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    David Ginola
    Born January 25th 1967
    100 Spurs appearances, 13 goals

    Signed for a fee of £2 million from Newcastle United in 1997, Ginola brought a touch of magic to the lane, while playing for Spurs he was named PFA Player of the Year, he also won the Football of the Year award. He also won his one English domestic trophy with Spurs, the 1999 League Cup. [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    Ginola's reputation as a handsome Gallic maverick was enhanced during his time in England when he starred in a commercial for L'Oreal hair products, and many still remember the company's slogan "Because I'm worth it" being uttered in Ginola's distinctive French accent. But make no mistake, it was his play that made the White Hart Lane fans take the talismanic Frenchman to their hearts.

    Ginola once said "White Hart Lane was always a place where I felt I belonged" and judging by the reception he received when introduced to the crowd before our anniversary game against Aston Villa, the feeling is mutual.

    He had the ability to get the crowd off of their seats just by being on the ball and whenever he went anywhere near the fans he was greeted by mass chanting of his name and reverential bowing.

    Who can forget his goal at Barnsley in the FA Cup? Very Ricky Villa-esque, a magical goal and memorable celebration, click the link to see!

    Here is a video compilation
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Stoof
    We're allowed opinions chaps. Mother payments or no mother payments.
  2. rez9000
    A new word to describe Ginola's play:


    I thank you!

    I'm going to get banned for that, aren't I?
  3. coldasice199
    The best for me. My favourite ever player
  4. justfookinhitit

    Ginola was a great player. But Gazza was better than Ginola.

    Oh, and I love both of your mothers. And both your mothers said they love me too. So all's fine.
  5. DC_Boy
    great player - used to love watching him
  6. Yorkshireyiddo
    Definately my favourite player to play in a spurs shirt. The guy was a genious.
  7. GenericID
    I guess that would explain the lustrous hair.
  8. gibbs131
    Was Ginola better than Gazza in each of their heydays? No.

    Was Ginola better during his whole career? IMO Yes. Once Gazza left us and got injured he was a walking parody.

    I would trade 12 smooth years of Ginola over 5 manic years of Gazza anyway!

    Gazza was a maniac. Probably why I loved him so much!
  9. llamafarmer
    Legend. He brought flashes of brilliance to a horrible period in Spurs' history. I was GUTTED when that gooner **** sold him!
  10. ChRiStOpHe
    Beautiful... simply beautiful...
  11. tRiKS
    Bell end. Lazio fans still hail him as thier best player.. not to metion Euro 96 and a wonderful career in Sctoalnd. Gonalo ahd 2 seasons at spurs. his time pre spurs wasn't as good and post spurs it was bad and his international carrer was nothing short of a disaster. Gazza was better than Ginola in everyway, for spurs and over his whole career. not to mention Gazza was immense against any oppostion league or internationally the fact Ginola was a super star against Bansley and Sheffield wednesday sums up the comparison.. a comparison i find embarrassing to even be a part of.
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  12. gibbs131
    Yeah thats right. Gazza was a consummate pro through his entire career and never played fat/crazy/alcoholic. It was not a massive waste of potential at all. He never got injured for seasons at a time etc etc.

    lol. You have some pretty rose tinted glasses on there buddy.

    I said he was a better player for 5 years. Which includes his time with us and Lazio. A wonderful career in Scotland? Lol. Is there such a thing?

    Do you always call people Bell Ends who partially agree with you?

    Lol, I get banned for less. Suppose its who you know eh?
  13. tRiKS
    No sometimes i call them Clowns... although i don't really mean it as nastily as it reads so apologies.

    No gazza was a complete underacheiver compared to his talent... in fact knowing that gazza was that good even though he was so tortured probably makes it an even easier choice. and a better comparison . ginola worked hard and was the conusmate pro and still got nowhere near Gazza.

    Rose tinted? perhaps.. it doesn't make me any less right on this occasion though. Gazza was better than Ginola.

    you can have a wonderful career anywhere... but you have to be even more special in lesser leagues like Larsson, Gazza, Laudrup et al. they weren't just better that anyone else in the league they were so much better. That's why they can be classed as having a wonderful career.

    you brushed over the international career that was not only indiviually glorious for gazza but he also made a come back after a massive lay off and was still brilliant.

    head and shoulders above ginola
  14. coldasice199
    Ginola had an unfortuante international career. If you watch the games he played for France then you can see, he in no way played badly for them. If anything he tried too hard to dribble and beat players. When he got overlooked for the world cup (98 or 02...mems getting bad) it was a tradgedy. He was a sensational player, and better on both feet than gazza. Gazza at his best was something special, but both of these two deserve to be looked upon in the same light.
  15. gibbs131
    Ginola was blackballed after he gave away the ball in the final seconds only for the opponents to score and it failed France to qualify.

    It was utter BS and I think he turned his back on France as a whole as the French fans never let him forget it.
  16. The Apprentice
    The fact he won PFA player of the year and Football writers in the same season speaks volumes. Especially considering we were seriously dogshit back then. Higher in the League than we are now though??!

    Can't believe he only scored 13, it seemed like so much more. The Man The Myth.
  17. doubledecker
    Is This Supposed To Be In Spurs Chat ? I Thought It Should Be In Legends Section
  18. sunnydelight786
    Gerard Hula Hoop or whatever he call's himself now pretty much finishd Ginola's career at International level. In the link below (2 minutes 25 seconds in to it) you will Ginola's crime. A crime that got Hula Hoop off the hook and Ginola's career to be finished at that level. After this game Hula Hoop absolutely slagged of Ginola for giving that ball away that led to Kostadinov's (remember him? He scored for Porto against us in 91 in CWC) winner. The midfield or defence was not to blame but the winger....says it all eh.
  19. dooey123
    nice thread this, brings back memories of total excitement and antisipation when he got the ball. Players like him are very rare, two footed n all.

    While were going down memory lane let us remember the win against chelsea a year ago today and how that made everyone feel. Brilliant.
  20. tony0379
    we need a new ginola ASAP if only he was playing for us now

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