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    One of the greatest finishers of all time, Greaves was a phenomenal striker, scoring on his debut for Chelsea in 1957. He finished as top League goalscorer twice whilst at Chelsea in 1959 and 1961 and his 41 league goals in the 1960-61 season remains a club record. [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    In 1960 he became the youngest ever player to score 100 league goals in English football at the age of 20 years 290 days (and at 23 was the same age as Dixie Dean when he scored his 200th).

    He briefly joined the Italian side A.C. Milan in 1961 and scored 9 goals in 12 games but failure to settle led to a quick departure. Bill Nicholson then signed him for Tottenham Hotspur for £99,999. The unusual fee was intended to relieve Greaves of the pressure of being the first £100,000 player.
    He played at Spurs from 1961 to 1970, scoring a club record of 266 goals in 379 matches, including 220 goals in the First Division. Greaves finished as top League goalscorer in four seasons (1963, 1964, 1965 and 1969), an achievement that established Greaves as arguably the most consistent striker in English football history. His record of finishing top goalscorer in six seasons has never been matched.

    [al][​IMG][/al] With Spurs, Greaves won the FA Cup in 1962 and 1967, scoring against Burnley in the former. He also won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963 - scoring twice in the famous 5-1 defeat of Atlético Madrid, ensuring that Spurs became the first British club to win a European trophy.
    Greaves won his first England cap in 1959, and went on to play 57 times and score 44 goals, five less than Bobby Charlton but at a much higher rate. He remains third in the all-time list of England goalscorers, behind Charlton and Gary Lineker. Greaves also holds the record for most hat-tricks for England - six in all.

    In the 1962 World Cup finals match against Brazil in Chile, a stray dog ran on to the pitch and evaded all of the players' efforts to catch it until Greaves got down on all fours to beckon the animal. Though successful in catching the dog, it managed to urinate all over Greaves' England shirt. The Brazilian player Garrincha thought the incident was so amusing that he took the dog home as a pet.

    Greaves was the first-choice striker for the England team during the 1966 World Cup but suffered a leg injury during a game against France and had to be replaced. That replacement, Geoff Hurst, scored the winner in the quarter final against Argentina and kept his place all the way to the final, famously scoring a hat-trick as England won the tournament.

    One of football's most famous photographs shows the elation on the England bench as the final whistle was blown, except for Greaves, in his suit and tie, looking astonished at what had happened. Greaves has always maintained that he felt nothing but delight at England's win and celebrated as much as the other non-playing members of the squad. He also maintains that he never felt he had a divine right to be in the side once he regained his fitness. However, his reaction at the time of England's success became well-documented - he packed his bags and headed on holiday with his wife while the rest of the squad attended an official banquet.

    I never saw Jimmy play so I hope some of our older posters can give us a flavour of the player behind the stats.

    Over to you.
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. TheChosenOne
    Yeah I was chased out of the ground at that point from the scoreboard, saw blokes like Arthur Chaplin & Johnny Hackney
    getting a few thumps, saw Spurs fans getting rolled all the way back to Piccadilly station where I got nutted by a "Cockney Red" who had travelled up on our football special.
    I saw blokes having there shoes nicked, sheepskin coats nicked as well.
    The train, I think cost 3.50 as well. compared to £2.50 for the higher midlands like Stoke or £2.00 odd to Leicesters.

    Oh, By the time I got back to the Station, the Manchester Evening News (The pink edition) had all the footy results in the "stop press"
    I got home that night to South Tottenham just in time to see MOTD

    When I met MP in the Billy Nick suite about 25 years later I saidf to him, blah blah, I remember the day you got 4 against Man U- he was stunned -cos normally it is theWorld Cup goal thing going on.

    Thanks for the mems
  2. TheChosenOne
    Oh by the way I missed JG round here last week at the local castle hall, doing his tour, totally forgot about it. damn
  3. mabolsa_ritchey
    I dont think he's been inducted into the Spurs hall of fame. How the hell has that not happened yet?!
  4. Archibald&Crooks
    Didn't he have some sort of falling out with Levy? Something to do with something he wrote in one of his newspaper columns. That's my guess.........IIRC He wasn't even at the 150th anniversary game against Villa last season. Shame.
  5. The Original Yiddster
    Saw this on Vital Tottenham a few weeks back....real shame one of the very few players left to join the hall of fame that I would gladly fork out the money for to attend........true legend!

    Each year comes and goes with yet another of our former 'greats' inducted into the Hall of Fame. As we greet each recipient with a nod of approval you can't thinking help wondering when is it going to be Jimmy's turn? He was a notable absentee from the 125 year celebrations and many fans at the time (myself included) were critical of the club for not including him and others in this historical event.

    When the latest inductee was announced (David Ginola) a thread was posted on Vital asking about JG's omission this in turn prompted a number of us to contact the club directly for an official response, the inquiry and reply read as follows:-

    To whom it may concern,

    Following on from yesterday's inducting of David Ginola into the Hall of Fame many of us fans look forward with anticipation as to who next will have this great honour bestowed upon them.

    I am privileged to have supported our great club since the late 50's and have seen some wonderful players don the lilywhite of spurs. Which brings me to the subject matter.

    A question constantly being asked in many circles is why on earth the 'great' Jimmy Greaves has not yet been considered? The roll spans from the 1930's to 2000 and I for one find Greavsie's omission mystifying.

    No doubt there is a perfectly good reason for this oversight or it may be that it will occur sometime in the future. I certainly hope so, for I can think of no other 'living' former player who deserves it more.

    I await your reply:-

    Dear Supporter

    Thank you for your note.

    Of course, Jimmy's omission from the Hall of Fame is a very sad case for all of us and one that we do desperately seek to rectify at least twice a season.

    Regrettably, for his own reasons, Jimmy chooses to have nothing to do with any of his former clubs and very little with the football world in general. We have contacted Jimmy and his representatives on many occasions, including inclusion in the Hall of Fame, to have a lounge named in his honour and for the 125 celebrations last season.

    We will continue to ask Jimmy wherever we can, whilst maintaining his wishes.

    Kind regards


    Jonathan Waite
    Customer Services Manager
    Tottenham Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd
    Bill Nicholson Way
    748 High Road
    N17 0AP

    To say I was somewhat taken aback by the reply is an understatement I am both sad and disappointed that Jimmy feels this way but feel we must respect his wishes for whatever reasons and let the matter lie. Not wanting to be the conduit of 'propaganda' for the club I held off from publishing this article while Jimmy was contacted via the good offices of another vital member (Greaveswasthegreatest) to allow him to respond in kind. To date we have received no acknowledgement or response and have every reason to believe we aren't going to. The point of this article is for info purposes only and does not seek to open any old wounds that may be apparent, in any case the great Jimmy Greaves will always hold a place in our hearts and in mine and every Spurs fans mind will always be a LEGEND. COYS
  6. DC_Boy
    yep AFAIK he refused the offer

    he probably would have been the first one in after Billy Nick
  7. Dougal
    3rd Wedding anniversary today, for which the gift is 'leather'. While A&C would be off to his nearest dungeon to stock up on gift ideas, my wife went for the old style brown leather football signed by Jimmy Greaves. Nice.
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  8. chinaman

    Congrats. Your wife is a good woman to make you that gift.

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