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    Graham Roberts: Where to begin? There was much more to "Robbo" than being the hard man, he could pass the ball both long and short, fearsome in the tackle, he wore his heart on his sleeve, led from the front and was both skilful and uncompromising and sometimes carried the team with his unflinching attiude and optimism. He also had a priceless knack of scoring both important and memorable goals.

    Roberts arrived at White Hart Lane in 1980 for a then non-league record fee of £35,000 from Weymouth and made his first appearance on 4th October 1980 at Stoke City during a 3-2 win. He had to wait only a short while for his full debut which came on 6th December 1980 during a 2-1 reverse at Anfield. His first goal for Spurs came during a nervy FA Cup quarter final against Exeter City at WHL, I remember we won 2-0 but both goals came very late on in the game. He famously scored our goal in the home leg of the 1984 UEFA Cup Final (see photo) and many people also still remember his long range goal against Bruges the following season.

    Robbo made 276 full appearance for Spurs with a further 11 as substitute and scored 35 goals. He was twice an FA Cup winner with Spurs 1980/81 and 1981/82 as well as a UEFA Cup winner in 1983/84 and he won 6 full England caps, a total many, including myself, believe should have been a lot more.

    There are many "Robbo" stories, so over to you................
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. rooster1
    Yes many golden moments with Robbo. I was at that
    highbury match as well,the V sign was great and ViV
    Anderson will never forget him too.I remember Anderson
    was running fast with the ball and approaching the edge
    of the area, Robbo sprinted about 10 yards with a two head on footed challenge dead on the ball with Anderson with nowhere to go,It was such an impact Anderson literally
    somersaulted through the air helplessly like he'd been fired
    out of a cannon ball, how ironic. Hoddle was superb that day too.
  2. OneGrahamRoberts
    One of my favourite memories of the great man is probably something very few saw. It was the night of our great triumph in the Uefa Cup against Anderlecht at the Lane. After the game, we went over to the Spurs Grill to celebrate, and i mean celebrate!

    About two hour later we heard a roar from the few remaining celebrating Spurs fans in the Highroad. We rushed out the restaurant to see our beloved Robbo leaning out the window above our fixtures sign in the Highroad holding the Uefa Cup and gesturing to throw it at us. He threw us Champagne instead and the look on his face was one that will stay with me forever.

    Great man, great captain, great Yid. That's why my username's after him.

    There's only One Graham Roberts
  3. OneGrahamRoberts
    what no way

    please dont ever compare roberts with freund/i once saw fruend legging from roy keane at the lane.legend robbo feared nobody..please take it back and you mite be forgiven
  4. The_Blue_Rooster
    Another of our greats, it may be my mind playing tricks, but I seem to remember him losing a few teeth in the '81 final, when Houghton kicked him in the mouth. As far as I recall he just spat them out and carried on with the game. As I say my memory may be playing tricks but I'm sure it was him.
  5. hongkongyid
    It was definitely Robbo, Hoddle was out for that game. His equaliser against Anderlecht still gives me goosebumps watching it, I mean Ossie hits the bar and the ball is cleared only for it to come swinging back over and Robbo takes it on the chest and side foots it over the keeper, sublime finish, absolutely sublime.
  6. yidstreet
    My best player of all time, LEGEND
  7. addlestonespur
    I remember the Tottenham faithful singing "Robbo, do your job, Robbo Robbo do your job" he invariably did with passion Strength and commitment, never once did I see he pull out of a fifty - fifty or even a forty - sixty for that matter :hump:

    A great signing by Burkinshaw
  8. kungfugrip
    He was on Talk Sport a couple of weeks back for the Braga game saying how much he loves Spurs. Class.
  9. Edgarsglasses
    Robbo was a great player for us & should have won more than 6 caps with England.The guy was a lion on the pitch & my main memories off him are the run in cup final for Hoddles pen & of course the UEFA Cup Final.Also i once asked him for his autograph outside Goodison Park,he signed my shirt i was wearing & then he said to me "so there is a scouser with a bit of sense!" class.
  10. dannythomas

    Unless my memory is failing me Graham played the majority of his games for us in the back 4. He was a tough tackling defender yet it is his performances in midfield and his surging runs forward for which he is most remembered. I think he was prone to some defensive lapses from time to time but I guess with Hoddle, Ardiles, Villa and Hazard in midfield compared to the likes of Miller,Price and Stevens at the back it was obvious where he was most needed !
  11. Dougal
    Anyone near Bluewater today? Roberts and Alan Brazil are doing a few autographs :up:

    At least I think that’s what he said...
  12. Archibald&Crooks
    Yeah, I believe Steve Perryman is involved somewhere along the line too. Outside M&S.
  13. Solaar
    He will be in Oslo this weekend, celebrating the 125th anniversary with the official Tottenham Norwegian supporters club "Tottenhams Venner"
  14. parklaneprince
    F***ing hard bastard
    tottenham through and through
    my dad once saw roberts on crutches outside the spurs shop
    a few days before the cup semi with wolves at hillsboro-
    said to him as roberts hobbled past-" you wont be playing saturday then"- roberts replied- "i'll be there -will play with one leg if i have to"- that sums up the man
    now players are out for two weeks with a bruised toe
    he left spurs because he didnt like pleat
    missed him in the 82 milk cup final
    souness and dalglish were dirty players- not him
    he only kicked people who kicked him first
    best goal was against bruges
    would like to see him back at spurs in a coaching role
  15. Crazyeyes

    Mawspurs mentioned that Graham had scored a hatrick in one game well he did and I believe it was against Southampton. Each of the goals were scored from corners, as the corners were taken Graham ghoasted into the back of the penalty area and scored with 3 beautiful unchallenged headers. Yhe game was at the time Keegan was playing for Southampton.
    Graham has always been one idols and I would love to know where he is now because I never got an autograph and would love to have one.
  16. Parmigiano
    2 great memories, one already mentioned when he helped Nicholas fly into the schoolboy enclosures at Highbury (apparantly he just missed hitting a concrete stantion).

    But there was the occassion at the Lane when suppossed hard man Souness gave his usual snide kick followed by some lip giving it some, and Robbo just went for him, not charging just walking as if to say 'come on then', and Souness looked petrified and started to walk backwards, hands up to say back off, turned and cantered off with the proverbial tail in tow.
  17. C0YS
    In the CC match program he says how he never wanted to leave tottenham but felt like he was pushed out by Pleat
  18. crazy
    That was one Boxing Day at Highbury. Remember it well cos I
    had to go in the North Bank with my Uncle and all the Scum wanted to kill him. Happy Days:rofl:
  19. CosmicHotspur
    It's his birthday today - see my "Footballers' Birthdays" thread for some more info on him.

    Hope he has a great day.
  20. ken the yid
    I remember quite clearly an away game at Aston Villa(though i can´t remember the date) when an Aston Villa player was bearing down on goal with only the keeper to beat.The Holte End was just about to celebrate,when out of nowhere came Graham Robert and tackled him so hard and fairly that the forward got stretchered of. As he was getting stretchered of all you could hear was spurs fans singing Roberts!Roberts!
    Brilliant stuff by a true legend. Oh how we need a man like him now....

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