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    David Ginola
    Born January 25th 1967
    100 Spurs appearances, 13 goals

    Signed for a fee of £2 million from Newcastle United in 1997, Ginola brought a touch of magic to the lane, while playing for Spurs he was named PFA Player of the Year, he also won the Football of the Year award. He also won his one English domestic trophy with Spurs, the 1999 League Cup. [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    Ginola's reputation as a handsome Gallic maverick was enhanced during his time in England when he starred in a commercial for L'Oreal hair products, and many still remember the company's slogan "Because I'm worth it" being uttered in Ginola's distinctive French accent. But make no mistake, it was his play that made the White Hart Lane fans take the talismanic Frenchman to their hearts.

    Ginola once said "White Hart Lane was always a place where I felt I belonged" and judging by the reception he received when introduced to the crowd before our anniversary game against Aston Villa, the feeling is mutual.

    He had the ability to get the crowd off of their seats just by being on the ball and whenever he went anywhere near the fans he was greeted by mass chanting of his name and reverential bowing.

    Who can forget his goal at Barnsley in the FA Cup? Very Ricky Villa-esque, a magical goal and memorable celebration, click the link to see!

    Here is a video compilation
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. tottenham4life
    great player. enough said
  2. miles_64
    Never seen that clip before but had heard the 'ginola gave the ball away and it cost France WC qulification' chat - UNBELIEVABLE! How can they seriously blame him for that! Bloody French.
  3. ChRiStOpHe
    My thoughts exactly miles. It was an over hit cross at worst :? ****s.
  4. tRiKS
    I totally agree the treatment of him was grossly unfair. My reference to his international carrer was based on him not playing particauly well while he was in the team though and certainly in comparison to Gazza he nowhere near hit the levels.
  5. tRiKS
    Humm Beckham, Keane, and Scholes split the utd vote and ginola slipped in the back door. he was amazing that season i agree but the best 3 players in the country that year were victims of thier own collective success.
  6. sunnydelight786
    Bechham (1 trick pony), Scholes and Keane may well have split the PFA vote, but how does that explain how he got the football writers vote? It's a well known fact that the media are full of scum, chavski, Spammers and scouse support, so you cant use that excuse as why he got it. It's very easy to look good in a team that wins all the time and is packed with stars, not so easy when you surrounded by average/weak players (Edinburgh, Freund, Nielsen, etc).
  7. BerbysBootBoy
    what great memories that clip brings back! ;little tingle down my spine!!! get him coaching Lennon 1 to 1, id pay his wages FFS
  8. Spursking
    In today's modern football, we don't see a player with the quality of David Ginola. We see many good tricky wingers with a lot of pace the ability to do it all by yourself (Ala Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery, etc...), but you don't see a winger with the same style as Ginola. He stood still with the ball in his feet - nobody attacked the ball, and then suddenly he ran past the defender to go all the way.

    What a player Ginola was. One of my all time favorite at the Lane. A real legend and a star.
  9. parj
    ginola was our shining light during the dark days of relegation battles and mid table bull shit. he made watching that shit team from the 90's worth while and i was deeply upset when we sold him to villa. i think it would be a great idea to have him as a coach.....can u imagine lennon with ginola's caressing abilities of the ball? actually, can u imagine lennon and bale with ginola's ability?

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