The Times- West Ham open to sharing Olympic Stadium

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by THFCSPURS19, Oct 11, 2014.

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    That's immaterial. The deal that West Ham signed was dependant on the athletics legacy staying - the OS is British Athletics home.

    If not for this, Spurs would have had to win the contract as the deal we offered was far far more.

    Spurs would be due compensation somewhere in the hundreds of millions if athletics doesn't stay at the OS, as that's the extra that it's cost us to buy the land and build our own stadium instead.
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    I put it to you that the deal West Ham signed can be modified nullified and done away with if all parties agree, we are not one of the parties by the way and Spurs can try all they like to get compensation but if the legacy option changes the legacy company may allow Spurs to bid again and thus avoid a compensation claim.
    I admire your optimism and faith in those with the power but I'm afraid I just don't share it.
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    We won because the Greek delegate didn't know which button to press, the Finnish delegates were upset about Chirac comparing their food with Britain's, and all the other delegates got a combination tie and blazer badge set. Which in those innocent times was enough to swing it.

    The sustainability slideware had very little to do with it, and @worcestersauce is, sad to say, probably bang on.

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