The Sherwood recurrence


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Apr 25, 2014
I wonder if the people in the media go home and consider what the effects of their ill thought out judgements and how they impact people’s lives. It’s easy to see someone as a pantomime villain and criticise them but when the media circus takes up the helm it turns into a witch hunt. Because let’s face it people are generally sheep they read something and have the immediate response of yes or no, if it’s backed by enough people then it becomes fact to them, because people have the inability to think for themselves. It does not matter if it’s the Sun, the Guardian or the Mail it’s the same just slightly more highbrow or strongly opinionated but the basic fact is people believe what they read and arrange there pitch forks accordingly.

Last night I watched the after match interviews of two young managers that were literally close to tears. Gus Poyet an ex Spur who played in the premier league for years and is held in high regard by two of the biggest clubs in English football, has taken on a job from a club who have changed manager on a regular basis and have made some horrific appointments to a club in constant turmoil. Then I see another young English manager given an opportunity of a lifetime to manage a big club. Well I say opportunity, he has been given 4 months and is now apparently finished.
Tim Sherwood takes over this club halfway through the season, a club in turmoil one who has changed the manager on a consistent basis, in some cases against the wishes of its fans. He was given the permanent job not a caretaker position, let’s remember that.

Now for those like me who have a short memory let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the ghost of recent past. Andre Villas Boas had a reputation and had a great ability to say long words and bore us all senseless in his press conferences. Of course this would not be a problem but he bored us on the pitch as well, this season anyway. I was losing interest with Spurs because we were playing a very negative way, the why pass forward when you can pass sideways and backwards style. The idea if we have 70% possession in a game the other team will get bored and go home and we will win strategy. Of course what some people forget is that sport is an entertainment game, to me anyway, and I think most Spurs fans would rather see our team go out and entertain us than put us to sleep, no matter the results.

So any way ‘To dare is to do’ that is our motto and we certainly were not daring under AVB. So what is the ideal scenario, to go out and play attacking football, play two up top where possible and try to entertain and bring our youngsters through, because generally that is the name of the game. We know, for example that a highly priced foreign import will not stay at the club if he makes it, he uses our club as a stepping stone and it makes sense. If we bring through youngsters and give them a chance they can be the backbone of a team for years to come because generally they will stay and have more loyalty.

This year I have seen a manager under all kinds of pressure, but he has brought the youngsters through. He has also played attacking expansive football and also within limits, he has sometimes packed the midfield but he is willing to adapt and change his game plan depending on the team.

Normally when a manager loses his job the results are in a downward spiral, last night our team won 5-1. He has lost the dressing room and they don’t play for him, the players were brilliant last night. The tactics are all wrong I hear you say, what? Tactics are at fault because our defenders take it in turns to make individual mistakes?

It’s a pity we cannot sack the fans, because to be honest you have had a mare…. Your constant badgering for Sherwood to be sacked, pretty much from when he started. Danny Rose, personally I think one of our better players this season and certainly last night, universally hated by fans on here why??? Harry Kane not good enough for Spurs, what? He was 18 when I heard this rubbish started being spouted and the same people were saying that Falque and Coulibally were the future… of what? Football Manager.

The need to rate players based on nationality or even because our manager likes him and no consideration of age. Bentaleb, has proven he has massive potential, that away day at Benfica he was one of the stand out performers, he will be a top class player, but because Tim likes him he’s rubbish. Adebayor… his man management skills with this guy have been amazing, firstly he plays a style which involves our centre forward and gives him the confidence to shine. From a player that I thought could not be bothered and only produced a performance 1 in 5 games at best, he has got him consistently performing, something that AVB and Mancini for that matter could not do.

Tim is not perfect and where he perhaps falls down the most is his media skills, and it saddens me because of this performance and this performance alone it has cost him his job.

However we all now know that next season another high profile manager will be hired who does not know the club or the league or the players, not given time to settle and sacked within two years, and if he does well he will move on to a bigger club. I suppose that’s the Spurs way nowadays, makes me lose interest in football if I am honest.
Why the obsession with how a manager handles the media? The media do not score goals, the media do not save penalties, the media do not make tackles or clear the ball from defence. The media's prime function is to find a story and if one does not exist just make one up. It is how the team perform that matters the media can go and take a long walk from a short pier. Sherwood tells it as it is. Give him the job.