Tim Sherwood - Frank de Boer speculation is 'disappointing'

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 1, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 1, 2014.

  1. Gaz_Gammon

    Good post unfortunately some posters on here were not around in the earlier parts of the seventies and early eighties to see juts how piss poor we were. By expecting LVG (who was never going to come) to take over next season just shows how unrealistic some on here actually are.

    Whoever comes in next season will find it just as hard to make fifth as Sherwood is this season. Depending on Everton keeping their loans and buying Lukaku will have a direct effect on where we end up. I just cannot see whoever comes in topping Liverpool, Man Citeh, Man Ure, Chel$ea or Arsenal next season. We are just about where our talent is, and that's fifth or sixth best side in the PL.

    A new shiny Manager ain't going to change that.
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  2. TottenhamMattSpur
    You only need to remember 1993 to 2006 to see what an improvement we've made under ENIC.
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  3. Greenspur
    Yeah, but I think he just always has to get a dig in.
  4. Roynie
    Well we lost at home in the League in October under AVB and in the League Cup under TS two days after he took over. The advantage AVB had was that he had a lot more experience than TS has even now. Please don't get me wrong I'm not slating AVB, I do think he should have had to the end of the season as well. I just don't want the club to make the wrong decision again by getting rid of TS before he has had a chance. We have had too many managers over the last few years and it's about time we let one settle in properly. TS has made mistakes, but he also has done some good things as well. We certainly are scoring more goals and are playing more positive football now than under AVB and he is bringing some youngsters through who seem to have the right stuff and some potential. I think that given a fair crack at it he could do really well for us.
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  5. Sweetsman
    Levy is infamously reticent when it comes to making communications, even with people close to him.
  6. greaves
    He has not spoken to his wife for five years.
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  7. Sweetsman
    He's had as fair as a crack at the job as would be reasonable. He has fallen short often and the players have not been coached well. What we are seeing is just them settling as would have been expected. In addition, he's not had jingoistic elements in the media on his back.
  8. Greenspur
    Tim was clearly talking about points, when he made the reference.
    It was him that brought the subject up - not any of us. @Greyfox was simply pointing out that there may have been some embellishment of the truth.
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  9. Sweetsman
    Do you mean his first wife or the present wife?
  10. greaves
    The present one. They communicate via answerphone.
    (This isn't true btw)
  11. Roynie
    Well, he hasn't had a pre-season with the players, when he took over we were still in the EL and we were playing two games a week so he had little time on the training ground with the players. Then we had quite a few injuries and the ones amongst the CBs came in the lead up to the big games in March. Given a good purchase or two in the summer and a pre-season, I think he could well, and whilst he may not have had jingoistic elements in the media he has certainly had vultures picking over his job at his press briefings asking about his replacement.

    All in all, I expected when he was appointed that he was here just until the end of the season. Given that he is not yet a qualified coach and with the additional problems mentioned above he has done better than I thought he would. Given time I think he will develop into a very good coach. That said DL doesn't give his managers much time and, it seems, neither do we!
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  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    I would genuinely love him to be huge success somewhere else. Just so all the fans that spend so much time slating him will grow to regret it once we've appointed the 7th new manager since he was sacked.
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  13. Frozen_Waffles
    Well for one I would say he has no mangement experience outside of dutch football and has never played or managed in the EPL.

    But what do I know.
  14. doom
    A win ration does not mean so much after only 17 games as you have to factor in the surge in points of many new managers. He has a dreadful record in cup games and they are not factored in the reports. I would say if we gave him another season then we would probably get a bit less points in the season... which is not what we should be getting with the squad that we have.
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  15. Sweetsman
    Diego Simeone just thanked the mothers of his players for giving birth to sons with big cojones. Forget the rest, ladies and gentlemen, I want the man in black to manage us! Vamos!!
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  16. scottlag10
    You hope and pray for the 'right manager' (whoever that is) to do what Simeone has done at Athletico Madrid. Take a club that hasn't got bucket loads of money to spend but a good squad, and get the very best out of them.
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  17. SlunkSoma
    I was attempting humour, suggesting Tim was disappointed not because he would lose his job, but because he wanted LVG. For the record LVG was my first choice, but would be happy with either.
  18. 1882andallthat
    TS has not been out thought twice by Big Sam, we lost or league game whist AVB was still in charge, I hope he doesn't as losing to them once in a season was a bad enough losing twice was embarrassing and frankly losing to them 3 times in a season combined with the 3 losses against the Gooners does not bear thinking about.
  19. 2bearis2do
    I have to say - Out of the names being tossed about these past months - (I felt hesitant about VanGaal) - I feel very excited about the prospect of FdBoer. Oddly, I was never excited about the appointment of T.S.

    That said, I've actually admired his desire to look within the youth ranks - though he's gone about it naievly with Bentaleb (over-playing him in the big games). The use of Kane (though I personally think he's quite a limited player (not top 4, ever) and then Fryers. Hats off for that philosophy Mr T.S. But I've not enjoyed the football under Dim Tim. We don't look like a team in the making, no fluidity or frankly, excitement in our play. If it wasn't for Eriksen's dead-ball delivery - we'd have struggled and we've only really beaten the struggling teams.

    T.S. could yet be a decent manager - but he needs to go somewhere to learn the trade and not make mistakes with us at the level we aspire to be at.

    FdBoer has been there, done it all and his teams, bloodied through a brilliant youth system, extol the virtues of "our" brand of football that we, and I hesitate to say it, haven't seen since the "almost" glorious days of Harry Redknapp!
    I just hope Levy hasn't fucked this one up.
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  20. Greenspur
    He soon fixed that, though.
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