Tim Sherwood - Frank de Boer speculation is 'disappointing'

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 1, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 1, 2014.

  1. Smokinhotspur
    I am no Sherwood fan but you have to feel for the guy here. This is yet another problem of our own making. We clearly only wanted a caretaker from the start and should have just told Tim sorry we need an experienced head long term so take it or leave it. Hoddle would have done it and even if the club didn't want to go back to him I am sure we could have found somebody competent to look after the shop till the end of the season. That way we could have gone about our business of getting a permanent manager in the proper manner without worrying about leaks which are almost inevitable in today's 24hr media world!

    All points to the style of DL our chairman, who never comes out and says anything apart from a couple of grand statements twice a year. Brilliant business man that he is, he strikes me as the sort of guy who has many faces and you couldn't trust. A lot on here were celebrating the way we did the Fryers deal but that never sat well with me and I just thought it was classless and lacking in honour - a bit like the way the shambolic sacking of MJ and hiring of JR was handled. You would think he would have learned by now - leopards and spots i guess
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  2. Gb160
    Tim Sherwood - Frank de Boer speculation is 'disappointing'
    Speak for yourself Timmy...
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  3. scissor_gang
    scissor_gang: Frank de Boer speculation is 'encouraging'
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  4. TottenhamMattSpur
    What surprises me is how many fans believed Sherwood was more than a caretaker.
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  5. Grey Fox
    Err Tim I think you will find that we had our best start, regarding points to a premier league season ever.
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  6. avonspurs
    You say that Spurs never make statements, but they have done. They've made a statement about this specific speculation. Now, whether you believe that statement or not is a whole other thing :) but they have come out and reacted to this 'news'.
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  7. TottenhamMattSpur
    Err Grey Fox, I think you'll find we got the most penalties in the first half a dozen games we've ever had. Other wise 2 points from 8 games wouldn't have sounded so bad.
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  8. DreadySpur
    I do feel for Tim, with the constant speculation of who will succeed him at the end of the season. Irrespective of what is said, he WAS given an 18 month contract, indicating that he was appointed the the permanent manager for that period and I do strongly believe people should not be talking publicly about wanting the job whilst it is still occupied.

    However, I agree that Levy actually only wanted a temporary manager and initially appointed Tim on that basis. It was only as a result of his initial results that Tim decided to force the issue and has now potentially manoeuvred himself into a position where he could be unemployed next month or even as soon as later this month.

    I would caution though that another high profile appointment might not be the solution. How often have we gone down this route and it has failed or more accurately, not been given time to succeed by the fans and then the board......as generally I feel the board do still react to any discontent that they sense on the terraces.
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  9. Sweetsman
    This is like the Jol/Ramos situation. It seems that Spurs are hiding behind whether it was official. I suspect we are being used to alert other clubs that FDB is considering leaving Ajax.
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  10. buckley
    whats disappointing is that tim is our manager
    the sooner he goes and the new man is installed the better
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  11. DreadySpur
    I agree, however there is usually no smoke without fire and although he might be hoping for bigger opportunities, I reckon he has considered us, as did LvG before him...
  12. Grey Fox
    Still points, do you think Liverpool or Utd complain about how many games they win with penalties? Anyway i was pointing out that Tim was wrong about having a bad start and that we would be in a better position now.
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  13. Grey Fox
    If those agents comments are correct, perhaps he was referring to Ajax and not us for letting the cat out of the bag, just a thought.
  14. Sweetsman
    What is your point? It doesn't matter how we got the points, we got them. Sherwood has been crowing about his win ratio, but the play has been very disjointed. On the other hand, we have been winning.
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  15. Sweetsman
    There's a big club in Spain that has a bloke called Messi.....
  16. avonspurs
    Personally, I think where Levy got it wrong was appointing TS in the first place, particularly when TS started making it known in public that he would only take the job on his terms. I think Levy should have looked elsewhere at that point but TS is within the club, etc., so maybe Levy thought it would be easier.

    Also, speculation is constantly an issue within football. If you are not achieving the target that the club has set (be it avoid relegation or get top 4) then there will be speculation, whether or not its unfounded.

    And I agree re: high profile appt. We have to get the right man for the job, not just a name. Personally, I don't believe TS is the right man for the job and it wouldn't matter to me whether his name is Tim Sherwood or Jose Mourinho.
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  17. TottenhamMattSpur
    My point is that we were fucking terrible in the first half of the season.
    The only thing hiding it was points accrued in hugely fortuitous fashion through penalties.
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  18. Sweetsman
    So, you're judging AVB and TS by different standards. You don't get extra points for artistic expression, darling.
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  19. Roynie
    Under AVB we had a Points per Game ratio of 1.6875, Goals per game of 0.9375 and lost 5 games out of 16. Under Tim those figures are 1.95, 1.85 and 5 out of 20, so whichever way you count it up relatively speaking we did have a poor start to the season. That's not to say that Tim and the team can't do better but don't sell him short in terms of achievement. The main problem this season has been our performance against the top 5 and that has applied under both managers. I believe the problem has been with the defence which desperately needs re-inforcing in the summer, more so than midfield and strikers.
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