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    Gary Mabbutt, one of the few players to give the bulk of their careers to one club. Mabbutt famously suffered from type 1 Diabetes and was signed by Keith Burkinshaw when Bobby Robson at Ipswich thought him too risky, Gary went on to make 618 appearances for Spurs and became the first Diabetic to play for England.

    Mabbutt captained Spurs to the 1991 FA Cup and was in the team which won the 1984 UEFA Cup. When asked about the highlight of his career he said.........."The highlight was that Cup Final, no question," said Mabbutt. "Any player will tell you that nothing beats that feeling of walking up the stairs as captain to collect the trophy. Nothing." [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    Mabbutt was more than useful almost anywhere in midfield and defence and once spurned a move to Liverpool at a time when they were winning everything, such was his love for Spurs. He is one of the true legends of White Hart Lane

    Gary Mabbutt Factfile:

    BORN: Bristol, 23 August 1961

    HEIGHT: 5ft 10ins

    Joined Bristol Rovers (where his father Ray had played) in 1978 as an apprentice. Turned professional in 1979. Games:
    122 (plus nine as sub). Goals: 9.
    Signed for Tottenham in August 1982 for £105,000 and made his debut in Charity Shield v Liverpool. Games: 618 (458 league). Goals: 36 (27 league).
    Captained Spurs in 1987 and 1991 FA Cup Finals.

    England debut v West Germany in October 1982.
    Appearances: 16.
    One goal (v Yugoslavia at Wembley in November 1986).
    Also played for England B and Under-21s.


    UEFA Cup 1984, FA Cup 1991, Charity Shield 1991, awarded MBE in January 1994.

    Please add your memories of this Spurs legend below.
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Chuba
    Definate legend status for Mr Mabbutt, i got to see alot of this player and was always dissapointed when he wasn't playing, i felt a certain affection for him as he has the same disease as my mother and was amazed at his strength and stamina through out his career in which he never let the illness take him over.

    Also a very awkward looking style when playing in the lillywhites shirt bit similar to crouch today, where u think he hasn't got the skill or agility and then surprises you when he goes past 2 players closing in on him.

    Very fond memories as he was part of, in my opinion, the greatest spurs sides we have ever had of the 80's.
  2. Bill_Oddie
    The look in his eyes when going up to lift the cup was the look any one of us would have in his eyes in the same spot. Love to think he'll always have pride of place in whatever he wants to do at the Lane.

    Magnificent player, who is one of the very few to have earned the title 'hero'.

    He was certainly mine. And whats more he probably still is.
  3. ST
    If Jol ever leaves I would want him as manager. He oozes Spurs and always talks with so much obvious pride and respect for the club, yet he knows what he's talking about from a tactical point of view. He was captain during my most busy period of watching Spurs, and is still my favourite, above Teddy, above Jurgen and anyone else. A true loyal legend.
  4. Dougal
    A friend of mine absolutely idolised him so for her 21st I sent a blank birthday card off to White Hart Lane with a stamped addressed envelope for her house which Gary wrote out wishing her a happy birthday and put in a photo aswell. Top player, top man. Read his autobiography Against All Odds and the guy is an inspiration :bow:
  5. mybelovedspurs
    Mr Tottenham Nuff Said
  6. RickyVilla
    Awesome just about sums Mr Mabbutt up. The finest man and player to ever grace the Lillywhite shirt
  7. DC_Boy
    Yep - a deffo legend - From memory I was there for his debut v Forest on a hot summer's day - he played up front then and scored twice as we beat a Forest team then highly rated - Happy Dayz :)
  8. Rocksuperstar
    A Tottenham Legend & a true sporting role-model.

    Wasn't a fashion icon, there was no modelling contract, or being seen at the fashionable bars - Gary Mabbutt was all about his football and he played with his heart on his sleeve.

    I remember him walking up the steps to collect the FA Cup in 91 like it was yesterday. Chasing the bus down the High Road and standing outside the townhall singing his name he really embodied all that was Spurs for me as a kid.

    Even away from the pitch he was a dedicated charity worker and was always giving up his time to visit childrens hospitals and raise awareness for charities, and was a real flag-bearer for diabetics across the nation, proving that it was possible to enjoy a full healthy life as a sufferer.

    Always dignified, always polite, always a yid - true ledge :up:

  9. Stoof
    I had the fortune to see Spurs play Southampton in the 1998 season - Klinsmann and Mabbutt's last games. I remember the walk round the pitch at the end. I think it was like the 2nd game I'd ever been to. Great goal from Jurgen, but I will remember the crowd as one chanting


    True yiddo legend, shame he was before my time a bit. :-(
  10. ST
    I was lucky to see his best years for us. It was odd, you always felt OK when he was on the pitch. One thing I remember most is the way he would pick up the other players after we conceded a goal. A true captain.

