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By participating in the ITK and Transfer Rumour Forums it is assumed you have read the rules. "I did not know" is not an excuse.

THE GOLDEN RULE: ITK Bashing will result in loss of access to this part of the site. Please do not question ITK's, they say what they say, sometimes some clarity is left out for a good reason. Abuse/Bash ITK and you're out on your ear and you will not be allowed back in.

THE DAILY ITK DISCUSSION THREAD - Is there for discussion of the days ITK only. Media links, stories, Player Talk/Video clips etc can be posted in the many many pages of player threads in the Transfer Rumours (TR) Forum.

Do NOT spam the thread with irrelevance, media news or your opinion on which alternative player you 'think' we should sign, just keep it related to the ITK given.

ASKING ITK's QUESTIONS - We've been there before. This is an important rule. It isn't allowed. Don't ask questions because they say what they say and that's it. Everything gets over analysed and all it achieves is confusion and the asking of further questions.

DON'T SEND ITK's ON THIS SITE PM's - You'll be banned from the site entirely. If everyone sent them PM's they'd get fed up and stop posting info. Do NOT do it.

BANS - Anyone who gets banned from the ITK/Transfer sections of the site is banned for at least the duration of the transfer window. Anyone banned for ITK abuse is banned for good.

Anyone creating a new account to get around such a ban will have their original account banned from SC entirely for at least the duration of the transfer window. The new account will be deleted. Persisting in this will see you banned for good.

Don't post it. Please get in touch with either Myself, Chrissivad or Rob first as we like to verify any information before it gets posted. Anyone posting 'itk' without being verified will be banned.

TWITTER - NO TWITTER in the Daily ITK Discussion Thread. The ONLY exception isJJetset. Tweets from Journalists and reliable or 'official' sources can be posted in the individual player threads.

FACEBOOK: Seriously? No.

MEDIA LINKS - Media links should be posted in the players threads. Due to copyright issues, just the links and a small portion of the story please.

THE LIVE TICKER THREAD - For those who only want to ITK and not the copious amounts of drivel, each deadline day there will be a Live Ticker thread into which all relevant utterings will be added. See how good we are to you?

We want all the ITK to make its way into the ITK Read-Only FIRST and we want to keep that going because it's an amazing resource and a huge draw to this site.

Please do NOT post 'ITK' from the following sites

Harry Hotspurs Blog
Football Transfers Tavern

And pretty much any 'blog' site

Posts containing 'ITK' from these sites will be deleted

None of us are silly. Well, some of us are, but you know what I mean.........We know who to avoid on Twitter, so please, no matter what they might be uttering, please keep it out of the Daily Discussion Thread. It has no place there and as we're allowing JJ's Tweets to be posted in there, filling the thread with that shit isn't very helpful, the opposite in fact. We don't want to exclude people but if anyone persists in posting it, they might well leave us with no choice. The ball is in your court on this one.

PLAYER THREADS: These threads should only be started once a player has been linked in the media. Anything else will be locked. Please remember to only post a snippets of the article and linking to the original source.

NOTE ON RATING ITK UPDATES: Members who post the ITK updates in this part of the site are doing both SC and you a service by keeping us all up to date. Giving these people 'negative' ratings is unfair and a little bit silly as all they are doing is passing on the information. It got so bad in the summer that several members stopped posting ITK updates and that directly effected the quality of service so to speak. Please do NOT give negative ratings to anyone posting ITK updates, either in the ITK RO or the TR section.

Please do NOT post photos or Youtube/Video clips in the ITK Discussion Thread. They add little if anything to the thread and it's really irritating for those accessing the thread on a mobile device, especially when quoted. Player videos can go into the individual player threads.

Please do not PM me (A&C) as I am usually snowed under at transfer time and it is very likely that you won't get a response. I simply don't have the time to deal with moans about being banned. Threads moaning about it will just be locked.

Links from mainstream UK Media sites are allowed NOT blogs or clickbait sites. Links are to be dated after the opening of this thread, if overseas (mainstream) sites are quoted it is to be translated or it'll be locked.
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