.
      • If we sign Aurier today it can be talked about in here
      • If media (Sky, etc) say we've bid for someone it can go in here.
      • Any breaking news directly relating to us signing (or selling) someone
    What should go in the player threads:
    • Any news about one of our targets that doesn't relate to us directly, e.g.
      • If someone we've been linked to is reported to be signing for someone else.
    What shouldn't go anywhere:
    • Any random twitter "news" from a random account
    I'm sure I've missed something but use some common sense.
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  2. doctor stefan Freud

    doctor stefan Freud Well-Known Member

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    Been up since 4.55 when the four old year thought it'd be fun to wake the house up. He's now watching The Night Garden on his kindle while I chew my nails.
    This could either be A&C's option 1, or a thing of beauty. Good luck everyone. I'm hitting the offie at about four this afternoon for a slow inebriation

    PS- if we sign Martins, I'm buying a Spurs shirt with Jehovah on the back
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  3. lazypoodle

    lazypoodle Active Member

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    Credit to @robertgoulet for putting this together at the end of the last thread. If reposting this here is frowned upon I am happy to delete it.


    Players specified by ITK
    Aurier - Done
    Sessegnon - Player wants out, agent wants him out, club seemingly willing to sell but manager is throwing a fit and threatening to quit if they sell. Unlikely to happen this window.
    Sancho - Up to Man City. Player wants to leave. Most think this will get done, just not sure when.
    Barkley - Herc says slim chance due to injury. Likely that we'd go back in for him in January and if Everton don't play ball we'd come to an agreement w/ Barkley to sign in summer on a free. Grey Fox says he wouldn't bank on Barkley. Trix says if Barkley doesn't move this window he could see him re-signing w Everton, as he wants to make the England squad for the World Cup and does not want to sit all year.
    Moussa Dembele - Herc says close the thread. Ain't happening.
    Demarai Gray - We are interested, but not at the price (30M). He is 3rd choice of our wide forward targets.
    Andre Gomes - There is at least some interest, but we will only do a loan if we can buy with no clause against us.
    Divock Origi - We are interested, Poch liked him before he went to Liverpool.

    Random bits:
    - Jehovah/Goat - Clear as mud. Most recently Andre Gomes (seems most likely) and Gelson Martins (seems most wanted) seem to be the leaders in the clubhouse. Per Rob, the cryptic was made especially difficult as they do not want the name out, and if the name is guessed they will not confirm it until after the window (or after the player signs). That said, there is a long list of names (Pastore, Di Maria, Josh King, Moise Kean, Christian Pulisic/Bale/Benteke, Rabiot, Renato Sanches, Sancho, Suso, Barkley, Milner, Cavani, Dembele, Origi, Gabriel Jesus, Jesus Navas)that were deemed "incorrect" by A&C.
    Gelson Martins - While the link to Jehovah was tenuous (coach named Jesus, Gelson name meaning, his number is 77 and there is a Song 77 - Sing to Jehovah), some ITK reaction has revealed that it's possibly got legs. Breezer "Winnered" a post about Gelson, Grey Fox "Disliked" a post questioning whether Breezer's fat fingers meant to hit a different button, and Gards liked a tweet about Gelson. Additionally, Hercules has ignored his name altogether, even though he's readily poo-pood or confirmed other links.
    - Wide Forward - Herc says one wide forward is very close. We are looking at 3, with Gray being 3rd choice. He says you can be very sure at absolute minimum we will get 1 at this position, possibly even 2.
    - AM/10 - Herc says we are hopeful on an AM/10
    - We can afford a big fee, Levy is willing to pay a large large fee, it's the wages that are the problem (as always).
    - Herc has trouble spelling but he blames it on a myriad of things (phone autocorrect, being in meetings, etc). Herc is also a legend.
    - Some dopes were PMing ITK posters, don't be that dope.
    - All ITK seem to be VERY positive. Almost TOO positive. It's scary. Hold on to your butts.
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  4. Archibald&Crooks

    Archibald&Crooks Aegina Expat Admin

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    That will soon get lost in a sea of Martins bollocks but it's an excellent post worthy of his thread, so when I get off the bog I'll put it in the ticker thread too. Nice one.
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  5. cosmund

    cosmund Member

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    Jehovah=name of God
    In The Name of The Father starring Daniel Day-Lewis
    It's deadline day, so it's Levy's time! backed by uncle Joe perhaps?
    expect some big spending, coys!
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  6. glospur

    glospur Well-Known Member

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    This place dominates my sub-conscious so much that I genuinely had a dream last night that after posting in this thread A&C banned me because he thought I was a player agent and then I tried to get it sorted over PM by proving that I was in Australia and that I didn't know any players personally. He didn't believe me and then I abused him. Fucking weird, eyy.