    When he scored the O.G. in '87 it showed just how cruel football can be, and if there's only one regret about the '91 final, it's the fact that if Des Walker hadn't put it in, Gary was right there and would surely have scored the winner himself. In fact, if you watch it on video you can hear the Wembley PA man announce Mabbutt as the scorer, and the fand going mad (Spurs fans were at the opposite end). Still, I doubt he was too worried about that, winning the cup and all, but that would have been the icing.
  11. dickyid
    Boyhood hero who I had the fortune of meeting while still an awestruck lad.

    I would put him down as my favourite Yid. What I wouldn't do to see a Mabbutt & King partnership...
  12. sundancer
    To overcome his medical problem ( I believe he had to have several injections a day ) and preform as he did showed what a leader he was and he always run himself into the ground for Spurs. The memory in my mind that will never fade is the smile on his face when he lifted the cup in 91, so much joy!!.
  13. Rocksuperstar
    Reflecting on the memory of him lifting the cup at the town hall - when he hoisted that bit of beautiful silver above his head and all of Tottenham High Road erupted (i mean it was immense - the noise was spectacular! :dance: ) his eyes were full up, and he was so proud of what him and the team had achieved and what it had done for the fans - i can't think of any team captain who had that kind of pride and love for the club and fans that they cried when they won anything. Theres a distinct lack of passion in Football these days, replaced by aggressive commitment to winning at all costs - Gary Mabbutt was one of the last players i can think of who really, really loved playing for his club, and it showed in every one of his 618 games.
  14. Bill_Oddie
    I was there too for that, Stoof. Top row of the Paxton. Best atmosphere I've ever known (although behind the goal after Psycho's penalty Vs Spain in EUro 96 was louder). Brings a tear to my eye, even now.

    Surprised no-ones mentioned the eye-mask. I used to get ribbed by mates about him having to wear that awful face-protector, and Mabbutt looking like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but when you look at the collision from that prick Fashanu, its a wonder he ever played again.

    Once again, a true hero and legend of the Lane.
  15. Bobbins
    I've been fortunate enough to meet the guy twice, and I absolutely bloody worship him. I honestly think there is no greater sporting role-model than Gary Mabbutt, and to have had him as captain of my team for so many years makes me so proud to be a Spur.

    I can't list all his qualities as I doubt the server could hold it all, but if anything stands out, apart from his deep and obvious love for the club, is his honesty and genuine charm. He's simply one of the nicest blokes I've ever met, kind enough to give some silly wide-eyed teenager a big grin and handshake and accept my mumbled devotions with a chuckle and an autograph - both times!

    Like Stoof, I'm gutted I didn't see more of him in his prime (I was 10 when we won in '91), but his bravery, honesty, strength, determination, positive attitude and wonderful nature will forever be an inspiration to me, and one day I'll teach my kids about him like some ancient legend passed down the generations.

    We love you Mabbsy! :clap:
  16. Sally_G
    When I was a starstruck youngster I met him outside Bramall Lane after a friendly. He chatted with me and my Dad for ages, and I told him we had just named a cat after him. He was delighted obviously!

    For the record our family cats have been called...

    Hoddle (x4)
    Ossie (x2)

    Because dogs generally last longer than players we called him Paxton.
  17. The_Blue_Rooster
    I can only echo what others have already said about one of our greatest captains. The joy in his face when he collected the FA cup in 91 was there for all to see, but I also remember the joy on his face just before the final whistle in the semi final against the Gooners. It was if we'd won the "North London Cup" at Wembley. Like many fans he knew that winning that match was as big as winning any final could have been. A true Spur all the way through. Oh for his leadership now.
  18. Edgarsglasses
    Was at his last ever game v southampton & had a tear in my eye for one of my childhood heroes.Met the guy at his soccer school in Bristol back in 87 & was a real gentleman.Always remember Venables saying that if he had 10 Gary Mabbutts he would have no problems.Shame he never got more England caps but what a glittering career he had with us.Can almost see his diving header at Old Trafford in 3-3 thriller & Motson saying "Mabbutt!! this player...he's all purpose!" Gary you are a true legend of the Lane.
  19. ollie_spurs
    I was also at his (and Howells') last game in '98. There was nothing to play for except saying farewell to a true Spurs legend yet Gross only gave him about 20 minutes at the end!? It summed up the state of the club at the time, clueless.

    It was a shame Campbell had only just broken through when Mabbs was ending his career, they would have been immense with a couple more seasons together.

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