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    One of the greatest finishers of all time, Greaves was a phenomenal striker, scoring on his debut for Chelsea in 1957. He finished as top League goalscorer twice whilst at Chelsea in 1959 and 1961 and his 41 league goals in the 1960-61 season remains a club record. [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    In 1960 he became the youngest ever player to score 100 league goals in English football at the age of 20 years 290 days (and at 23 was the same age as Dixie Dean when he scored his 200th).

    He briefly joined the Italian side A.C. Milan in 1961 and scored 9 goals in 12 games but failure to settle led to a quick departure. Bill Nicholson then signed him for Tottenham Hotspur for £99,999. The unusual fee was intended to relieve Greaves of the pressure of being the first £100,000 player.
    He played at Spurs from 1961 to 1970, scoring a club record of 266 goals in 379 matches, including 220 goals in the First Division. Greaves finished as top League goalscorer in four seasons (1963, 1964, 1965 and 1969), an achievement that established Greaves as arguably the most consistent striker in English football history. His record of finishing top goalscorer in six seasons has never been matched.

    [al][​IMG][/al] With Spurs, Greaves won the FA Cup in 1962 and 1967, scoring against Burnley in the former. He also won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963 - scoring twice in the famous 5-1 defeat of Atlético Madrid, ensuring that Spurs became the first British club to win a European trophy.
    Greaves won his first England cap in 1959, and went on to play 57 times and score 44 goals, five less than Bobby Charlton but at a much higher rate. He remains third in the all-time list of England goalscorers, behind Charlton and Gary Lineker. Greaves also holds the record for most hat-tricks for England - six in all.

    In the 1962 World Cup finals match against Brazil in Chile, a stray dog ran on to the pitch and evaded all of the players' efforts to catch it until Greaves got down on all fours to beckon the animal. Though successful in catching the dog, it managed to urinate all over Greaves' England shirt. The Brazilian player Garrincha thought the incident was so amusing that he took the dog home as a pet.

    Greaves was the first-choice striker for the England team during the 1966 World Cup but suffered a leg injury during a game against France and had to be replaced. That replacement, Geoff Hurst, scored the winner in the quarter final against Argentina and kept his place all the way to the final, famously scoring a hat-trick as England won the tournament.

    One of football's most famous photographs shows the elation on the England bench as the final whistle was blown, except for Greaves, in his suit and tie, looking astonished at what had happened. Greaves has always maintained that he felt nothing but delight at England's win and celebrated as much as the other non-playing members of the squad. He also maintains that he never felt he had a divine right to be in the side once he regained his fitness. However, his reaction at the time of England's success became well-documented - he packed his bags and headed on holiday with his wife while the rest of the squad attended an official banquet.

    I never saw Jimmy play so I hope some of our older posters can give us a flavour of the player behind the stats.

    Over to you.
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Bill_Oddie
    Well, they told me 'Legends of the Lane' was good, but this is fantastic. Thanks very much to all contributors, especially Archie and Cosmic. Great stuff guys.

    I agree with mabolsa, it'd be good to do player-specific DVDs.
    I watched Greavsie from the Paxton Road for the whole of his Spurs career and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he went after the ball. To say he wasn't a poacher is to do him an injustice, he was a poacher, the greatest of all poachers. He knew where to be and when to be there and when the ball came to him he was absolute magic! He was a striker in the same way a snake is a striker - softly, softly, ZAP! He could lose whoever was covering him without them knowing he was gone. He nipped in and out and before you knew it we were another goal up. A striker that lived and breathed football. Oh God! Those were the days.
  3. stevenqoz
    Saw JG from start top finish with us. He was a great penalty taker always placing it in the corner sidefoot. Only saw him miss one and that was against West Ham at WHL when he sent the keeper the wrong way only to hit the other post.
    Not all his goals were great but he was cheek personified. He scored a very quickly taken free kick at WHL against Liverpool while they were still getting the wall right...Tommy Lawrence in goal I think.
    Another one was against QPR at Loftus road when there was a Morgan on either side. We were losing 1-0 2 minutes to go and there appears James seemingly 5 yards offside on the edge of the box bringing the ball down with his arm to score a valuable equaliser. Seem to remember an occasion when he was robbed of a goal right on halftime because the ref said the whistle had gone before the shot hit the net. Along with Glenn and Stevie P, JG is my favourite ever at Spurs.
  4. DC_Boy
    I was ther for both the goals you mention SQ - some happy memories