    Looking forward to an entertaining thread on what will be hopefully be a successful deadline day for us, but I'll be glad when this transfer window is over.

    As always, a massive thanks to all the SC staff and ITK for their tireless work over the course of the window; it's much appreciated. If I wasn't a poor Uni student and the AUD wasn't terrible against the pound I'd donate, but I encourage everyone else to in order to keep this great site up and running. (y)
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  7. diamond lights

    diamond lights active member

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    Have a good day, people....can't see me getting a lot of work done.

    Thanks to all the ITKs and SC staff. Really enjoyed the site this summer.
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  8. dricha1

    dricha1 Well-Known Member

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    If I could winner @lazypoodle twice I would. Brilliant post mainly cos it calmed my initial fear from @Archibald&Crooks opening post 1 option suggested that Aurier wasn't over the line. Have a good TD peeps - hoping for a nice shiney new pacester...
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  9. shelfboy68

    shelfboy68 Well-Known Member

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    Not sure what today will bring personally I think aurier in and maybe one out and we are done.
    Just can't see any wide forwards or other strikers coming in at this stage, but I'm sure It will be a rollercoaster of a day regardless.
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  10. Twizzle

    Twizzle The Alpha Male

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    Going to Wolfsburg on loan apparently according to various media outlets
  11. Ghost Hardware

    Ghost Hardware Well-Known Member

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    For the the first time in a long time i am actually, truly excited about deadline day! What could possibly go wrong :woot: . Just. Big shout out to all the ITK's and everyone who runs this site A&C, Rob etc. Ya'll do a cracking job and we would all be better and more boring men without you :love:. Off we go.
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  12. Singaspursofsixspence

    Singaspursofsixspence Well-Known Member

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    Brick shitting time..Whatever the team looks like at the end of the window, just want to say a special thanks to @Archibald&Crooks , @Stoof , @Dougal @Hercules @JJetset @Trix for the wild ride this window.

    Here's to the admins of this site, well done for making this the best Spurs supporter forum ever and for tolerating all the BS

    recurring donation coming your way for sure to make up for all the shits and giggles on this forum!
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  13. Gyid

    Gyid Well-Known Member

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    GM is a no I did a thumbs down but not sure it showed
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  14. Archibald&Crooks

    Archibald&Crooks Aegina Expat Admin

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    For anyone interested, (and I know that's all of you) I'm still sat on the bog trying to oust one house brick of a poo. I may need them drugs they give to women giving birth before I'm back and able to provide you all with the service you don't deserve.
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  15. LamelasLeftBoot

    LamelasLeftBoot I had to be googled

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    If you knew this last night I'm glad you didn't post it until today. Can you imagine the meltdown of epic proportions we would have had in yesterday's thread if you did? Bloody cryptics haha, you have to love them.

    It's a shame that he is a no go, but I remain optimistic ava look forward to seeing what today brings.
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  16. talkshowhost86

    talkshowhost86 Mod-Moose Staff

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    I'm awake earlier than ideal with a Whisky hangover so am currently irritable and pessimistic.

    I'm hitting the bottle again if we haven't signed five players by 10am.
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  17. Jamturk

    Jamturk Well-Known Member

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  18. PhezTHFC

    PhezTHFC Fathead

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    Well thats a bummer
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  19. LamelasLeftBoot

    LamelasLeftBoot I had to be googled

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    Also @Archibald&Crooks will all itk be going in the ticker thread, or will it be like the RO where some doesn't such as when requested by the itk?

    I know it's not quite on topic but it's been a year haha
  20. Dan Stallworthy

    Dan Stallworthy New Member

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    I think most of us unlucky ones that don't have the day off won't be doing much work anyway, hope it's an exciting DLD.
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