Tim Sherwood is a backstabbing monster and he saved Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Gaz_Gammon

    Redknapp gave both Townsend and Rose their debuts, Townsend against Carlisle in the League Cup and Rose played against Sunderland in 2008.

    Oh, and before you go blindly clutching for another straw, Kane was introduced to the team by Redknapp in the Europa League qualification round against Hearts in August 2011.

    I got closer to being introduced to first team football for Spurs by AVB than any of the aforementioned players in your post.

    Finally, if your darling AVB was "pressured" to play Ade, then he well and truly fucked that up as well because Sherwood (yes that unqualified son of a bitch) brought him back from the Youth academy where AVB left him, and got him to score 14 in 26 games.
  2. Sweetsman
    Where's Ade now? You know that you can get bereavement counselling to help you cope with the loss of Redknapp, don't you? I'm glad that at least you can now talk about it openly.
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  3. Sweetsman
    There are a number of holes in that PhD thesis you just posted. Firstly, you have neatly segued the argument towards Levy, but we weren't discussing him per se. Secondly, he wasn't sacked, by all accounts. Thirdly, giving us a lecture about how people are sold by the media avoids the fact that AVB was attacked by various sections from the start and throughout his reign. Fourthly, formulating a gameplan around one player inevitably means that the system will not work when his performance drops; nevertheless, the development of Bale was greatly enhanced by AVB. Fifthly, AVB was stubborn rather than inflexible, which can't be the case if he was able to sort out our losses towards the end of games. He also had to cope with the losses of King, Modrić and VDV in his first season, Bale in his second.
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  4. Mullers
    Fuck me any blog can get on the front page these days. I'll think I'll blog about Levy and get that on the front page every week. :sneaky:
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  5. Everlasting Seconds
    Watch a presser with TS to seek the truth?
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  6. Sweetsman
    Have you been on stage at The Apollo? I must've missed it, but I'm sure they were rolling in the aisles.
  7. rupsmith
    To answer your points:

    Firstly, yes the discussion is not about Levy. However, what has gone on in the background of our football club has to be put into context about why things were done. What I put in there was how I saw the background of events and how that influenced what happened in terms of managerial appointments and removals - not sure why that is a hole.

    Secondly, AVB wasnt sacked? Then why did he leave? He resigned in protest over his mistreatment? The lack of funds? Players not willing to come to Spurs? Don't get it. Why is that a hole?

    Thirdly, I was merely pointing out that the image of how a football manager is portrayed in the media goes a long way to influencing peoples impression of his football managerial ability. He was sometimes attacked for his lack of flexibility, tactical naivete and as you rightly put it - stubbornness. But even though his results and team set up were poor, a lot of people defended him because of the way he portrayed himself in the media. Im not criticizing AVB for that, just saying that it has to be taken into consideration. Not sure why that is a hole.

    Fourthly, are you saying that AVB was right in formulating the system around one player? I'm afraid you have never played the game before then my friend. If you read Harry Redknapp's book and heard Bale's recent interview, Bale was given the kick up the backside he needed by Harry. Harry played him out left when he was developing. He then even tried to play him further inside, but he wasn't ready yet and we fans were singing - "Gareth Bale, he plays on the left". Harry realised he wasn't ready yet and took him back out left. Harry was then sacked and AVB continued his development as you rightly pointed out. But the whole team was built around Bale and that is tactical suicide. If you were pointing out that AVB did a great job of developing Bale then Real Madrid are reaping the benefits - his job was not to develop Bale, his job was to develop THFC. Not sure why that is a hole.

    Fifthly, AVB left VDV go and his demand for players whom we simply couldn't afford can't be held against the club. He should have known what he was signing up for. As I said at the beginning of my post - we are not a "natural" top 4 club. AVB from all accounts approved every one of the players that were purchased after he joined the club. They were apparently not first choices but they were not forced on him either - they were all post his approval - if he couldn't cope with that he is not a good enough manager. Don't see why that is a hole either.
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  8. UbeAstard
    Wasn't he in with a good chance of the West Brom job but thought it too small a club for him so distanced himself?
  9. rupsmith
    I am not suggesting that every word he is speaking is the gospel truth but surely it it indicative of what goes on behind the scenes at the club. Is there anything to suggest that he is flat out lying? If so please let me know because I have't heard about it.
  10. Everlasting Seconds
    There is "truth", there are "lies", and in between there is "agenda". The latter is most suitable for dealing with the press, the two former are not.
  11. Greenspur
    Wouldn't you agree that phrases like "Sherwood must have felt betrayed" and "Sherwood must have been doing his nut" sound like opinion and speculation?
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  12. UbeAstard
    How can it be tactical suicide when is works? It worked under AVB and we won games that we should have drawn because of it. It has worked for other clubs. When you have one special player in your team how can it be wrong that the team plays to his strengths, and what does Sweetsman or me playing the game before (I have) have to do with anything?
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  13. rupsmith
    When it works?! A team built around one player?!? What happened if Bale had picked up a knock? He scored 8 winning goals for us and 21 goals in the premier league. There was barely a system in place - rotation was slow and poor, for any attacking thrust we basically needed Bale to get us out of trouble. This is not playing to one player's strengths, this is over reliance on ONE player. My point about you - not sure who the other guy is - not playing the game is that anyone who has played the game at any decent level would realise the importance of a sound tactical base and flexibility - none of which are possible when the basic strategy is "get the ball to Bale ASAP".

    Also you haven't responded to any of my other responses - any reason or can't be bothered? Curious to know what you think as you were quick to say my analysis had several "holes"
  14. CrazyHeart
    Hey, the one where Dex Dexter went on a mercenary mission was supposed to be pretty good! ..And don't forget Pam's UFO abduction! Buuuuut I never watched that show... just heard about it from others...
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  15. rupsmith
    Totally agree with you but I have to admit I'm not sure what a sacked manager's agenda would be. His future job prospects would be hampered? Perhaps. But still I thought it interesting to watch the Sky videos particularly because he seemed to be telling it broadly like it was - and what he said about Levy is pretty much the perception we have of him anyway. So not really sure he did have an "agenda" in these interviews.

    Also about agenda


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  16. CrazyHeart
    So by your logic, if we were to put Bale in the starting lineup of Accrington Stanley, it follows that he'd shoot them to joint fourth place in the premiership after consecutive promotions?
  17. CrazyHeart
    Agreed, but one manager was royally screwed over through sleazy underhanded means, while deferring any semblance of stability to another season. The manner in which this went down was scandalous and it goes way beyond a simple change in management.
  18. rupsmith
    No - but if you put him in a team of international players who have been told to give him the ball as soon as they get it - he can shoot them up the table. But if he wasn't on the pitch, the team of international players would struggle as they were not equipped to cope without him.
  19. rupsmith
    I request you to kindly read my analysis - or as another poster put it - my "thesis"
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  20. CrazyHeart
    Oh so the other players DO have a part to play in the grand scheme of things via strategy to yield positive results. Okay, thanks.

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