    Boy were Pool mad about that quickly taken free kick :)
  5. sundancer
    I saw Jimmy score his first goal and last goal for Spurs and most of them in between, he was without a doubt the finest goalscorer of all time, he could score from all angles and on many occasions beat several players before slipping the ball into the net. I even went all the way to see him make his debut for West Ham at Maine Road and guess what he scored two goals on a mudheap in a 5-1 win, he was brilliant.
  6. MrGreaves
    Great memories, shame this thread reads almost like an obituary. I see Jim is appearing at the Millfield Arts Center on the 27th Feb.

    One of the greatest partnerships we have ever had was the two G men Alan Gilzean (Gilly) being the other G man, I hope Berby and Defoe eventually play like those two wonderful players, well you never know!

  7. vietnam1973
    ive went to a booksigning and got his book and after reading it i cant beleive how prolific he was at scoring goals the guy was lethal, i think he would of got in any side in the world and scored loads of goals, a very nice man aswell.Legend
  8. chinaman
    Malcolm Allison once when assigning a defender to mark our man Greaves, told him " every time Greves blink, you blink".
  9. MrGreaves
    Chinaman, that really sums up the threat that Jimmy was to our opposition.

    You would go to a match and for 40 to 50 minutes he would be on the fringe of play and then all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang and Jimmy would have another hat trick !

    Oh I wish we had Berby, Mido and Jimmy as our strike force.

    Best wishes to all.
  10. chinaman
    I'm not satisfied until we also have MacKay and Hoddle in midfield and Pat Jennings in goal. Ahh, also Cliffy Jones on the left wing.
  11. TheChosenOne
    I hated it when he had to wear that claret & blue for a bit.

    That was humiliating.
  12. chinaman
    West Ham was his first love. But we did pretty well in the deal and got another legend in Martin Peters.
  13. The_Blue_Rooster
    That was the first time I saw Spurs live. Feb 68. We wore blue tops and white shorts that day. Jimmy was my hero (along with big Pat) and I had a pair of JG endorsed boots.

    He once said that he retired too early and had the chance to go to Derby County under Clough in 1971 and regrets turning it down.

    Jimmy Greaves - the legend of legends.
  14. TheChosenOne
    Yeah I know Martin Peters was the better part of the deal but JG going to anywhere was like selling off the family silver.
    "I saw Peters score all four goals against Man U in 72 away"
  15. TheChosenOne
    Keep posting for me Blue Rooster, I can't remember everything from the older days, I need help. !!!
  16. OneGrahamRoberts
    to buy jimmy toda..chelsea would need a loan..he was pricless..he once said ' EVERY TEAM I PLAYED FOR HAD MY LOYALTY, ONLY SPURS HAD MY LOVE'.. enough said ....A TRUE SPURS MAN..
  17. chinaman
    They wouldn't have needed to buy him if they've not sold him to AC Milan in the first place.
  18. greavesie
    jimmy was with out a doubt a man who could set the lane on fire , you had to see him play to understand any of the previous statements . to know what he meant to spurs his first game back after jaundice was against fulham ,trying to get him fit for the world cup , in those days against fulham we averaged about 40 tho jimmy was playing the lane was heaving with 56tho at least.we had a penalty mackay took them when jimmy was ill , mackay picked up the ball to give to jimmy who was out on his feet just about walking, he was so tired he did not want the ball, mackay waved his arm and pointed to the crowd, the noise was deafening, jimmy took it somehow scored , the noise level made the ground shake,it was so good to see him back , even if it did take a while to get match fit, what a player
  19. mybelovedspurs

    shame he is his not 4o years younger, even bigger shame he follows chavski
  20. millsie
    I was at that game too.left ground thinking Chivers had scored the4th. Only found out later it was M.P.The Mancs. were well pissed off that day. They started tryig to climb into the stand at the scoreboard end where i was sitting. I remember the ticket cost £2-50 changed days or what?:violin: Eek

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